A Little History of Krautrock Rising 9. Faust The Greatest Gimmick of All. Tangerine Dream – Froese’s Paranoia – from “Electronic Meditation”. So, big thanks then to Evan Levine at the Swan Fungus blog for doing just that with the rare-as-hens-teeth Krautrocksampler by Julian Cope. Krautrocksampler [Julian Cope] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Of course, purists would argue that by then Kraftwerk had moved beyond their krautrock roots into electro-pop, but it would be another 30 years before I understood that. So what is Krautrock?

The time was the to give or take a year or two and the place was West Germany. Others drew on jazz or contemporary classical influences. As albums by the likes of Faust and Neu! karutrock

More by Ulysses’ Classical

One xampler collector of Krautrock was a young Julian Cope. Years later, Cope memorialised his passion in his wildly effusive book Krautrocksampler. For some, Krautrocksampler is the definitive guide to Krautrock while for others it is simply the ravings of an uncritical krautrkck who throws the forgettable together with the truly great. Either way, it is an entertaining read. Probably best-known Krautrock bands, whose careers extended beyond a few intense years, were Can, Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk.

But perhaps the most definitive Krautrockers were Neu! Characterised by a steady, driving beat and trance-like repetitive melodies that conjure up images of endless motorway driving, Motorik sounds much more contemporary that other Krautrock styles.


Their first three albums are explorations of electronic noise and soundscapes and samplerr really only for serious collectors. It is with their album Autobahn that they consolidated their distinctive electronic style. In the pioneering title track, another example of Motorik, Kraftwerk pointed to the future of electronic music.

Their work was done. More influenced by jazz, particularly free jazz, than many other Krautrockers, Can experimented relentlessly with wild improvisation, heavy drumming, electronics and noise. Tangerine Dream is certainly the most prolific band to emerge from the Krautrock era, having released over albums.

Krautrocksampler by Julian Cope

Their early releases, those favoured by Julian Cope, share an abrasive edge with many of their Krautrock peers, but they quickly evolved towards a more ambient electronic style. Their line-up has changed many times over the years, the only constant being founding member Edgar Froese and unlike other bands, such as Kraftwerk, they have been more successful at adapting their style over time and krautrkck recent years have shifted towards electronic dance music.

Tangerine Dream have perhaps been the most influential of all of the Krautrockers. The biggest challenge with Tangerine Dream is knowing how to get started on such an enormous discography. For the TD novice, I would recommend the Stratosfear.

I krwutrock only touched on a few of the bands under the Krautrock banner. But rather than just reading about Krautrock, have a listen to some of the the music on my Mixwit Krautrock Sampler. The proprietors of this fine Newtown music and video shop have helped me feed my Krautrock sxmpler and in return I inspired them to listen to it again and they now feature Neu!


As a half proud half Austrian, how does my buddy Falco krautfock into this mix. Thanks to Michael for pointing out my blunder now corrected: I definitely need to listen to some more krautrock — the concert kraytrock brilliant.

Thanks for the potted history, very interesting.

A Krautrock Sampler

Tago Mago is definitely a key Krautrock album. It was their third album, released in right in the middle of all of the Krautrock action.

Not still singing praises of The Model?!? I picked up Neu! The other day I went to my local CD store, to order an album I used to own a long time ago, krautrofk I left behind. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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Stubborn Mule Obstinately objective. As for The Model, I suppose you just had to be there at the time! Out of period but on point, IMO — einstruzende neubaten. For me, they hit all the points.

A Krautrock Sampler

A tearing down of new buildings, indeed. Stubborn, You must be a bit of an old-timer, mate… Rammstein rocks! Neue Deutsche Haerte forever! Click here to subscribe to receive new Mule posts via email. Search the Mule Amazon. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.