Posts about Jaco Pastorius written by tomkenrick. On the day I tried to channel the spirit of Pino Palladino/Jaco/Bakithi Kumalo and other. Free Bass transcription of Soul Intro / The Chicken by Jaco Pastorius. This is a lead sheet type transcription of Jaco’s Continuum. The tune is like a continuous loop where you can’t tell where the structure links up.

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Transcribing is a great way of learning about music. It doesn’t really matter, if you write it down nice and neat like I did, or just hit the repeat button on your stereo and play a long over and over until you have everything together, as long as you commit yourself to what is going on!

Flea is a great player, very versatile and unique. I love his often unconvential basslines!

This is a fast one! It’s the intro from the version “live at Hyde Park”. Be careful, don’t loose the beat! This is from his first record with Weather Report released in He starts of with one of his signature licks and then goes of to his famous 16th-note fingerstyle funklines.

  EB 1776W PDF

Similar to “Come on, come over” from his first solo album, but a bit slower! Jaco has been through a lot by then, but you can still the genius on this old standard. Here you can see how George took his solo from the studio album to another level!

Guitar and Piano Transcriptions

It’s all about sticking with your phrases! This is from the Little River Band album Sleeper Catcher, recorded in and shows George beautifully improvising with his frettless on a two bar vamp.

Ken Toronto, CanadaThank You for the tip! Anthony is one of my favorite bass players, when it comes to having an unique own style. This is a remake of a Diana Ross soul classic. Bernhard Edwards played on the original, I’m not quiet sure, who is playing here, but Bernhard is present anyway! This is a real frettless beauty by another unique bassplayer, Mr.

This one is on a Oleta Adams record. Here is Marcus, the guy who has it all!!


What a sound, what a feel, what a apstorius Work on your palm-mute technique, and be careful.! This one is on Marcus – Live und More.

This one is for all of you out there, that trascriptions been bored by the above. It is a little “bright”, by a great band Tower of Power and bass-player! Throw away your television – Intro bass-solo by Flea.

Transcriptions – Continuum by Jaco Pastorius – submitted by HalfNelson

Barbary Coast bassline by Jaco Pastorius. Days of wine and roses bass-solo by Jaco Pastorius. Light of Day – live bass-solo by George McArdle. Light of Day- studio bass-solo by George McArdle. Night Moods bassline by Anthony Jackson. Upside Down bassline by -??? Get here bassline by Pino Palladino. Tutu Live bass-solo by Marcus Miller. This one is on Transcriptiins – Live und More – What is hip?