Cartilla orientadora del ICFES para las Pruebas saber 11 7 Presentación La Ley le confiere al Instituto Colombiano para. Original Language Title: LEY de It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education with the support of ICFES conducting assessments in this Law. La ley no prevé expresamente el cobro de matrícula extraordinaria, -SABER PRO- es uno de los exámenes previstos en la Ley de El calendario de exámenes puede ser consultado en el sitio web

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According to the comparison of the average performance in sciences of each country in front of other nation s averages and the regional average, in Colombia, Uruguay and the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, close to half of the students reach Level II. When I place such theories in these types of contexts, in favor of a type of need and knowledge, I adapting my knowledge to the needs of the context, learning is great because I adapt my knowledge to needs and I know children are learning many things, perhaps not in the chemical field that I practice as such, but it is a challenge for me to face that kind writing, reading, math and sciences learning, and in the process of teacher training there is no space that teaches us that.

First report of the Second comparative and explicatory regional study results. It becomes imperative to act and for this reason it becomes necessary to explicitly create a project that defines the education of a town, the needs to be scientifically and technologically literate are not restricted only to the possibility of being educated consumers but warrants that education be assigned a critical role in the citizens to turn into true inhabitants of the world.

This data shows that the differences between countries are not marginal, but very significant.

Colombia Case Studies

Adriana Final Report In the working group and with the advisors, the teachers in training are called for elaborate, reorganize their knowledge, record it and put it in the form of public discourse consistent with the interests of its proposal, this is an exercise of dialogue between the authors of the literature of science education in school in ivfes, the work in school and the Traces Project, it goes back and forth which constantly modifies the meaning of the classroom proposal.

Initially the school did not have a physical plant for which it operated from the teacher’s homes. In the second period that passed in the recent years under the course set by Decree ofeducation is emphasizing pedagogy as a foundational discipline of the undergraduate programs of vel and based on that foundation, as well as educability, the institutions have seen the need to initiate and strengthen the lines and research projects in these areas of knowledge, so that students can do their thesis on the lines or projects provided by the institution.

Thus, the production of knowledge about science educations stands as an activity that should actively involve the school communities, especially science teachers. Finally, we defined the following phases: The route was not intended to solve this problem, that this was the axis that allowed reflection, commitment and skill development in children.

The definition of the mechanisms to determine the sums of the transfers and the local management are from then on icfws priority for the Ministry of Education MEN and the Department of National Planning DPNthe Law 60 of allowed the assignation of resources for education icfs territorial entities and the General Education Law Law of allowed the reorganization of the educational sector and the transfer of funds to regions, expanding the National Education System s objectives from basic education, middle education to the education of adults and the education of population with special education needs.

Superior education, without prejudice of the specific goals of each field of knowledge, will wake in the pupils a reflexive spirit, oriented towards the accomplishment of personal autonomy, in a frame of liberty, mentality and ideological pluralism that keeps in min the know-how of the universities and in particular of the existent cultural forms in the country. These discussions have allowed revealing the role that the training of certain values related to the activity of building explanations and transforming the relationship of men with nature.

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Preschool education covers three year, one of which is mandatory; elementary, five, basic high school, four and middle education, two. Final report Aliha The experience in the design and development of the proposal and the results achieved with the children destabilize, in the teachers in training, the belief that the curriculums are ends in themselves, showing the need to relatives the official curriculum and recognizing that it is possible to find alternatives that propose challenges of understanding to students.

Proposed Final Report Final Report Aliha The jcfes that addressed each proposal corresponded to processes that wanted to be strengthened in the children, to the questions that wanted to be raised about their environment, and to the activities that fulfilled the children s expectations.

What role does teacher education play? SERCE, The test was defined keeping in mind the curriculum concentrations of the participant countries, the abilities for life, the ages of the students and the contributions of the investigation for the teaching of sciences.

Month 21 Actual submission date: The school has no formal curriculum. Final report Aliha The exercise of building the routes those were thought to be followed with these children, and therefore the reflection on the social, cognitive and affective living has enabled these teachers in training to consolidate an understanding of the meaning of teaching sciences in particular contexts.

