Lusíadas – Luís de Camões | páginas, Porto Editora, (1ed. .. Também é a minha opinião de que este livro é a maior obra da literatura portuguesa de. “Os Lusíadas” é o tipo de livro que nós miúdos temos que aprender na escola, embora este seja muito antiquado () e na verdade, estou muito grata por ser . 2 ago. Camões () é o maior poeta da nossa língua, e Os Lusíadas a sua obra maior. Publicada em , é poema épico em dez cantos.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving….

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Portugal’s supreme poet Camoes was the first major European artist to cross the equator.

The freshness of that original encounter with Africa and India is the very essence of Camoes’s vision. The fi is the quincentenary of Vasco da Gama’s voyage via southern Africa to India, the voyage celebrated in this new translation of one of the greatest poems of the Renaissance.

The first translation of The Lusiads for almost half a century, this new edition is complemented by an illuminating introduction and extensive notes.

PaperbackOxford World’s Classicspages. Published November 14th by Oxford University Press first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The Lusiads by Luís de Camões

Lusiadqs ask other readers questions about The Lusiadsplease sign lusiqdas. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [The Lusiadas is a History book about the Portuguese navegations but is also a great love story. See 1 question about The Lusiads…. Lists with This Book. Dec 05, Joseph rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It always surprises me to realize just how large a world my ignorance of world literature encompasses.

Case in luxiadas, I made it through college without even once hearing about the Portuguese epic poem, The Lusiads. It’s also one of the weirdest classical poems I’ve ever read.

It’s a Christian epic, with da Gama and his sailors calling upon God and Jesus for salvation, yet at the sam It always surprises me to realize just how large a world my ignorance of world literature encompasses.

It’s a Christian epic, with da Gama and his sailors calling upon God and Jesus for salvation, yet at the same time, it’s populated by a whole host of classical gods and goddesses, who are both the cause of and salvation from the trials and tribulations from which da Gama livdo for divine intervention.

Os Lusíadas – Wikipedia

Also strange are the moments when Camoes begs the Muses for aid because he is growing tired of writing. And for a Christian epic, it’s surprisingly erotic, such as when Venus seduces Jove to allow her to intercede on da Gama’s behalf against Bacchus or nearer the end when she rewards the sailors by creating an island populated by horny nymphs.

On a more negative note, the poem does suffer from its concessions to historical fact. Da Gama is a less-than-compelling protagonist, and much of the poem reads like a history textbook albeit a particularly biased one.

Perhaps, if I were more knowledgeable about Portuguese history, I would have found this more interesting, but even so, I doubt these sections could ever compare to the more fantastical moments involving the gods. At the very least, Canto Nine should be mandatory reading, particularly Leonard’s lament, which I’ve now read three times over.


View all 5 comments. Oct 13, Owlseyes rated it it was amazing Shelves: Five stars ain’t enough, maybe six will suffice. Only those who read Portuguese can fully appreciate the vastness and full depth of this poetic work. View all 11 comments. Jan 10, K. Absolutely rated it liked it Recommended to K.

This epic poem tells the story of the voyage of Vasco de Gama particularly his pioneering route from Portugal to India.

You see, during De Gama’s time Portugal was a world superpower rivaling Spain and many nations around the world became their colonized territories. They spread Christianity and they searched endlessly for spices to make their cooking more palatable. For two months now, I have been attending technical workshops with my teammates in the US. Since we have a hour difference, This epic poem tells the story of the voyage of Vasco de Gama particularly his pioneering route from Portugal to India.

Since we have a hour difference, their normal working hours are my normal sleeping hours. However, since I am just alone in the team working here in Manila, I have to adjust to their time. I still report to the office during my normal schedule, escape to the nearby gym to work outbookstore to book huntcoffee shop to read and come back to the office just in time for the workshop. I listen attentively to the presenter and participate in the discussion whenever I can.

