Jeppesen and Atlantic Flight Training team to bring you the most current set of JAA ATPL training books on the market. Available individually, or as a. oxford communication book 14 first edition enjoy it. Jaa atpl book 14 oxford aviation jeppesen – communication. Upcoming SlideShare. Jeppesen JAA ATPL Training – Operational Procedures Book [jeppesen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Operational Procedures include.

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This volume gives the reader an insight into the construction, function, and operation of both piston and gas turbine engines.

Jeppesen JAR Ref JAA ATPL Training Powerplant Book at

For examination purposes, the engines as described are to be considered ‘generic’, in reality each manufacturer will achieve the same objectives outlined in the text by different designs.


Therefore, these notes equip the reader with the knowledge to undertake with confidence an engine manufacturer’s course or type rating course which specializes in a particular design.

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