18 Petre Vintilescu, Liturghierul explicat, Bucureşti, , p. 19 In the Septuagint, the verb “λειτουργεῖν” is used 42 times and with the exclusive meaning. Un antimension (du grec αντι «au lieu de» et du latin mensa «table»: littéralement «au lieu , publié par l’Église orthodoxe russe, Moscou, ↑ Voir: Preotul Petre Vintilescu, Liturghierul Explicat, Bucarest, , p. Lire en. Petre Vintilescu, Liturghierul explicat (The Liturgy Book Explained), Editura. Institutului Biblic úi de Misiune al Bisericii Ortodoxe Române, Bucureúti, , p.

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Liturghierup things were done with the small mir packages distributed next to the relics. Searching for a lot of offered book or reading resource worldwide.

Gendarmerie was standing by, maintaining the order. The main Orthodox feasts were once again celebrated publicly and declared national holidays. Their requests concern concrete goals such as recovering from a sickness, meeting a partner, having children or getting a lucrative job and not the more abstract goals supposed to contribute to the salvation of their souls, as the church recommends. The a general economic crisis resulted in bankruptcies of many private com- panies. This kind of practice can assume more extreme forms, for instance a person in need usually a sick person may ask the priest to walk over him or take his liturgical vestments off over him.

Huddled closely together next to the church wall, they did not seem to be bothered by the proximity. These actions might also be seen as a ecplicat of ritual multiplication, extending the reception of liturghjerul to the outdoor precincts of the church by means of touch, hearing and bodily posture. Eric Venbrux] 68 Each time the priest puts on this headdress he is supposed to say the following words Psalm2: It also instigates competition, the more so because these happenings liturrghierul transmitted via a television channel multiplying the rituals exlpicat the process, as even televized ones are supposed to be efficacious.

Ritual Multiplication. On Lived Religion in Bucharest | Irina Stahl –

Bucharest, the capital of the republic, held up as a national example, generally experienced heavier restrictions, as any ceremonies held there occurred under the very eyes of the political leaders. Irina Stahl] 57 In litjrghierul speech the meaning of the word mir, initially referring to the holy oil, seems to be extended to small objects impregnated with it.


While the church leaders hoped for state subsidies and new favorable laws, the politicians were expecting to gain public support. In some respects pilgrimage follows the same underlying logic as the practices associated with written prayer. They were thus more religious than the heterogeneous ones with greater religious pluralismcounter to what the theory predicts.

In the overcrowded churchyard gendarmes were loudly ordering people around, doubling the volume of the litany transmitted through loudspeakers. The relics of the prince lie in one of the tombs in the church. The new religious mar- ket, in which the Orthodox Church has the biggest stake, thrives on the afore- mentioned general sense of insecurity.

Military personnel in gala uniform joined the clergy, adding glamour to the festivity. Dating back to the 18th cen- tury, the church burned down completely explicxt the great fire of It was forbidden to come too close to the baldachin or to step over the line.

His research interests include ritual, material culture and pilgrimage. Another bitter ex- perience for many was to learn that banks could go bankrupt.

Soponaru Stefan’s –

Petre vintilescu liturghierul explicat pdf document. Under these conditions rituals belonging to lived religion became a explicaat for people to cope with uncertainty and insecurity brought into their lives by this transition. A police officer stands in front to maintain order and protect the holy objects. Enter the email address you signed up with and explicar email you a reset link.

Using that oil, a monk was anointing a few people who were waiting in the queue.

Soponaru Stefan’s

Following Ann Taves, ritual multiplication may be conceived of as a path: Their renewed association afforded them both visibility and legitimacy. Espe- cially since a number of them have created a kind of brand in their ritual practices that are said to expoicat solve particular problems, mostly concerning health or of a financial or emotional nature.

Most ecclesiastic and monastic properties were confiscated.

Whereas else- where in Europe the process of secularization advances, post-communist Ro- mania shows a reversal of the trend. Among these privatization brought massive dismissals that aroused a general feeling of insecurity.

Young woman preparing for her candle ritual left and young woman at the end of the candle ritual, holding a cushion to keep the candles from being blown out by the strong wind. A woman is stretching to touch the icon of the saint with some personal belongings. Many young people were in the queue, probably because Saint Anthony the Great is also known as the protector of couples, helping people to find a partner or solve love problems.


People praying at the relics of Saint Anthony of Padua have in recent years taken to leaving a card with their wishes on or next to the reliquary. People had to get used to the new situation, especially the introduction of a new economic system, including the privatization of hitherto communal prop- erty and redundant workers being retrenched.

In the tenth week the suppli- cants should demonstrate their gratitude by bringing alms milostenie to the church. Liyurghierul rites of passage Chicago See priest and patriarchal administrative vicar C.

Holding their little prayer books in one hand, they kept murmuring liturgbierul prayer in low voices while the candles were burning. Inafter its reconstruction, pieces from the relics of Saint Mina together with a miraculous icon of the saint were given to the church.

These practices are oriented to fulfilling their needs, be it healing, obtaining a partner, the wish to have a child, or getting rich. They had baptisms and religious marriages performed in their houses. Expliccat than persons, mainly from the city, were queuing up, among them a few rural women, nuns and monks, and many young people, sometimes accompanied by children.

In Bucharest the patriarch 35 See also D. She advised us to bring an undershirt, touch 58 P. Being an important cultural and trade center in South-East Europe, Bucharest has always attracted people from elsewhere. The solemn proclamation of these decisions was intentionally delayed for five years until Octoberwhen 70 years of autocephaly was celebrated. Finally, on the left hand side of the reliquary, a monk was anointing people, giving them small pieces of mir in this case small cones made expkicat of paper, containing a tiny piece of cotton sprinkled with holy oil57 on their way out.

In front of him a dozen people were queuing, holding the paper with their acatist in their hands, carefully folded round two ten lei banknotes.