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MIME is an open standard for sending multipart, multimedia data through Internet email. Each of the above shapes takes different coordinates as parameters. Explain in brief about Java scriplet. How do you use a picture as the background in HTML?

SreeBrothers: IT63 / IT – Web Technology – University Questions

What is meant by a XML namespace? If you tehcnology a circular button that links to another page, how do you prevent a rectangle from appearing around it? Making the connection Making a request Receiving the response Closing the connection GE Environmental Science and Engineering— Making a request 3. Tutorial is just awesome.

Are you a CSE student?

What are the necessities of using HTML forms? A table is a two dimensional matrix, consisting of rows and columns. How do you change the color of background or text in HTML? Explain the elements of WWW. Explain about Internet servers. Then put the following tag between the two paragraphs of text:. How would you make an image file named texture. ROWS — This attribute is used to divide the screen into multiple rows. Column spanning is used to merge combine two or more columns.


IT Web Technology 2 Marks and 16 Marks with Answers – John Joseph Edition

What are the ways by which a server and a browser do communicate? Closing the connection Nowadays JavaScript has tons of job opportunities on various vertical industry. Notes on Tomcat Web Server? What is meant by Name Resolution? This isknown as Stateless Connection.

What are the sequences of steps for each HTTP request from a client to the server? Really very informative post you shared here.

It is really helpful for a newbie like me. Nowadays Java has tons of job opportunities on various vertical industry. Mention the need for cascading style sheets.


It is a program or gank page that enables you to search an Internet site for a specific keywords or words. The syntax of the form is.

This is your gateway to seek your study materials. URNs — Uniform Resource Name is a name for a particular resource but without reference to a particular location.


In addition to these resources, it offers some university updates, and also included some previous year university question papers. Then put the following tag between the two paragraphs of text: Specifies the size of the border to place around the image. What technolofy the types suestion web services and its uses?

It is very difficult to remember the IP address of each and every node.

What is the role of server? Thus a machine that is prevented from connecting to the external network by a firewall would make a request for a web page from the local proxy server instead of requesting the web page directly from the remote web server.