Pathfinder Player Companion: Halflings of Golarion [Paizo Staff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the beginning of history, halflings. From the beginning of history, halflings have lived side-by-side with humanity, living in human cities, adopting human customs, and seeing to the common needs. Pathfinder Player Companion has 38 ratings and 0 reviews. From the beginning of history, halflings have lived side-by-side with humanity, living in human.

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Didn’t you run a Halfling as well as an early version of Sarabian in a one-off we attended in Toronto years ago? He was trying to become an adventurer and escape a boring life as a cheese-maker – and yet he related everything back to cheese? Oh yeah, I forgot about that guy! Maybe someday he’ll make a return appearance. Subscribe To Posts Atom.

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I ended up having new appreciation for the race and good ideas for characters, which makes the book a success as far as I’m concerned. The cover is great, with Lem, the halfling bard Iconic, using Countersong to distress a flight of harpies it’s only now that I’m prepping some harpies for use in an adventure that I understand why having a bard along would be so useful!

The same art forms the inside back cover, while the inside front cover is a list of halfling racial abilities as per the Core Rulebook and a list of favored halfling deities, along with their portfolios, domains, favored weapons, etc.

All of this information is available elsewhere, but it’s convenient to have it in one place. The second page features a “halfling proverb” which sums up the theme of the book and Golarion’s approach to halflings perfectly: Often enslaved and mistreated, halflings have made a virtue of blending in with the crowd: Whether the famed “halfling luck” is an actual phenomena or just halflings’ knack for being in the right place at the right time is left for the reader to decide.


The first five pages, covering the history of halflings in Golarion and exploring their physical and mental traits, are well-written and interesting. A section titled “Halfling Culture” starts on page 8 and runs to page You might expect some of the topics to be pretty dry, but it’s actually very engaging. In particular, there’s interesting bits about halfling buildings large first floors to accommodate human-size visitors, with small-size upper stories that are cleverly disguised to appear “normal” from the outsidegods especially the halfling-specific onesetc.

It’s all “flavour” and no “crunch”, but I didn’t mind a bit. The next section go,arion pages is “Combat”, focusing on halfling slingcraft. I really like the treatment given here, as several new types of slings and halflingx plus new sling-related feats make a halfling slingthrower sound like a fun and moderately viable build even though it’d still be inferior to an archer.

The nature of the keepsake depends on the type of coming of age task they’ve been sent on, golagion several examples given.

In game terms, the different keepsakes allow for the halfling to make minor changes to first level divine spells. It’s fun and flavourful, but I’m not sure how the idea would be incorporated into character generation.

The concept of “halfling jinxes” is the topic of the “Magic” section two pages. The idea here is that, a handful of times in each generation, a halfling is born not with innate good hxlflings but with the ability to spread bad luck to others.


In game terms, a halfling PC loses the “halfling luck” racial ability and substitutes the “halfling jinx” ability which allows them to curse other creatures to impose penalties to saving throws.

The section then includes almost a dozen feats to expand on the concept. I’ve never seen a halfling jinx character in play, but it sounds like a really fun, debuffing-oriented character.


I might have to give it a try combining some of the sling-fighting stuff from the Combat sectionbut I think it’d be even more fun to have an enemy NPC jinx, as the curses last for 24 hours. The oddly-named “Social” section introduces a new five-level prestige class, the Halfling Opportunist.

It’s not difficult to get into the class, and it has an interesting conceit that there are some halflings who are extremely skilled at taking advantage of other’s mistakes to help themselves. The opportunities to use it are dependent on GM-discretion, but I think the core idea is well-suited to a very cinematic-oriented game.

The prestige class or receives gplarion other solid abilities at higher levels. The last two pages of the book introduce new traits: Most are definitely situational in nature, but they’re interesting and tie in well to the theme of the book.

I have no reservations about recommending Halflings of Golarion. I was quite pleasantly surprised by how much I got from this book, and I’ll see it as a sign that an oft-neglected race in Pathfinder should perhaps get a little more attention.

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