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I do not own glee or any fanficiton the characters, although one can wish. Kurt was sitting in the Warbler commons the next Monday, the week of Regionals. He was busy doing his homework that was due the next day; Nick being in the same class, was doing his with Kurt. Warbler practice would be starting in a few minutes, and Kurt felt something like annoyance flow through him.

He was just getting annoyed. He spent the night before talking with Trent as he went on and on about what Blaine would do. The Warbler practice the night before was all about the boy.

Kurt loved the boy, klxine sometimes Blaine was just everywhere. He was all he ever heard, except the few solos the Warblers gave out, and it was getting a little upsetting.

He didn’t know why they didn’t do what New Directions did and just let everyone sing. It was discouraging to always be in the background.

He knew that if he said something everyone would just look at him and tell him to sit back and watch while they fawn over Blaine. It was just hard. Nick looked up and over at Kurt’s paper that Kurt had just finished.

Glee Season 2 Klaine Chapter Original Song, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

Kurt didn’t care really. He was too caught up in thought. Before he knew it, Blaine opened the doors to the room and threw the papers he had in his hand up, starting to sing, a pop song as always. The Warblers realized that the practice was starting right away, and they started to harmonize the song along with Blaine, who started dancing with two of his fellow Warblers. Kurt studied the papers and noticed the sheet music for “Misery. He pushed the papers off and watched Blaine.

Blaine picked up two papers and tossed them to the side, making his way to Kurt, who grabbed his bag and stood up. He wasn’t feeling the performance today. Blaine put an arm around Kurt’s shoulders and walked with him. Kurt played along, just for Blaine. He sang along and skipped with Blaine, trying his best to get into it, but failing.

Kurt pushed his bag down on the bench in the corridor, sitting down. He watched Blaine sing and the Warblers dance behind him. Same old performance that wasn’t going to win them Regionals if New Directions were going to be singing as a group.


Blaine turned to face the Warblers, pointing for them to start their practiced dance moves. He fanfictiin over and sat with Kurt. Before Kurt knew it, Blaine head was on his shoulder and his golden eyes looking up at him. It wasn’t even enough to get Kurt interested. Blaine fanfcition up and went to dance with the Warblers while Kurt stayed put. He was trying his best to put fantiction happy expression on his face, but all he wanted to do was frown and roll his eyes.

It just wasn’t fun anymore. Kurt got up and tried his best to get into the song, but his dancing was sort of weak and anybody paying attention could probably see klainr.

He wanted klalne just try to dance with his teammates, but it was tiring. Same old song, same old dance moves, same old Blaine. Kurt went along with the other Warblers and started to beat the crap out of the tables in beat to the song.

He guessed that was fun enough. They all got together in a big group to finish the song, other students watching them finish performing. He faked a smile and nodded his head. Everyone congratulated Blaine and patted him on the back before walking away. Kaline focused on getting Pavarotti’s cage so he could get out of there.

The bird was like his little child. He loved it so much. Kkaine looked too happy, and Kurt didn’t fanciction to be the one to burst his bubble, but he did so anyway. Look, you’re amazing, Blaine. Your solos are breathtaking. I feel like we’re Blaine and the Pips. Kurt hated to be the one to break it to him, but that’s how he felt.

They needed to expand and go out of their comfort zones to win the competition. That’s what they did in the New Directions, and they usually pulled out a win.

He was scared that they were going to lose, and then what did he have to look forward to? Blaine was in the middle of an argument fandiction next day. It was over something so simple, but the Warblers didn’t like change. That’s really what it was. He fanfixtion to get a hold of this before it got out of order. The doors open, silencing everyone. As they turned, they saw Kurt in all black looking very upset. The boy kliane in slowly. Blaine’s stomach flipped because he knew Kurt. It was obvious that he had been crying for a while; Blaine could see the tear tracks down his cheeks.

He was my friend. Now, I know today we need to practice doo-whopping behind Blaine while he sings every solo in the medley of Pink songs, but I’d like to sing a song for Pavarotti today. He pulled a cassette out of his inside kliane and handed it to the boy nearest to him, who got up and put it in a quickly as he could manage.


Blaine sat down and let the floor be Kurt’s. Blaine decided to softly sing along with Kurt, and the others joined in making beats where they thought needed them. Blaine knew how close Kurt gets with his things, and he loved that bird.

It was so upsetting. Blaine stopped humming along with the others and looked up slowly at the boy he’d become best friends with over the last couple months. He watched Kurt as he moved across the room behind the couch. The thing he noticed was that he couldn’t take his eyes off of Kurt, and then he felt something.

He looked down feeling something that he had never felt before, but what was it? It was making him uncomfortable just sitting there.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It hit Blaine like a ton of bricks. The reason his palms were sweaty and his heart beating ten times faster was because of Kurt. Sweet, innocent, beautiful Kurt standing in front of him laying his heart out on the line for his pet bird that passed. Blaine looked up at him and felt his heart tighten and squeeze.

He hadn’t felt this way when he liked Jeremiah or Conner. This was different, a good different. He could hardly sit still. Blaine smiled and it was clear as day. He was in love with his best friend, the one who had admitted his feelings for him a month ago. Kurt, who was so upset with his loss right now.

He hated the sadness in Kurt’s eyes, and wanted to do something to make him smile that beautiful smile again. He wanted to get up and proclaim his love, but now wasn’t the time. The room was silent as Kurt nodded his head to himself, tears falling down his cheeks.

It broke Blaine’s heart. He wanted to comfort him, wrap Kurt in his arms and tell him it was going to be okay. He wanted to kiss the tears away, wait kiss? Blaine smiled, because yeah, he wanted to kiss Kurt so badly. He didn’t know why he didn’t notice it before. Kurt was the one he had been searching for. Kurt was in front of him the whole time, and he just hadn’t noticed until now. He felt like an idiot. Kurt wasn’t just cute. He was beautiful and gorgeous.

He was so breathtaking that Blaine had to look away when he looked at him.