Kaikaku is a lean production term that means radical change, transformation, a revolution. It means radical overhaul of an activity to eliminate. Kaikaku is a lean production term that means radical change, transformation, a revolution. It means radical overhaul of an activity to eliminate all waste (muda in . The “lean” model is delivering huge operational improvements in a range of industries. But there are several ways to implement lean tools and techniques, each.

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So You Want to Get Lean: Kaizen or Kaikaku?

In business, Kaikaku is concerned with making kaikakh and radical changes to a production systemunlike Kaizen which is focused on incremental minor changes. Both Kaizen and Kaikaku can be applied to activities other than production.

Kaikaku and Kaizen are concepts in Japanese production philosophy that relate to each other. Both have origins in the Toyota Production System.


Kaikaku means a radical change, during a limited time, of a production system. Kaizen, on the other hand, kaioaku continuous minor changes of a certain area of a production system, often with the primary goal of solving team related problems.

A cross between Kaikaku and Kaizen is Kaizen Blitz or Kaizen Eventswhich implies a radical improvement in a limited area, such as a production cell, during an intense week.

Kaikaku means that an entire business is changed radically, normally always in the form of a project.

Kaikaku is most often initiated by management, since the change as such and the result will significantly impact business. Kaikaku is about introducing new knowledge, new strategies, new approaches, new production techniques or new equipment. Kaikaku can be initiated by external factors, e. Kaikaku can also be initiated when management see that ongoing Kaizen work is beginning to stagnate and no longer provides adequate results in relation to the effort.

Kaikaku – Wikipedia

Kaikaku may also be called System Kaizen. Kaikaku projects can be of four different types: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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Kaizen vs Kaikaku

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