Pada kasus ini. pasien didiagnosa Kista Dermoid karena pada kista dermoid ditemukan elemen – elemen ektodermal yakni rambut.. dan butiran-butiran tulang. Pada Umumnya penyakit kista memang berbahaya, salah satunya adalah kista dermoid. Kista dermoid merupakan suatu kista teratoma jinak (choristoma) yang . kista dermoid. Dinding kista dapat ruptur sehingga isi kista keluar di rongga peritoneum. Bentuk cairan ini seperti mentega, kandunganya tidak hanya cairan tapi.

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Referat Kista Dermoid – PDF Free Download

Skin – Nonmelanocytic tumors Cysts Dermoid cyst cutaneous Author: Dermoid cyst [title] skin. Page views in Accessed December 31st, Resembles keratinous cysts of epidermal type, but with hair adnexae.

Usually face of children along embryonic closure lines Also neck midline, nasal root, nose, forehead, mastoid area, anterior dfrmoid, scalp. Dermoid cysts result from sequestration of cutaneous tissues along embryonal lines of closure Also encountered in deeper noncutaneous sites Some authors propose an embryological origin for these cysts, particularly in the nasal form.


Usually enlarges slowly, but sudden increase in size may occur, bringing the lesion to attention at a later kkista Treated with excision if clinically rermoid Squamous cell carcinoma rarely develops in wall of cyst Infection of a cranial dermoid cyst may be complicated by central nervous system involvement.

Images hosted on other servers: CT without contrast shows lateral dermoid cyst with characteristic hyperdense cyst wall and hypodense cyst cavity.

Unilocular cysts are usually subcutaneous and filled with sebaceous material and hair. Kertinized stratified squamous lining.

CK1 and CK10 Basal layer: CK14 Sebaceous gland-like areas: Congenital dermoid fistula Follicular cyst infundibular type Steatocystoma Vellus hair cyst. Home About Us Advertise Amazon.

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