Russell, B., Carpenter, K.E., MacDonald, T. & Vega-Cendejas, M. Lagodon rhomboides. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species e. (ofSparus rhomboides Linnaeus, ) Linnaeus C. (). Systema naturae per regna tria naturae: secundum classes, ordines, genera. Reference for: Lagodon rhomboides. Other Source(s). Source: American Fisheries Society, , database (version 1). Acquired: Notes: Reference for.

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A pinfish Lagodon rhomboides on a dock in North Carolina.

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Our exchange went rhombodies like this:. Ha — I experienced that first-hand. While Suzanne hooked this pinfish off of a North Carolina marina, many other anglers along the eastern United States coastline and Gulf of Mexico have likely experienced the sharp sting of this innocuous-looking baitfish.

The needle-sharp dorsal spines of the pinfish Lagodon rhomboides is apparent in this specimen. And baitfish they are. Pinfish average about 7 inches 18 cm in labodon, and are popularly used as live bait to catch the gamut of prized sportfish in the southeastern U. One study documented how pinfish grew faster in seagrass beds earlier in their growing season — where the flowing grass blades offer a maze of habitat for protection and food foraging — before growing big enough to venture out onto sandy seafloors Harter and Heck The pinfish is a type of porgy — laggodon readers will recall that members of Family Sparidae, like the dorade royaleare oftened endowed with multitudes of odd teeth shaped like human incisors and molars.

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The incisors of Lagodon rhomboides, the pinfish. I have one fond pinfish story: As a kid, I once scooped up a tiny, silvery sliver of a fish off a marina dock, and took it home and dumped it in my saltwater aquarium — which was used to serving as a transient motel for random species similarly netted. Days would go by and I would only catch fleeting glimpses of the fish, maybe an inch long and lacking any distinguishing features.

It was silver, had fins and eyeballs, and I had no idea what was darting in and out of the water pump current to catch little bits of fish food. Later that summer I was away from home for several weeks, leaving only a timed food dispenser attached to the tank I plead guilty to being an irresponsible teenager. I returned to find a big surprise — darting between the rocks was a 3 inch-long, pearly oval shape, bigger than anything I knew was supposed to be in the tank.

It took a few moments before I connected the dots.

Pinfish Lagodon rhomboides larvae are one example of how fish shapes and colors can drastically change as they grow and mature. Lagodon rhomboides Linnaeus, Pinfish click for names in other languages.

Growth rates of juvenile pinfish Lagodon rhomboides: Estuaries and Coasts 29 2: And of ehomboides to Suzanne Smith for her fishing photo. We caught this fish in a spring-fed freshwater pond in our yard in Central Florida and do not know what is it. It is decent size lagodob the spikes or the dorsal were thick and very strong and sharp.


They pierced me many times when I rhomobides trying to take out the hook to throw it back. It looks like a pinfish to me!

Pinfish, Lagodon rhomboides

They are known to enter freshwater. If your pond is spring-fed and connected to a coastal river, then that might be one way it got there. That or someone threw it in…. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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