Your Norstar M telephone. Making calls. About line buttons. Display – shows the time, date, call information and guides you while using Norstar* features. Norstar M Telephone Feature Cards Shows users of the M Norstar M Telephone User Manual Version 1 PDF K Norstar M Manuals and User Guides for Nortel Norstar M We have 5 Nortel Norstar M manuals available for free PDF download: Manual, Installation And.

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Nortel Norstar M Manuals

Meridian Norstar – M Feature Card To Buy Click here. The M is a full handsfree telephone and also comes with two intercom keys.

The M is ideal for back office workers or people thet get calls transferred to them vie the receptionist. The M Phone can be mounted on the wall by removing the back bracket then twisting it and then reconnecting it back.

You can connect a headset to m728 via a headset socket underneath the telephone and in-order for you to use it you must have handsfree programmed to it. Here below are lists of programming codes: Rlease manuxl calls and open lines with dial tones. Press Feature X then 7.


M : Meridian Norstar M Telephone : Nortel M Phone @ £

Press 1 to 9 for the level you want Selecting a ring type and volume on your M Phone. Press 1, 2, 3, or 4 to hear the differant types of rings. While the telephone is ringing press volume up or down to adjust the mxnual. Press volume up or down when using the reciver or the speaker. To Hold a call. Press HOLD again to return to the call on hold.

Check the display for confermation or additional information. Making a Calls on your M Phone Norstar system can have different types of line buttons. Match the line buttons on your telephone with the ones below for instructions on how to m720 them. Internal calls using intercom buttons. When right arrow appears beside an extension button, then dial. External calls using numbered line buttons.

Nortel Norstar M7208 Manuals

When right arrow appears beside a numbered line button, then dial OR Press a numbered line button without right arrow, then dial. Dialing without lifting the handset on your M Phone. Press line button without indicator arrow, then dial your call.


If the call is not answered, or the line is busy, press RLS. Press the Key you want to program. Dial the external number. Press HOLD to store the number.

Label your new button.

Dial the internal number. Press HOLD to erase the button. Place the programming overlay mnaual any M, M or M Press NEXT until the display reads 3. Enter the hour in two-digit format for the 12 or 24 hour clocks.

If you have entered an hour less than 12, the display manuxl AM or PM. If not, skip to step Press Rls once you have finished.