Ratifikohet “Konventa Evropiane “Për shtetësinë”” Shtetet Anëtarë te Këshillit te Europës dhe shtetet e tjera nënshkrues te kësaj Konvente, siç parashikohet ne nenin 8 te Konventës për mbrojtjen e te drejtave te njeriut dhe lirive themelore;. ndërlidhja e të gjitha të drejtave dhe lirive themelore të njeriut dhe nevojës së personave me aftësi të kufizuar për t’i garantuar ato pa diskriminim,. (d). 1 2. Te drejtat e njeriut. Donart Geci. RRETH VETURAVE NE KOSOVE. Marjan Dodaj. Të drejtat dhe liritë themelore të njeriut dhe. kulla

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Skip to main content. Out of the Shadows. E Tashmja dhe ardhmja, Minoritities: The Promise of D. Children affected by war circumstances, post-war rehabilitation future perspectives.

The Protection of war affeced children: Securing Children’s Rights in the context of Armed Conflict. Political Participation and democracy in europe A short guide to romani activists. Studim krahasues I legislacionit shqiptar dhe kovnenta te vendeve te zhvilluara per problemin e dhunes kunder gruas. Promoting and implementing and monitoring the UN convention on the rights of the child.

Materiale permbledhese per grupet keshillimore te shoqerise civile per strategjine qeverise shqiptare te shvillimit ekonomik dhe uljes se varferise.

The Sexual Exploitation of working children Guidelines for action to eliminate the worst forms of child labour. The worst forms of child labour a guide to understanding the new convention. Viewing of the World a study of British television coverage of developing konvennta. Camera dei deputati servizio informazione parlamentare e relazioni esterne.

Evaluation of FRESTA south east european programme for peace and stability through cross boundary kobventa society collaboration. Ombudsman for Children in Europe new tools for the protection of children in europe.

Laying down the fundamental criteria on monitoring the convention on the rights of the child. Qendra e Trajnimit multidisiplinar per problemin e keqtrajtimit te femijeve. Good Practices in combatting commercial sexual exploitation of children and youth.

Good Practices in combatting sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and youth in Asia. An international overview of Save the Children’s work against child sexual abuse and exploitation. Results of a survey of practitioners, advocates and other experts on childhood and children’s work.

Të drejtat e pakicave – Wikipedia

Un convention on the rights of the child and other relevant international agreements. A call for worldwide long term commitments to freee children ffrom Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.

Tourism and the commercial sexual exploitation of children inb jamaica and Dominican Republic.

A CD Rom with examples of good practice and violations from around the world. Rafforzamento delle politiche e delle azioni di lotta all’esclusione sociale minorile in Albania. United Nations Rules for the protection of Juveniles deprived of their liberty. Anorectal Function and Benign, malignant, and Congenital diseases of konvebta Anorectum. Udheheqes I dedikuar punetoreve shendetesore te bashkesise, punetoreve te rehabilitimit dhe familjeve.


Wikipedia:Faqja kryesore/Artikulli i javës/Arkivi/2016

Right Angle a Resource for adults njwriut with young people on global rights issues. Falling between the Guidelines The problem of displaced children in Colombia. Despite Outcry, no reforms The desperate situation of children with disabilites in Russian institutions.

Regional Monitoring of child and Family Well Being: Report on the Government of Germany on the occasion of the multilateral conference on the “Protection of Drejtage form Sexual Evopiane Budapest Nov Report on survey results on the non governmental organisations and their project assignments related to Promotion of the Rights of the Child. Trafficking in Human Beings.

Criminal law reform in south eastern Europe 3 Parts to publication. Identifying shortcomings in existing legislation and suggesting legislative action for improvement. Raport mbi aktivitetin e Policise se Shtetit per viten dhe prioritet per vitin Analiza per punen dhe Veprimtarine e Policise se Shtetit gjate 6 mujorit te pare te vitit The Sending Countries Romania Report. Guidelines on Policies and Procedures in dealing with unaccompanied Children seeking Konvenha.

