Results 1 – 16 of 24 by James Grant Duff and David Capen History of the Marathas. Translated from the English Original of Grant Duff by David Capon. James Grant Duff (8 July – 23 September ) was a British soldier and historian from Pratap Singh the Rajah was rescued from his captivity by the Maratha Peshwa, after the Battle notices are taken; James Grant Duff, History of the Mahrattas, 4 vols; Burke’s Landed Gentry; Aitcheson, Indian Treaties, volume iv. Volume: 3; Author: James Grant Duff; Category: Asia; Length: Pages; Year:

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Account Options Sign in. A History of the MahrattasVolume 3.

History of the Mahrattas / [by] James Grant Duff. Edited by J. P. Guha – Details – Trove

Selected pages Title Page. Mahadajee Sindias death an event of great political importance. Differences with Hyderabad revived Bajee Rao summons. Other editions – View all History of the Mahrattas Full view – Popular passages Page 94 – Sindia, though much of his success is attributable to a combination of circumstances ; he was a man of great political sagacity, and of considerable genius ; of deep artifice, of restless ambition, and of implacable revenge.

With a high opinion of his personal address, he generally failed where he attempted to exercise it ; and, in ebullitions of anger, to which he was prone, he frequently exposed what he most wished to conceal. An armistice had taken place for two days, the hostages had already arrived in the English camp, upwards of one Orders were at the same time issued to the governments of Madras and Bombay, and to the resident at Hyderabad, confirming the requisitions of Colonel Close for the assemblage of troops.


The Peishwa, quitting Raigurh, proceeded to Mhar, whence he Page – October, their ffuns were yoked, their horses saddled, and their infantry in readiness.

A History of the Mahrattas – James Grant Duff – Google Books

This intelligence was brought to Mr. Elphinstone a little before midnight of the 28th, and for a moment it became a question, whether self-defence, under all circumstances, did not require that the attack should be anticipated.

It was an hour of anxiety: Page – October, he deliberately threw himself from a terrace in his palace, fractured two of his limbs, and was much wounded by the tube of a fountain on which he fell.

Page – and with him,” says Colonel Palmer, ” has departed all the wisdom and moderation of the Mahratta government.

His principal defects originated in the want of personal courage, and in an ambition not always restrained by principle. In the latter unhappy years of his life, on the testimony of English yb well as Mahratta authority, he is 1 entitled to the high praise of having acted with I the feelings and sincerity of a patriot.


A History Of The Mahrattas Vol.i

Page – CHAP. The infantry then moved off, the cavalry being left on the ground with orders to follow in half an hour, and to send Colonel Monson the earliest intelligence of Holkar’s motions. The infantry histoyr with no interruption ; but after marching about twelve miles, a report reached them, that at a considerable distance in their rear Lieutenant Lucan’s cavalry had been attacked by the whole of that of Holkar.

Page – Rao reminded him of histofy insolence, violence, and cruelty which he and his servants had used, in numberless instances, towards the servants and subjects of his government, in the city, diff even in his own palace ; he declared that ” the contempt and disrespect thus shown towards his person and authority he could bear no longer, and therefore ordered Sindhia to remove to Jamgaon. History of the Mahrattas Full view –