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Officials from the Macri administration said the deployment would not contradict a law that limits the army to protecting the country from external threats from other states and strictly bans it from performing security functions.

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Argentina News and Profile. Critics of deploying army soldiers to the border say this is a first step towards militarization and warned against the negative impact these types of policies had in other countries in the region.


This has contributed to turning Argentina from a transit into a consumer nation, as well as one that produces illicit drugs.

Coverage on Security Policies.

The official argument is that the mere presence of security forces can dissuade criminal organizations from establishing a presence in impoverished towns along the border, which are prime for their exploitation.

But many experts disagree with this analysis.

They say the military is not battaglibo for this type of security strategy. They also say there is no reason for Argentina to turn to the military when the country already has the gendarmerie, which is a militarized police force in charge of internal security. What needs to happen is for the government to figure out what resources it needs to tackle the new threats it faces.

They also argue that this battaglinl strategy has proven counterproductive across the region, and that there is no evidence it would work in Argentina. Still, the proposal has stalled.


Pasqualini added that the armed forces would likely request that Congress green-light the changes hattaglino. This might be a way of shielding the army from popular backlash. Argentina has tried numerous military for human rights violations. It may also be a way for the military to protect itself legally.

Argentina Suggests Militarization, Ignites Debate

Since Argentina abolished military tribunals inany abuses committed by its personnel would be tried in civilian courts.

In a country with as many strong battaglkno rights organizations as Argentina, any military intervention would be under constant scrutiny. Investigation and Analysis of Organized Crime. The most extensive database on organized crime in the Americas.

Mon, Dec 31, Argentina’s gendarmerie is in charge of policing the country’s borders.