Shop Grothe Transformator 2, 0/1, 3/0, 6A GT Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more. Grothe bell transformer GT, Built 2TE 8/12/24V / / A now at low prices from Industry-Electronics your B2B online shop. Your online-shop. mes, the electric chimes of the Croma series by Grothe offer you a GT Bell transformer function as above, but. • 8/12/24V~ (2,0/1,3/0,6A).

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And that is you.

It s essential for us to give you the information you need on the quality that you expect for a price you appreciate. Your feedback is highly welcome and needed. Only with your help we can make sure that our new catalogue contains the most useful information. And if you don t find the answer to all your questions, please don t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to do our best to help you.

In this edition you will find an extensive innovation especially in the range of our movement detectors but also in the range of chimes. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Daniela Faust Advisor Export Tel.: Choose your chime from a diverse product range whether classically electromechanical, innovatively electronic or in combination with state-of-the-art wireless technology! With the new polyphonic ring tones, not only mobile phone freaks are amazed.

With the tried and tested System easytip you can quickly and easily pick your favourite melody. Despite the high range of m, it works with absolutely harmless transmitting outputs.

If the battery does become empty one day, then the MISTRAL transmitter and receiver give an early warning signal, both optically and acoustically. The only wireless chime with a waterproof transmitter. Safe MHz transmission frequency 6.

Easy memorising of additional transmitters at the touch of a button. According to installation, various effects can be obtained with this depth of focus Installation Receiver: Range according to transmitter combination m transmission frequency MHz Walls, doors, metal parts etc. Where required, use distance booster through the installation of further radio sets Volume max. MHz Walls, doors, metal parts etc.

Where required, use distance booster through the installation of further radio sets. Call forwarding dry contact Max.

Call forwarding AC The call tones, the alarm function and also the silence function single button muting can be easily changed using the integrated easy-tip unit behind the design element. The V chime is ideal for mixed installations due to its integrated transformer, and also for installing during renovations, for example the present V installation in the hallway and from there to the front door a bell wire.

Switchable from melody to ALARM tone optimal for use in combination with movement detectors in a shop, for example, when a melody should sound during the day and an ALARM tone at night Volume adjustable up to max. The integrated transformer is not suitable for this and is not designed for the operation of electrical door openers.

If necessary, an additional transformer e. GT must be supplied by the customer. When triggering with V, use only suitable V buttons! Simply integrate flexibly on site.

With 17 polyphonic melodies, a volume of 83dB Adouble call differentiation as well as muting and melody selection on the front of the unit, the electronic flush mounted gong is a true sound and technological wonder.


Everything that a real chime has in the smallest size! Conventional technology with the highest quality and longest durability. The V gongs can be operated via a transformer, but now have an additional compartment for 9V square batteries as standard.

The V variations contain an additional transformer in order to save time during installation. Battery casing for a 9V square battery Batteries are not included in the delivery short-term load max.

Bell, Buzzers, Horns The choice is yours: Whether as a friendly welcome signal for your visitors or as a warning signal for enhanced security. And when 31882 volume is no longer enough then it s a job for the PSG 4. You can attach the PSG in whatever way you like: Either directly onto the wall or onto tables or ceilings using the accessories supplied. In the grotye, you can also set various angles of radiation. And with regards to the wiring, you no longer need to consider which device gfothe you need this time.

The PGS can do everything: The advantage in residential applications, 312 compared with the classical two-tone gong, is that the sound generation continues all the while the bell button is pressed.

In industrial applications, the bells come into their own as danger warnings or as break signals. The national and international safety regulations regulate the compulsory necessary installation of appropriate warning signals in industry.

Grothe alarm bells or large bells can be used in cases of danger, alarm or emergency, in which the health or safety of the workforce is in danger.

