Offline Filter Thread Direct Link This Post. My nurgle daemon prince, i’m happy with how he came out, it’s my first painted forge-world model. Mamon is a Daemon Prince of Nurgle, known as the “Arch-Corrupter of Vraks”. It is not known when Chaos managed to subvert Mamon, but he was already. 3 days ago Nurgle armies looking for those will need to use vanilla CSM rules and detachments. .. Daemon Prince of Nurgle – Buffs himself, Death Guard, and Nurgle . in Death Guard, he only buffs himself and Mamon Transfigured).

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The Siege of Vraks, part 3p — Mamon: Anyway, it’s a Predator that’s an elite with some extra rules and guns.

Most importantly, the Cardinal could personally command no men under arms. For the rusted metal: As Mamon was responsible for turning Vraks into a charnel pit of death and disease, Nurgle was delighted and made him a daemon prince, soon making him host to a Great Unclean One.

Daemon Prince

Chaos Daemons Battlefield Role: Special Characters [ edit ] Typhus – Grossest living being in the galaxy. Those Sororitas that didn’t die in the fighting were clasped in irons and hauled away to the dungeons. In case Helbrutes weren’t great enough to take just with their wargear, they also can fire on the move without penalty, have a stratagem that lets them double tap if they don’t move, and every phase in which they take damage they roll a D6 and on a 6 they get a free round of shooting attacks if they’re not in combat, or melee attacks if they are.

All the special rules for Daemons apply. This means the Toughness value is docked to 5, and there’s no other way to increase it except by buying Greater Gifts and trying to roll a one on the table, but obviously you should know the drawback to this. Lastly he gains the trademark 8th edition 6-inch aura of reroll 1’s to hit – while initially this only affected models sworn to the same god, it was later FAQ’d to apply to any models with the same legion and any daemon models sworn to the same god, giving him much greater utility.

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Unlike 40k, daemon princes in AoS can be mmaon. That model is disgusting. Spare yourself the trouble of marching them from one piece of cover to another and have a Myphitic Blight-Hauler escort them instead.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Death Guard(8E) – 1d4chan

The system itself was a highly sensitive location, and only those ships with ru,es could enter the system. This subreddit for anything and everything related to Warhammer 40k.

That’s not even accounting for things like Helldrakes and Hive Tyrants, that can move so quickly that they’re almost assured to be on your back line by turn 1 or 2 depending on the deployment. The damage charts for this and other hellforged tanks are distinctive in that they actually get better in melee the more injured they get, meaning the more you need some eaemon repaired pdince more likely you’ll be able to eat some, although your movement does suffer so it gets less able to ammon into melee.

In addition, each quad bolter packs 12 heavy bolter shots. You have a lot of options that benefit a flexible Leviathan. Final waves are usually Typhus and his zombie mosh pits. Some fought back, but out-numbered and taken completely by surprise by the sudden treachery, the sisters were soon overrun.

Now, if your goal is just to get daemon up there are some other ways to do that Forge World [ edit ] Chaos Decimator – 8th edition has shown our favorite pseudo-dreadnought some real love.

Contagion Spray A daemonic weapon ruled to Mamon, the Contagion Spray spews forth a tide of foulness and decay utterly lethal to all life it touches. The randomness of the number of shots makes it ok at best for dealing with squads that are 10 man or more, nurgpe that shouldn’t be your priority with this thing. These would be the Cardinal’s closest supporters, men who he could trust and who would fight to the death for their master against any foe. Hellstrike missiles are no longer one use only and you can, in fact, fire 2 missiles at S8 AP-3 3D rule turn now.

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Nurgle Daemon Prince Herald and Spined Beast – Wargaming Forum and Wargamer Forums

Foetid Bloat-drone – Close-range and fast always advance anti-infantry vehicle with two plaguespitters and a plague nurgpe.

Weapons-wise, they come with a missile launcher, a multi-melta, a bile spurt a 12″ Assault d3 with S6 AP-1, and a plague weaponand a gnashing maw S User, AP-2, plague weapon.

The melta can be swapped for a variety of ranged weapons including twin heavy bolters for horde munching, reaper autocannons for threatening tougher stuff at a distance, plasma cannons that are always overcharged, and for long range anti tank it’s your best source of lascannons and missile launchers.

Now, these fo have a massive array of options that let you gear them for specific purposes. Forgeworld Nurgle DP Rules self.


For just 10 points more. Small units of them are both cheap and effective, both as melee units and as distractions, and every round they take is not directed at your Blight Launchers. Pick a unit you flew over and roll 3d6 for each vehicle or monster in said unit, or 1d6 for each other model, up to a maximum of 9d6. You can choose to take an upgrade called Accursed Phylactery which lowers the transport size to 6, but gives you -1 ld to all enemy units within 9″ as well as any unit Deep Striking within 12″ must roll a D6 and on a 1 or a 2 suffers D3 mortal wounds.

Hellforged Kharybdis Assault Claw – Dreadclaw not have enough spikes?

Hellforged Sicaran – An even bigger vehicle in the elites slot? He rushed down into the musty darkness, but into a dead end. Characters Daemon Characters Nurgle. Though it may be slightly unfluffy, he pairs exceedingly well with Necrosius.