Title, La revolución de una brizna de paja: una introducción a la agricultura natural. Author, Masanobu Fukuoka. Publisher, EcoHabitar V.S., S.L., La revolución de una brizna de paja: una introducción a la agricultura natural: Masanobu Fukuoka: : Books. Results 1 – 23 of 23 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Masanobu-Fukuoka books La revolución de una brizna de paja: una introducción a la.

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Two scans of Hazelip’s classic raised bed garden design Two photographs of Fukuoka Both archives of scans are here: It would be interesting to see if these pages could be processed with OCR and then translated. The Hazelip works are mostly handwritten with the rest typewritten, in French she has included many lists, drawings and diagrams There is probably much valuable information contained in these rare notebooks.

The archives are public and contain good articles on seedballing. Here are quotes from several of his posts: This is an intensive veg garden which is attempting to learn what not to do as the years pass, until all that will remain is the seeding and the harvesting – I’ll let you know how it progresses!

There was also time for discussion of other events, perhaps the most interesting would be a seedballing event. It would hopefully follow the work done in Greece by Panos and his group.

Editions of The One-Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka

There are positive signals from Japan about the involvement of some of the followers of Fukuoka and I will be sending a formal invitation to Panos and his followers too. There are two possible areas to try and seedball, some denuded hills outside Barcelona and a four hectare field that we would like to make into a natural farm only through the use of seedballs long term project.


There is no set date for this event yet we must find out if and when people can make it but it is likely to be sometime next summer, perhaps even autumn, when it would be the best time to cast the seedballs. Please let me know if you’re interested; there are 70 beds at Mas Franch, and land for many others to camp, but it will probably not be possible to accommodate more than about Please keep in touch with your activities around the Mediterranean and promote any Natural Farming events on this list.

Irène Basteens –

Please upload any documents you feel will be of interest to this group and send messages especially about what and how you’re seeding and when. Hopefully, we will then be able to build up a clear brisna of Natural Farming in a Mediterranean climate that can then be added to the work Fukuoka has already done for a sub-tropical climate in Japan. To this end I wonder if we might invite Panos, Kostas and perhaps even Michiyo Shibuya or Yuko Honma to help us with our seedballing initiative?

For many of us NE Greece is ds far away – I’ve been trying to get to Panos’ farm for several years now!

  ASTM D5084 PDF

The chance to meet up with other people involved in seedballing, swapping experiences and meeting new people is very exciting. Fortunately, with this new group in Spain, the problem of where to hold such a meeting is solved.

Masanobu Fukuoka

A Recapitulation” “Recapitulation is, with the exception of a photostudy called ‘Travelling with seedballs’, Fukuoka’s last book and, as he makes clear, he hopes to correct 50 years where he has misrepresented what he originally df It’s an important book, by a man who always has something interesting to say from a new perspective.

A particularly interesting chapter is entitled: Men who kill nature, it is surprising who he holds accountable! Here are two scans beizna Emelia Hazelip’s notes on construction of raised bed gardens and one scan of Fukuoka in his garden. I am curious what the hand tool is, a machete or a saw.


If a saw, it may be a Japanese timber cutting saw crosscut used for cutting firewood or heavy tree pruning. Why am I so drawn to cherry pie? I can’t seem to stop.

Save me tiny ad! Which vegetables can you grow from it? Moles and Hazelip Beds. Photos of Joseph Lofthouse’s Garden. Fukuoka Farms in Oregon?