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This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada staff. It is posted on the. Nov 21, – To apply for a PRRA, you must complete and submit the form, Application for a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (IMM ). IMM E Application for a Pre-removal Risk Assessment IMM E Application for a Risk Assessment further to Section (1) of the.

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specialists in immigration litigation & inadmissibility

PRRA applications deal with risk to life and not humanitarian and establishment factors that you list above. For use by officers when in possession of information that may support a possible intervention, cessation or vacation process.

The following are examples of documents that might be useful as evidence: Although you do not need to hire counsel, you may—at your own expense—be assisted by a lawyer or other authorized representative.

Full adoption means an adoption that severs a pre-existing legal parent-child relationship.

This list is not exhaustive. This is required, so that decision makers have all the information an individual wants considered for their application. I can’t find what I’m looking for. How do I prepare my written submissions? This guide uses the following symbols to indicate information of particular importance. Release of information to other individuals. 55508 you for your help! Clearly print your name and address at the top left-hand side of the envelope. Skip to main content Skip to “About this site”.

Complete sections A, B and D. What will the PRRA officer take into account in assessing my application? Read all of the information in this application kit carefully. The officer will consider the following information: The Government of Canada may impose a temporary suspension of removals to countries when conditions such as war or environmental disaster endanger the safety and security of the civilian population. Be sure to make enough photocopies before you start. New evidence is evidence that arose after the rejection, or that was not normally accessible, or that you could not reasonably have been expected in the circumstances to have kmm at the time of rejection.


Bellissimo Law Group is a recognized name in Canadian immigration. Section B — Appointment kmm Representative. What kind of risks would I face 550 why?

You will not receive a reply. For more information see – Find out if your representative is authorized. Section A — Applicant Information.

Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) – Immigration to Canada Information

Important information that you need to be aware of in order to avoid delays or other problems. See Immm to Complete the Form for more information on authorized representatives. The officer will 550 the following information:. You must let IRCC know if any information changes regarding the person you authorized to represent you on your application.

If a representative is being paid or compensated by someone other than you, the representative is still considered to be a compensated representative. Most of the questions on the forms are straightforward and extra instructions have only been provided when necessary.

He came with his mother and little brother to Canada. To apply for resettlement to Canada as a Convention refugee or a member of the country of asylum class. Fill in this section if you wish to cancel the appointment of a representative. I can’t find what I’m looking for. For more information about the protection of your data, visit the Help Centre.

Be aware that misrepresenting or withholding material facts may lead to rejection of your application, and the resumption of arrangements to enforce your removal from Canada. Do I need to hire counsel? Supporting evidence On the form, list each of the documents you will be submitting and how each supports your request for protection; use an extra sheet of paper if you need more space.


What types of documentary evidence could ikm useful to support my case?

If you have dependent children aged 18 years or older, they are required to complete their own copy of this form if a representative is also conducting business on their behalf. Why would I be at risk if Iimm was returned to my country of nationality or habitual residence? These changes will stop duplication and deter unfounded asylum claims from people who would use the system to delay removal. If your circumstances change, you must inform us.

Question 3 If you have already submitted your application, write: To provide an undertaking to sponsor a refugee requiring special assistance and whose admissibility depends upon the additional support of a sponsor.

Information is outdated or wrong. imm

Other issue not in this list. Do I have access to medical care while my application is being processed?

Guide 5523 – Applying for a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment

Not sure if your child is a dependant? A generic form used for all secure documents Refugee Protection Claimant Document, Interim Federal Health Umm, visitor record, work or study permits, temporary resident permit. Signed statement given by person concerned declaring information given is the truth used when officer decides it is necessary.