The Mind Sweep is an overall scan of everything that has your attention right now , and the This is called The Mind Sweep in GTD, i.e. a overall scan of everything This is the “incompletion triggers” list that David Allen recommends you to. This list is from Getting Things Done and is useful for when doing brain dumps to trigger your memory about open loops that might be floating around in your. If the project is off your mind, planning is sufficient. If it’s still (Use the Incompletion Trigger Lists to keep yourself “downloaded.”) . GTD WEEKLY REVIEW®.

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Collecting is the first stage of any kind of organizational work flow. In order to gain control, you need to gather everything that you consider somehow incomplete.

The basic principle is that you must know how your world is right now, how the map in which you move looks likeso that you can make a positive sweep to it.

There are a lot of things in your life that do not put any pressure on you. It is all those things that are under control. You turn on the computer and you ggd the application you need with the data you need. You turn on the heating and soon you get the room at hrigger right temperature for you to work. You need to go somewhere, so you start the car and go there… Things are just like they ought to be.


But in the normal course of your day, there are many other things that demand part of your attention. Your internal radar is activated whenever something pops up that can somehow upset the balance of your universe. This new and strange noise you hear in triggr engine of your car, what can it be?

Massive GTD Resource List : zen habits

A message trigge your bank warning about an account with insufficient funds. A new idea to increase your income that occurred to you the moment you heard some comment somewhere. David Allen summarizes this collecting phase in a very simple way: The fact that collecting is the first stage does not mean that you should do it only once, at the beginning.

It is the first stage of a work flow which cyclically and continuously repeats throughout your life.

Every day there are new things that you must capture in order to decide what to do with them, if you actually need to do something at all. It consists htd identifying anything concerning your work or your personal life which you consider should be different, and put it all in one single place, which we can call the in-basket. The Mind Sweep is something you should do the first day you start implementing GTD as an organizational method.

But it is also something you should do from time to timeespecially after a period in which, for whatever reason, you have lost a considerable part of control over your world. He is also a Software Engineer who is passionate about personal productivity and the GTD philosophy as a means to a better life.


No credit card required for the free trial. Cancel anytime with one click. Projects started, not completed. Projects that need to be started. Meetings that need to be set. Decisions that have to be made. Who needs to know?

Financial stuff budgets, forecasts, statistics, credit line, cash flow, etc. Projects formal planning goals, targets, lizt. Administration legal issues, insurance, procedures, etc. Systems computers, phones, office equipment. Waiting for… information, delegated tasks, replies, petty cash, ordered items, decisions of others, etc.


Professional development training, things to learn, skills to practice. Minnd events birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, travel, social events, cultural events, sporting events, etc.

Things to do places to go, people to meet.

Administration bills, banks, investments, loans, taxes, insurance, legal affairs. Waiting for… orders, repair, loaned items, etc. Computers software, hardware, connections, internet.

Hobbies books, music, vtd. Errands drugstore, market, bank, stationer, etc. Community neighborhood, schools, local government. How easy is to collect… and how much effort it takes!

GTD Trigger List / Reference — Hack / Make

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