In the first presentation the balance for Colombia is not very encouraging. In each classroom proposal, the teachers in training lwy how they have learned the should be of a science teacher, their disciplinary, educational, didactic, social and esthetical knowledge, and the way in which they have understood the positioning of the teacher in the school community.

Biweekly meetings held about advisory and construction of the classroom proposals ifes they discussed about the benefits and requirements for each type of activity, type of cognitive processes that contributed to the operational needs for its development, among others.

Thus, the study analyzes how the developments of proposals for science education in socially vulnerable school settings contribute to the initial training of teachers.

This indicates that the inequality in Colombia is intensified when it comes to genera differences and age differences like in the case shown above.

Cazuca children have behaviors and attitudes that reveals the conflicts that they have had to live, lack of belonging to a place does not allow them to view a clear horizon and project the neighborhood, by not feeling part of the dsl they do not recognize their share in problems that overwhelm them. The proposal also seeks to make students reflect on the impact of exploitation of 13324 on the nearby grounds.

¿Qué conceptos básicos debe tener presentes?

In Colombia the cycles are assumed like a group of schooling grades within the educational levels according to chronological ages and the development within each grade in one school year. Doing this in the context of teacher training involves the recognition of the knowledge that the teacher has, the ways in which they relate with the discipline, the relationships that are foster inside the classrooms, the role given to the content and how it is positioned towards the cultural dynamics that they participate in.

A first level focused on the design, development and systematization of the proposal of classrooms. Cultural diversities and Education in Science Dissemination level: The development of the educational route was a complete challenge, given that training often gets reduced to concepts and theories which are perhaps useless to the everyday lives of these children, and where little experience working with primary students led to an initial proposal which may have been incomprehensible and inadequate for the issue of water, but that with the analysis and appropriation of the context, advice and support of counselors and community leader Nelson Bird and the different points of view of the team workers, a new rout was reached.


Nelson’s proposal to educate with and for the need helped recognize that there are different types of needs; some were material and others cognitive, communicative, and relational. From these goals the team promoted research activities in order to investigate the factors that contribute to reducing the gap between researche and teaching practices.

SINEB [ ] For basic and middle education the situation is different, the strong international mediation and the recent national preoccupation for the subject has helped widen the national and departmental education system s coverage as a policy from MEN. How to build skills such as data handling, lifting logs, monitoring instruction and cooperative work. The law 30 of December organizes the superior education of the country, in its articulate it fundaments the educational policy confronted with superior education in Colombia.

Visits to the school were discussions with its leader were held regarding the development of classroom proposals and the type of operational and academically support for school. Adriana Final Report All these requirements that are made to the teacher in training when facing the design and development of a classroom proposal triggers the sense that he gives to disciplinary knowledge seeing that they are not entities that can be transferable to the school, but that are relevant explanatory supplies in dealing with specific problems.

This recognition appears to, sometimes suffer, regressive processes in our country as in other Latin American contexts. While the scenarios and events that science teachers face in school are varied, we consider that the focus of their attention should be on the relationship that is established with knowledge. The Initial training of teachers in socially vulnerable school contexts.

¿Qué conceptos básicos debe tener presentes? – Ministerio de Educación Nacional de Colombia

In these routes different activities get mixed which seek to progressively bring more scenarios for children to build explications regarding the central issue of each proposal. ICFES, The analysis of this regional test is based on the curriculum planes of different participating countries base on the understanding of living creatures; The understanding of the earth and the environment; Understanding of matter and energy as well vel the relationships between science, technology and society.

Finally another group of decrees attend evaluation need of the different levels with the educational system, la the resolution of that defines the evaluation of teachers and institution at a state level, and the decree of that involves the evaluation of the learning s and the promotions of students in different levels of the preschool education system, basic elementary, basic high school and vocational average.

When talk about vulnerable contexts we generally refer to environments with high rates of poverty, juvenile delinquency, drug consumption and sale, recruitment of young people and many other things that are sadly a part of our Teacher Nelson founder and leader of the school has been approximately 15 years immersed in that neighborhood, ten of which were spent in the school.

For the development of the field actions the stratification dsl the sample was taken into account in the sample that was issued in the study of opinion conducted in the first half ofwhich chose three 3 regions, Caribbean, Orinoco and District capital.