SIGNALLING 2015/2016 Edition 1.0

Using a funnel for optimal sound focussing, Grothe horns can achieve up to dB A. Also available in the 33182 is the so-called combi-horn, which not only emits an acoustic signal, but also a visual signal. Integrated warning light in the combihorn In addition to this, the optical acoustic combinations System T and System T-Mini are, as modular systems, also quick to install and fit extremely well in grote modern industrial environment. The universally applicable rotating mirror beacons with a wide selection gtt different light sources round off the program perfectly.

Whether you would like to install an individual warning light, or a column system, or rotating mirror light on the wall or a flat surface: You will always find the matching accessory. Rotating mirror lights Rotating beacons The multi-stage technology allows the execution of different alert levels with a single device.

Grothe Gt mp3 Download

This is the choice between different sounds, lights and flash. O ring for IP 65 rating Material: Please groth order the basic unit Order No and mounting parts separately! Warning light An inexpensive warning light module for standard applications Product features Good warning effect with even, all-round visibility Accepts 12 to V 5 W filament bulbs and LED vrothe Lenses and housing made from impact-resistant polycarbonate PC self-extinguishing ; circuit board: Ba15d Flash frequency approx.

O ring for IP 65 rating Weight 0. Permanent light, simple, Blink frequency ggothe. Permanent light, simple Blink frequency approx. Please order filament bulbs and LED lights separately! With the lights in the KWL and GWL series, the fact that the light only radiates horizontally must be taken into account. Please order the LED-lamps always in the same colour as the optics of the respective light.

McGuard – the professional development for grofhe management, convenience and security. Movement detectors can be used to individually control light, heating, air conditioning and alarm systems, individually to requirements.


Resources are spared and a pleasant and secure environment is created. The units combine the usual Grothe reliability in daily use with being very easy to install and to use. Surveillance range adjustable from m Surveillance angle: Die-cast aluminium housing with V2A screws x x mm Vertical installation Sensitivity: The transformers protected by patent law are not only the core of a reliable bell system, but also, because of the high standards involved, they also represent an ideal solution for the industrial sector.

Grothe bell and safety transformers are protected with a PTC, which switches the transformer off on short circuit and overload on the primary side.

List of products by manufacturer GROTHE

On switching of the PTC through overload or short circuit, the transformer needs to be taken off the load for at least gdothe minute in order for it to be put back into service.

When replacing units and changing the on-site installation, ensure the wires have been labelled correctly in terms of colour. Add interesting features to the entrance area! The standard product range alone caters for every taste and requirement. Naturally 31182 can also make bell panels to suit your individual wishes.

Bell Buttons and Contacts. The innovative grithe button by Grothe with its noble metal switching contacts and time saving wiring technology for fitting in door stations or for industrial purposes. The ringer buttons are characterised by their optimal switching performance with tactile feedback and short bounce times and are ideal for use in bus units. Ringer button, front plates: Whether ringer buttons in stainless steel, brass, aluminium, bronze or weatherproof plastic, Grothe offers a multitude of design possibilities for your entrance grothee.

D 90 mm Shape: Protact button Temperature range: EV1 38 x 98 x 15 mm 1 bell button Temperature range: EV1 86 x 98 x 15 mm 3 bell buttons functions as above Contact our Service hotline: We recommend you use the inquiry form at vrothe end of the catalogue for this purpose: Dimensions of the storey plate Arrangement of the contacts on the storey plate Surface or flush-mounted installation Fold-out front plate with hinge fixture With and without nameplate illumination Contacts: Type and number of contacts required Colour of the contacts within the framework of the delivery product range Version with separate light button Bell Buttons and Contacts If the door closes again, the mechanical lock function is automatically activated again.

Advisable for direct-current operation, as here the electrical release is not audible in contrast to the alternating current Function of permanent release mechanism The mechanical release mechanism installed in the door opener yt the door to be kept open for as long as required or to return it to its normal function simply by moving a small lever or This is advisable in buildings with restricted office hours doc- Standard door opener with large box Description For type of function, see ordering overview Compact design 8 12V Short-term load 20 sec.