Direct Filing Addresses for Form ID, Consideration of. Update to Form ID, Consideration of Deferred Action for. Form ID, Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals version of Form ID on our website or USCIS will reject your form.

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How to Renew DACA

In an order filed on Fri. On January 13,U. On April 24,a U. The following answers to frequently asked questions are intended primarily for people applying to renew DACAas well as for legal service providers and organizers. Sign up for updates at https: This FAQ contains general information and is not legal advice.

Advance Parole – Cristina M. Hughes Esq, Immigration Law

Do not take advice from a notary public or an immigration consultant. People who have DACA or want to apply for it are advised to consult with a qualified immigration lawyer or a Board of Immigration Appeals—accredited representative for advice about their case.

You must also meet the following requirements in order to qualify for DACA renewal:. If you are considering applying for DACA for the first time, more information about the requirements and process is available at www. We recommend you take the following steps to find out when you should apply to renew your DACA:. To help you with step 2 figuring out when to filewe make available an online DACA renewal calculator.

You can also use a calendar to figure out when your optimal filing window is. On your calendar, count backwards days from the date your DACA expires, and mark that date torm your calendar. It would be best not to file your renewal application before that date.


Then go back to the date your I21d expires, count backwards days, and mark this date on your calendar. This, in turn, would mean i82d1 your two-year renewal period would expire sooner than it would if you did not submit an early application.

You decide to submit your renewal application in Septemberabout 6 months before your DACA expires. Both the initial application for DACA and the renewal application are made by filling out and submitting the same forms: Note that you must use the latest version of Form ID.

USCIS asks that no additional documents be sent, not even proof that you have resided continuously in the U. USCIS advises that you keep all documents that provide evidence that you meet all the guidelines. USCIS also reserves the right i821 contact government agencies and others to verify the information provided in the application. The renewal request costs the same as the initial i821f In very limited circumstances, applicants may be exempted from having to pay the fees.

Filling Out Form ID, “Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” |

Where, specifically, you must send your application depends on where you live. Eligibility for DACA renewal is not limited to people who currently are under age Neither the DACA application form nor the instructions ask renewal applicants for information about continued school enrollment or graduation. The i82d1 for renewal applications specify that a person may be considered for DACA renewal if he or she met the guidelines for consideration of initial DACA and.

You do not need to include evidence or information related to the educational requirement with your renewal application. You do not have to be enrolled in college to be eligible for DACA renewal.

To be eligible for DACA renewal, frm do not need to be currently working, and you do not need to submit evidence of employment as part of your renewal application.


Here are some suggestions for what you can do before applying for renewal if you have had interactions with law enforcement since first receiving DACA:.

Advance Parole

Keep in mind that the guidelines regarding a criminal record have not changed, so crimes that would disqualify you from obtaining DACA initially will also disqualify you from renewing your DACA. You may apply to renew DACA while simultaneously l821d for another type of immigration relief. Whether it is i8821d applying for both is i812d decision you will need to make, preferably with the help of an experienced attorney or a BIA-accredited representative who works for a nonprofit organization that helps people with immigration matters.

You will also be at risk of losing your employment, since you will no longer have legal authorization to work. Therefore, it is very important that you apply for renewal no later than days before the expiration of your DACA and EAD to lessen the likelihood of this happening. USCIS says that if your DACA renewal request is denied, generally they will not refer your case to ICE the immigration enforcement authoritiesunless your case involves a criminal offense, fraud, or a threat to national security or public fodm.

The only three-year EADs that had to be returned were those issued after February 16, USCIS has an online tool— https: This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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