Malefic Time is a visual project created by Spanish artists Luis Royo and Romulo Royo. It is set in a post apocalyptic world that mixes reality led to the decay of the Novel(s), Malefic Time Codex: Apocalypse. Comics, Malefic Time: SOUM. Codex Apocalypse has 15 ratings and 1 review. Ivona said: Kniha, která mě rozsekala jako katana hlavní hrdinky nepřátele. Krásné kresby jsou dotvářené de . La lucha ya ha empezado, pero las respuestas se resisten a ser desveladas. Codex Apocalypse es la nueva entrega de la serie Malefic Time. El proyecto más.

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On the occasion of soon release of the first supplement to the role play game Malefic Time: Plenilunio, Ecos del Irkalla ; its creators NoSoloRol Editions wanted to cover a little more of the world than what the graphic novels show of the universe Malefic Time.

Apocalypse CodexJesus B. After the end of Malaga Comic Fair of as the culmination of a few intense days I decided to give Luis Royo the first volume of my epic saga Flower of Jade that I was promoting in that same event and I could not imagine what was really about to happen after this gesture.


Months later, in Madrid, we met once more and he would give me a surprise. It is obvious, I accepted without vodex. In our first official meeting, nearly a year after our first meeting I knew exactly the meaning of those words. Luis and Romulo presented me the ideas of Malefic Time project.

A project that was hanging around his head for nearly 20 years.

This state was very familiar to me as my own saga had took a similar path. Now Luis and Romulo had a pretty clear idea of what they wanted and how they wanted it done.

They would tell a story starring a young anti-heroine in a future apocalyptic context marked by metahuman forces full of mysticism, mystery and recognizable background story in many folklores. To do this, they needed a text media, a narrated story, because the images were not enough and the space for text in a publication of traditional illustration was too short.

Codex Apocalypse

It was here that they decided it was essential to have a novel a series of novels, in fact that would walk hand in hand with the volumes of graphic novels and would become the heart and deep core of the project that aspired to be complemented with other formats such as comics, music …. It was a fortune for me to be chosen. The novel therefore was not thought to complement, but to be the essential part, nuclear, to the project. Their job was to create the visual code, the atmosphere and essence, to give a face to the world and the characters.


The novel was supposed to give everything else and there was apocalyspe real challenge. They had perfectly clear what clothes Luz wore, but no idea of how she fed or survived in a world whose society had collapsed to the ground.

They knew the look and aura that characters like Baal or Marduk originally without those names had, but not necessarily where they came from or what their exact nature was.

Works | Romulo Royo

Apicalypse was what had to be built, or rather complement, refine and define in detail. Thus was born, among other things, the relationship with the old Sumerian gods and the Irkalla, answering one by one to a thousand of questions. All that deep work, all that bobbin lace, all those brushstrokes in detail from the stage to the innermost fiber of the characters must necessarily be narrated, have a body of a novel.