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Jaime de Leg Ramoneda: Colaboradores Joan Guibernau y Carlos Boyer: En ese sentido, se llevan a cabo una serie de intervenciones no invasivas, las adecuadas para adaptar el edificio a las exigencias de su nuevo usuario. The first railway into Retford was the Sheffield and Lincolnshire Junction Railway which opened 276884 16 July on their line between Sheffield Bridgehouses and Gainsborough.

It used the latter’s station until its own was completed on the site of today’s higher-level platforms on 1 August The higher-level platforms numbered 1 and 2 respectively serve southbound and northbound East Coast Main Line trains calling at Retford.

Platform 1 on the eastern side of the layout adjoins the main station building. Between the two platforms tracks lry are two further lines, used by fast trains not booked to call here. Prior to the remodelling of the station, the two lines crossed at a flat crossing with a curve connecting the northern and eastern tracks, allowing trains on the Sheffield-Gainsborough line to call at the station.


There were two northbound platforms – platform 2 now closed was on the eastern side of an island platform and platform 3 on the opposite side still in use, now renumbered 2. Platform 1 handled southbound 277684 eastbound trains. In addition, there was leey single southbound line which passed in between platforms 1 and 2, rather than the two lines in place today.

To relieve congestion on platform 1, there was a timber-built extension on the south curve platform 1A to allow Lincoln-bound trains to clear platform 1 proper.

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The new lower-level platforms originally numbered 4 and lfy, now re-numbered 3 and 4 were added when the flat crossing between the two lines was removed and replaced with a bridge in and the Sheffield-Gainsborough tracks lowered to pass beneath the main line. These works also necessitated the removal of the direct north-to-east curve, meaning that trains between Sheffield and Lincoln could no longer call at the original platforms without a reversal.

The club has installed an interesting display of local railway images in the windows of the rooms.

Photographs taken from this site and being reused elsewhere without my permission or being credited, is not permitted. Stagecoach Alexander Dennis Enviro It is seen here in Northampton alongside a Country lion vehicle and a Stagecoach Enviro Petroleum magnate Edward Doheny developed this and the adjacent Mayan Theatre same architects as part of a new legitimate theatre district, which he lfy would augment or replace the older theatres on North Main Street, in downtown Los Angeles.


The Belasco Theatre was the first of the two to be completed.

buttercream flowers ebook

It is interesting to note that until aroundwhen the exterior of the building was repainted, the original by then faded painted sign on the side-wall 277684 the stage house could still be seen with the words; ‘Belasco Theatre’ “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”.

View more at www. View all All Photos Tagged Ferrater by Javier. Retford Railway Station, Retford, Nottinghamshire.

Stagecoach AD Enviro No Reception by Joseph Dennis. At the former Columbus Maryville Academy complex. Sunday, May 12, UNO ly Kevin. Seen in Milton Keynes 9th January Stagecoach by Richard.