HeroQuest Hero Quest English Adventure Design Kit information and resource downloads. Quest Book, New Character Sheet and Sticker Sheet. OG ON IN Ixt Y. 1 v w & A zat X Y + L e @ 2 0 TM. HEROQUEST. | CHARACTER NAME: PLAYER NAME: | GAME SETTING I GENRE. CHARACTER. Steam Workshop: Tabletop Simulator. I made this using Mr Stumps awesome template, to get the scripting. Its the original Character Sheet.

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Every HeroQuest icon is included in HeroScribe.

HeroScribe HomePage: Download Page

HeroScribe’s maps achieve typographic quality thanks to a vector representation of the maps objects. HeroScribe’s main output format is EPSthe de-facto standard in the printing industry. There are some JPEG files too: Please note that – to keep the size small – their quality is much lower than the quality of the actual HeroScribe output. HeroScribe has native looking widgets on mac os x and windows; please have a look at some screenshots: HeroScribe requires the Java Runtime Environment 8.


HeroQuest :: Game System :: North America (Canada, United States of America) :: Ye Olde Inn

Download it and install it before HeroScribe. This release adds some minor features like multi-board maps. This program is not intended as a challenge to the rights of the Milton Bradley Co. Sorry but someone’s behaviour is forcing us to say what follows: Es ; any copies of our work seen on any other site than those listed are placed there without our permission; this conduct reduces that web master Mind Points to zero. For a list of other HeroQuest fonts, check the Fonts page.

Character Sheet European version. Character Sheet American version.

Create new adventures for the Barbarian, the Mage, the Elf and the Dwarf united against the Gargoyles, the Orcs, the Goblins and the forces of chaos! HeroScribe is written in Java and PostScript.

There are two different download packages: Please refer to the FAQ Section in case of issues, or questions. HeroQuest title font We have recreated the actual letters drawn in various HeroQuest packs, and have also created some of them by following the original style; we have now collected them into a font. We’re glad to present this worldwide exclusive: We’d like to thank fre3mendratheBiff and Dock for providing scans and hints.


Character Sheet European version Here ‘s a PDF with the Character Sheet from the European version of the game, ready to be printed; we have designed it in vector graphics. Character Sheet American version Here ‘s a PDF with the Character Sheet from the American version of the game, ready to be printed; we have designed it in vector graphics.

HeroQuest smilies We have worked on some HeroQuest smilies you may want to use on your boards: CopyrightMilton Bradley Company.