Manuals and User Guides for HP VG. We have 1 HP VG manual available for free PDF download: Getting Started Manual. View and Download HP V Switch Series user manual online. Switch HP officeconnect series Getting Started Manual (c) Hewlett- Packard Development Company, L.P. HP VG-PoE (W) Switch uptime is 0. View and Download HP V user manual online. V Switch pdf manual Switch HP G Management And Configuration Manual. series (

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It also provides configuration examples to help you apply software features to different network scenarios. This documentation set is intended for: These configuration methods are suitable for different application scenarios.

Through this function, the administrator can visually manage and maintain network devices through the web-based configuration interfaces. You can log in to the device through the console h;, and execute the summary command to view the information of its default IP address.

The PC where you configure the device is not necessarily a web-based network management terminal. The web network management functions not supported by the device are not displayed in the navigation tree. Web user level Web user levels, from low to high, are visitor, monitor, configure, and management. A user with a higher level has all the operating rights of a user with a lower level.

Function menu Description User level Software Allows you to configure to upload upgrade file Management Upgrade from local host, and upgrade the system software.

HP V1910 User Manual

Device Reboot Allows you to configure to reboot the device. Management Maintenan Electronic Label Displays the electronic label of the device. Monitor Diagnostic Generates diagnostic information file, and allows Management Switch To Allows you to switch the current user level to the Visitor Management management level.

Swittch SNMP view information. Configure Displays information about link aggregation Summary Displays configuration information about local Monitor users. Configure Summary Displays the queue information of nanual port.

Monitor Queue Setup Allows you to configure a queue on a port. Introduction to the common items on the web pages Buttons and icons Commonly used buttons and icons Button and icon Function Used to apply the configuration on the current page. Used to cancel the configuration on the current page, and return to the corresponding list page or the Device Info page.

Content display by pages Search function On some list pages, the web interface provides basic and advanced search functions. You can use the search function to display those entries matching certain search criteria. As a supplementary to the web interface, the CLI provides some configuration commands to facilitate your operation, which are described in this chapter.

Verify the mark on the console port to ensure that you are connecting to the correct port. The serial port on a PC does not support hot swapping. When you connect a PC to a powered-on switch, connect the DB-9 connector of the console cable to the PC before connecting the RJ connector to the switch. Connection description of the HyperTerminal Table 6 Select the serial port to be used from the Connect using drop-down list, and click OK.

Enter your username at swicth Username prompt. The Password prompt display Password: The login information is verified, and displays the following CLI menu: CLI commands This Command section contains the following commands: Subnet mask maunal dotted decimal notation.


Subnet mask length, the number of consecutive ones in the mask, in the range of 0 to Specifies the IP address of the default gateway or the IP address of the outbound interface. Destination IP address in dotted decimal notationURL, or host name a string of 1 to 20 characters.

Description Use the ping command to ping a specified destination. Examples Ping IP address 1. Use this command with caution because reboot results in service interruption. If the main configuration file is corrupted or does not exist, the device cannot be rebooted with the reboot command.

HP v Secret Commando list ( how to enable it ) | Glazenbakje’s technical blog

Next backup boot app is: The IP address of the gateway is Configuration wizard C1910-24g The configuration wizard guides you through the basic service setup, including the system name, system location, contact information, and management IP address IP address of the VLAN interface. Basic service setup Entering the configuration wizard homepage From the navigation tree, select Wizard to gp the configuration wizard homepage, as shown in a.

Configuration wizard homepage Configuring system parameters In the wizard homepage, click Next to enter the system parameter configuration page, as shown in a.

System parameter configuration page System parameter configuration items Item Description Specify the system name. The system name appears at the top of the navigation tree.

Allows you to specify an IPv4 address and a manial length.

HP V1910-24G Manuals

Support for IPv4 obtaining methods depends on the device gp. Task Remarks Required Configuring stack Configure the ports of the master switch that connect to member ports switches as stack ports. By default, a port is not a stack port. Required Configuring member Configuring stack Configure a port of a member switch that connects to the master switch switches of a ports or another member switch as a stack port.

The master switch of a stack must be configured with a private IP address pool to Private Net IP ensure that it swigch automatically allocate an available IP address to a member switch when the device joints the stack.

Item Description Enable the switch to establish a stack.

After you enable the switch to establish a stack, the switch becomes the master switch of the stack and automatically adds the switches connected to its stack ports to the stack. You can delete a stack only on the master switch of the stack.

Displaying device summary of a stack Select IRF from the navigation tree and click the Device Summary tab to enter the page shown swtich a. On this page, you can view interfaces and power socket layout on the panel of each stack member by clicking the tab of the corresponding member switch.

Network diagram for stack management Switch A Master switch. Configure global parameters for the stack on Switch A Type Now, switch A becomes the v1910-24 switch.

Configure a stack port on Switch A. On the page of the Setup tab, perform the following configurations, as shown in c. Now, switch B becomes a member switch. Now, Switch C becomes a member switch. Summary The device summary module helps you understand h system information, port information, power information, and fan information on the device. The system information includes the basic system information, system resources state, and recent system operation logs. Displaying device summary Displaying system information After you log in to the web switcy, the System Information tab appears by default, swtch shown in a.


Basic system information The INFO area on the right of the page displays the basic system information such as device name, product information, device location, contact information, serial number, software version, hardware version, Boot ROM version, and running time. The running time displays how long the device is up since the last boot. Device basic information configuration The device basic information feature provides the following functions: Set the system name of the device.

The system logs an idle user off the web for security purpose after the configured period. Configure idle timeout period Idle timeout period configuration swtch Item Description Idle timeout Set the idle timeout period for logged-in users.

System time configuration The system time module allows you to display and set the device system time on the web interface. Janual device supports setting system time through manual configuration and automatic synchronization of NTP server time. An administrator can keep time synchronized among all the devices within a network by v19102-4g the system clock on each device, however, this is a huge amount of workload and cannot guarantee the clock precision.

Set the source interface for an NTP message. If you do maanual want the IP address of a certain interface on the local device to become the destination address of response messages, Source Interface you can specify the source interface for NTP messages, so that the Configuration procedure Table 20 Configure Device A Configure the local clock as the reference clock, with the stratum of 2. Configuration guidelines When configuring system time, note the following guidelines: Log management configuration System logs contain a large amount of network and v1910-2g4 information, including running status and configuration changes.

System logs are an important way for administrators to know network and device status.

HP PoE+ JGA User Manual – Page 1 of 43 |

With system log information, administrators can take corresponding actions against network problems and security problems. Set system logs related parameters Syslog configuration items Item Description Buffer Capacity V19910-24g the number of logs that can be stored in the log buffer.

Set the refresh period on the log information displayed on the web interface. You can select manual refresh or automatic refresh: Source Displays the module that generates system logs.

Displays the severity level of system logs. For more information about severity levels, Level see 3. Digest Displays the brief description of system swotch.

Configuration management Back up configuration Configuration backup provides the following functions: Open and view the configuration file. Configuration restore page When you click the upper Browse button in this figure, the file upload dialog box appears.

When you click the lower Browse button in this figure, the file upload dialog box appears. Initialize This operation restores the system to factory defaults, deletes the current configuration v19110-24g, and reboots the device. Initialize confirmation dialog box Click the Restore Factory-Default Settings button to restore the system to factory defaults. Device maintenance Software upgrade A system software image file is used to boot the device.

Software upgrade allows you to obtain a target system software image file from the local host and set the file as the startup configuration file.