Borders of Infinity (Vorkosigan Saga) [Lois McMaster Bujold] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A NEW EDITION OF A COLLECTION OF. Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. true. Review. Essential for all sf collections. –Library The Borders of Infinity (Vorkosigan Saga) by [Bujold, Lois McMaster]. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading. Borders of Infinity (Miles Vorkosigan Adventures) [Lois McMaster Bujold] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Readers will cherish the.

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How she slowly reveals more and more about the situation.

A little manic-depressive, maybe. Her fantasy from HarperCollins includes the award-winning Chalion series and the Sharing Knife tetralogy; her science fiction from Baen Books features the perennially bestselling Vorkosigan Saga.

Quotes from The Borders of In Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Again, Bujold is infinityy to be a master of her craft here. Vujold science fiction it’s not outstanding, even though some innovations are interesting.

She seems to excel at writing novellas, and this one is just brilliantly tightly plotted, funny, moving, and shows Miles to be a brilliant tactician who is also incredibly human and utterly humane. Shards of Honor Barrayar. If you are a science fiction fan, then the series of novels by Lois McMaster Bujold is a must mcmadter.

Borders of Infinity the novella within this collection is perhaps one of the best things I’ve ever read. While in prison, Miles is beaten, trampled, and nearly murdered. Apr 20, Janet rated it liked it. The politics were opaque to me because the last time I saw the Cetagandans we were floating around bujlld bubbles looking at Have I mentioned I hate the Catagendans? Overall 4 star rating.

He does not let this stop him as he seeks ways to serve his country planet. As a murder-mystery, it wasn’t bad. The unaccustomed dark was blinding.


Then she lost the book. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Their disrespect for their opponents is well exhibited in the way they treat their prisoners of war. My memories mcmater it turned out to not be entirely reliable — it’s not set on an ice moon prison, just a normal crappy but almost habitable planet.

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Loved this book, love this author, love this series! The harrowing of hell. He doesn’t go to great lengths to “do” the different characters as some narrators do, yet it is always clear who is speaking and he does enough with accents to subtly create different characters.

Within five minutes, his standard issue clothing, cup, and mat are gone, leaving him bruised, bleeding, and naked but for a hat loved the hat scene, with Beatrice. He’s a softy with a temper, an impulsive tyrant with boundless energy and ideas.

Bujold works them into the ensuing narrative again and again and again and it’s gorgeous. It’s all open space. I greatly, greatly hope that Read as part of the “Borders of Infinity” collection. Books by Lois McMaster Bujold. Plus we get to bordees new characters: However, if you manage to read these stories before the rest of his chronology, you’ll be rewarded with some great callbacks and tie-ins later on.

I read this novella cover to cover, hitting the final ubjold just as we touched down. After getting his ass kicked several more times, Miles once again figures out a way to stay alive and charm his way into completing his mission! Apr 19, David rated it really liked it Shelves: But he isn’t; his warped and damaged body was created because his mother was subjected to a chemical attack while he was in the womb, and the chemical poisons damaged his fetal development.


It is just so well done.

Borders of Infinity by Lois McMaster Bujold – Baen Ebooks

He is needed on the front lines — the war isn’t over. Then he leaned forward again. These short stories are also not peripheral to Miles’ story. See all reviews. This is a collection of three novellas of the series and it clearly demonstrated what I just said.

Borders of Infinity, Lois McMaster Bujold

Her work has been translated into over twenty languages. Three very satisfying Miles short stories. Since I have been reading the series, I was okay, but it might take a while for bordeers to catch on. Just this winter I rediscovered them and found several stories I had not read. These logistical problems were exacerbated when a Cetagandan fighter succeeded in destroying two of the shuttles. I had scheduled this to be read several weeks ago, bu Following the resounding success of my Locus QuestI faced a dilemma: I didn’t read this book–I listened to the audiobo This book is an anthology of three novellas about the life of the young Miles Vorkosigan.

: The Borders of Infinity (Vorkosigan Saga) eBook: Lois McMaster Bujold: Kindle Store

And into this chaos goes Miles, naked infiniity on his own, and creates a functioning, functional society. Then he gets his ass kicked, but that is only the beginning of his stint a Catagendan jail. Some effects you will see results of in other books.