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Carlos Alfredo Cruces Atauje studies Environmental Law, Civil Procedure, and Law and Economics. HECHOS CUMPLIDOS Ley Cargado por. Ricardo Gabriel Choque Martinez · Grados de Hipertrofia de Próstata. Cargado por. Ricardo Gabriel Choque. Tratamiento Natural Del Aumento de La Próstata. Uploaded by. Ricardo Gabriel Choque Martinez · HECHOS CUMPLIDOS Ley Uploaded by. Ricardo.

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Very nice place to work in. Typical day to work. Not a great workplace. There isn’t enough help. Manager is not the best to work with. Not a very understanding person. Refuses to give days off. Interesting place to work. It’s all about connecting with customers.

Nice benefits, but also you need to be ready work under pressure. Carrier possibility available, just need to show your efforts. Worst Job I have Had.

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Starbucks will constantly set up polices and procedures, but will always tell you to disregard these to “make it right for the customer. Even when the customers were completely in the wrong, Starbucks does nothing to protect their staff against countless complaints. I would get complaints because people did not like the fact that I did not smile or laugh at their jokes all day and I consistently got in trouble for “not making it right” for the customer, even if that meant I was adhering to policy.

I met some great people but I hated working for this company. I wish there were more people working during the same shift. Can be little crazy during the weekend.

I ,ey this is a place were you have to work well with other people. My first day they were understaffed and I was on the register. After let they 2838 me on the register every day and I was pretty much the best in the store. I was the fastest and Leu would get the most tips.

مراجعات الموظفين في Starbucks

That’s why my GM had me on register all the time. But soon it got very irritating because I wasn’t learning anything new. When I would try to make drinks I was slow because I was never really on the bar. Worked with an amazing staff.


Management has very good people skills and are easily able to to associate with each employee to better understand all task at hand. Good company to work for, it does have a few flaws like any other company.

The people I work with and the amazing customers is what makes the job great. Partners are generally great to work with. Great culture from monthly coffee connects to partner open forums, community month of service, etc. Generally work life balance is pretty good in most areas outside of finance. Fun place to work, very nice Coustimer’s, Partners are awesome. I think anyone who gets hired won’t regret it.

Great environment, great customers and crew!

Low staff lead to poor scheduling and issues within store though and management was very poorly done. Overall it was fairly fun though. Great company to work for, the staff always gets along and you become a family, lots of lej, raises every 6 months, customers become really close with you. I learned how to always make the customer happy, would always be doing something in the down time like cleaning or stocking. The hardest part was being there 2839 4: Great work environmentwonderful customers.

ley 28389 pdf

Growth potential in the company. Great coffee, tea, pasties. Amazing coworkers and partners. Wonderful company, offers good benefits even for the part time employee. Lots of opportunities for advancement. A typical day at work consisted of early mornings and hard work. I would get to work and having to make sure the entire food court had registers and their areas of work were ready for the busy workday. I had a lot of customer interaction which included having to assist my employees with customer flow and making sure things went smoothly throughout the day.

I learned about the proper ways of managing your staff and how to correctly make each cup of coffee perfect; the starbucks way. Workplace culture was great. The entire food court was hardworking and great help whenever needed. The hardest part about my job was how busy starbucks could become throughout the day, especially in the morning but I loved making sure things went as fast and smoothly as possible while making sure my staff was properly taken care of.


The 283899 part about my job was being able to help others. Also, being able to try all the new products and understanding the different types of coffee that there are and being able to taste lley difference so that I can make sure my customers were always making the right choice when trying to choose the right coffee for them.

A typical day of work is stocking inventory first thing in the morning, greeting customers. I learned how to be patient under pressure.

The hardest part of the job is standing on my feet all day, but I learned how to manage my own health outside of the cafe. That’s why lwy working there. One of the best places to get a first job and have fun!

Starbucks is a wonderful company to work for. I always highly suggest friends and family to work at Starbucks because the work leh always fun and exciting each and every day. Great place to work, great culture, benefits. Starbucks is a great place to work! The customers are always happy to see you for their cup of coffee.

The job culture was great. Employees are happy to be at work and you only have to work a minimum of 20 hours to receive benefits. The job is very stressful and you don’t even get paid that much. Management is very inconsistent at this company. However scheduling is fairly flexible.