However, Americans apologize if I am stereotyping really want to talk and express themselves and since they are all in the room, sometimes they spend a lot of talking and I get bored. Good that my workstation has two monitors so I flash Project Gutenberg in one of them while the other one has the presentation and search for the books that I still do not have. Last December, I started from the bottom of the list, i.

So, I read this book while my American teammates were debating. Did I think I miss anything? Did I compromise my chance of engaging in debates because I spent time reading De Camoes?

The day after when I get a copy of the workshop deck, I read all the documents and spend less than an hour getting all the agreements and decision.

I also did not miss anything because I was listening to the arguments while my eyes are following the lines in this interesting epic poem. Not to mention that De Camoes helped me keep awake in all those nights!

I spent time telling you how I managed to read this old old book because my situation parallels that of De Gama’s. I am India and my American teammates are Portugal.

The project that we are doing is like that historic route. We are working on how to improve things in our vast organization. As the conquerors, they have all the ideas in their heads and as the conquered I, most of the time, just keep my piece but support them all the way.

However, since they don’t see me and since my head normally spins because of lack of sleep, I have to help myself, right? It is not a case of when the cat is away but I am sure that, just like the Philippines, India had its own civilization when the Portuguese came and so the latter’s, just like Spain’s for the Philippines, claim that they bought civilization to that country was all baloney.

Yes, Rudyard Kipling has once wrote: But still, I can go to Project Gutenberg and gosh over the Roman gods and goddesses arguing and fighting over what to do about the poor yet funny Vasco de Gama and his Portuguese men. I am fond of history but not really big on mythology so I am rating this book with 3 stars. If you are both into these two, there’s a chance that you will really enjoy reading this book. View all 9 comments. A good friend on GR sent me a list of the top books to read from Portugal.


As I asked for a copy, the woman in the bookstore looked at me very puzzled and said it’s got some hard parts. It took me awhile to build up my language skills, and as the snow fell outside my window, I was transported to far off lands.

The Lusiads

It was absolutely amazing read. This is a poetic story of Vasco de Gama and his quest to find a route around the A good friend on GR sent me a list of the top books to read from Portugal. This is a poetic story of Vasco de Gama and his quest to find a route around the cape of Africa to India in I am tempted to say “this is the story of a bunch a guys in some boats, setting out for adventure oss getting involved with some nymphs” but my Portuguese friends may unfriend me.

So I will be serious. Now what impressed me was the fluidity of this style-the words flow like a song. The man knew his Homer and Virgil. Not just for references but for the melody.

He even used repeated lines making me wonder if is meant to be sung? Further to the story of Vasco de Gama, this is the story of Portugal as well. So it’s importance to the Portugal people is well stated. Sure, one can say he borrowed heavily from lusiadzs past but most artists do this.

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It’s how one handles what is borrowed that makes it art. Often he relies on telling stories, like a great bard does, and so on one hand we are hearing about the plight of the sailors, the next we are hearing about the Adamastor; one hand we hear about the scouts coming across a fake altar to Bacchus, the next Lusiafas is asking for Jupiter’s help.

Homer and Virgil are his mainstays but even his descriptions of battles take on a lusiadzs aside. In fact lsuiadas is even an ekphrasis comparison of the beautiful nymphs to garden foliage that is borrowed from the romance novel. And of course he is contemporary of Shakespeare and Cervantes.

An awful lot going on in one tale. Yet through it all, I must thank the publishers for their insightful explanations at the beginning of each cantos, as well as the numerous references easily explained. This is a beautiful book. Perhaps that bookstore person was worried about all ludiadas names? Lastly, this is a travel book. Llusiadas himself traveled as far east as Cambodia. The Magellan reference points out the Portuguese were actively getting around in the decades after Vasco de Gama.

Yes one can address the issue of colonization, but this is a grand poem like all those grand poems. If you keep it in the context of the time it was written, it presents a remarkable story. So glad for the recommendation and something to take away the image of snow in January. And I hope I didn’t offend any of my Portuguese friends.

You have a marvellous history.