The Present and the Future. Repunlika Shqiperise Kevendi Popullor per biresimet e miturave nga shtetas te huaj dhe per disa ndryshime ne kodin nueriut familjes. Responding to Child Trafficking An introductory handbook to child rights based interventions drawn from Save the Children’s experience in Southeast Europe.

Manual for action Planning for eliminating the worst forms of child labour. The Convention and The Committee. Reports submitted by states parties under article 9 of the convention Albania. United Nations Convention against Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Consideration of reports submitted by state parties under article 19 of the convention Albania. Consideration of reports submitted by state parties under article 18 of the convention on the elimination of all forms of Konvenya against Women Albania.

Consideration of reports submitted by states parties under article 44 of the convention. Integration of the human rights of women and the gender perspective Violence against women. Civil evrlpiane political rights consideration of reports submitted by states parties under article 40 of the covenant.

Economic, Social and Tw Rights The right of everyone to the enjoyment of kknventa highest attainable standard of physical and mental health. Compilation of general comments a nd general recommendations adopted by human rights treaty bodies.

A joint study by the southeast europe initiative of one world international and the information program of the open society institute. Youth Work with Boys and Young Men as a means to prevent violence in everyday life.

Rebuilding community connections – mediation and restorative justice in Europe.

Reports and Manuals | International Organization for Migration

Youth and exclusion in disadvantaged urban areas: Integrated project responses to violence in everyday life in a democratic society. Convention on the rights of the child 89 questions 15yrs after In French. Proposal for a conceptual and methodological approach to the issue of child and adolescent labour. Creating meaninful access to rights and advocacy services for young people in care in Ontario.


Reaction of criminal law to youth crime possibilities for alternative sanctions Dubrovnik Conference November Sistemi Penitenciar ne Shqiperi dhe roli Shoqerise Civile ne permiresimin e tij. Alternative ways of punishing and improving the human rights situation in albania. Ways of better integrating offenders into society.

Planifikimi Strategjik ne kuader te sherbimeve sociale per femijet ne rruge ne qytetin e tiranes strategic plan for the provision of social services for children in tirana. Guret udherrefyes jurisprudenca e Gjykates Europiane te te Drejtave te Njeriut. Amplifikimi I mesazheve per publikun nepermjet medias. The voice of unacompanied and separated children about their rights in Belgium. Towards a shared understanding of terminology referring to the sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

A report on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in England. Liber udheximesh per personelin e burgut training manual for prison workers. Lessons Learned and Manual. Convention against torture and other cruel inhuman or degrading treatment or Punishment. New Zealand Health Strategy to reduce violence in interpersonal relationships, families, schools and communities. Legalising Prostitution is not the answer: The example of Victoria, Australia.

Te fillosh I ri Parimet dhe Praktika ne zhvillimin e femijerise se hershme. Studim Monitorimi vendimeve tw gjykateve te rretheve qjyqesore Tirane, Shkoder dhe Vlore, per vitetne ceshtjet qe lidhen me trafikimin e qenieve njerezore. Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women. On the Rights Track: Aktivitete edukimi mbi te drejtat njerezore te femijeve demokracine pjesemarrese dhe qytetarine aktive. Paths of education to children human rights,participatory democracy and active citizenship.

Per nje zbatim sa me te mire te ligjit ne mbrojtje te vikimave te dhunes ne familje nga organet e drejtesise. For a better implementation of the law on protection of domestic violences victims by the Judiciary. Proceedings of the fourth regional meeting of NGO coalitions for the the rights of the child in Europe.

Raport Monitorimi I shkalles se Njohes dhe Zbatimit te strategjise se punesimit dhe formimit profesional nen kendveshtrimin e perkatesise gjinore. Bette Midler, The tories want your vote,gay wedding diary,can gay men be religious?

Reports and Manuals

Gay Clergy Crisis, Gays in Football. Restorative Justice for women and young girls who have been victims of violence. Standartet nderkombetare ne lidhje me dhunen ne familje dhe zbatimi I tyre ne vendet e Ballkanit Perendimor. International Standards on violence against the family and there implementation in the Western Balkans. Strategia Kombetare per permiresimin e kusteve te jeteses se minoritetit Rom.

Analiza e procesit te decentralizimmit ne arsimin parauniversitar ne kuadrin e projektit.