Boost Controller by GReddy Profec E GReddy Profec E 01 Boost Controller Greddy’s Profec E 01 is designed as a. GReddy Performance Products releases GReddy┬┐s new super multi-tasker is the PRofec e Designed as a combination boost-controller. Is it worth paying the extra for the e or is the profec B 2 is enough for my 3S- gte? Currently Highest boost is bar? Thanks Guys.

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Posted by TDXJul 7, Featured Products from our Supporting Vendors. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. More info about this can be found here.

If you still have trouble after clearing your browser’s cookies and cache, reply to that thread and tell us what browser you’re using and what device you’re using. Jul 7, 1.

I was wondering if I could get some help with tuning it.

Greddy Profec E w/ E-Manage Setup | DSMtuners

Jul 8, 2. Jul 8, 3. Oh and the E-manage will compensate for larger injectors, just type in the stock cc’s and the larger cc’s, and it comes up with some multiplication, so they run like stock Jul 8, 4. Jul 8, 5. Jul 8, 6. Jul 9, 7.

FS: GReddy Profec E Electronic Boost Controller. – Forum

The reason why I am asking this is because I already have the E installed. If you need to breddy anything about my setup it should be up to date on my profile and just reply back to this post.

I pretty much have all of the stage 1 setup done from the tech guide and I am working my way through the stage 2. Jul 9, 8. I was going to downgrade and get the profec B spec 2 boost controller gfeddy go with the S-AFC setup, but i thought it would be tough to sell the e Jul 9, 9. Okay I just did a little searching and visited Vfaq. So there are a few more things to consider before upgrading injectors Correct me if I’m wrong here.


I didnt know there were more tiny steps in between than just upgrading the pump. Jul 9, Fuel Rail really isnt worth it, i know people making AWHP on the stock fuel rail, as long as you have decent injectors and a FPR buy a lph pump and you can flow like HP, you also really dont need SS fuel lines either, thats all up to you, but with a FPR a decent fuel pump and injectors, along with the e-manage you shouldnt have a problem with supporting mods making upwards of WHP Very nice, and thanks for everyone’s response.

I fell asleep profev all about air and fuel ratio stuff. Having this hurricane passing by florida has my on alert status for my job. I will look into the E-manage ultimate. Jul 31, Is anyone running the Ultimate?

WHat features does it add F-01 hear that with the Ultimate you can eliminate the MAF? If this is so Aug 1, I was wondering when someone was going to chime in with DSMlink. Why go with something generic when you can go with something tailor made?

I’d go with DSMlink anyday.

GReddy Releases New PRofec e-01

I dont want to knock emanage, its a half decent although expensive piggyback setup, a great route to go for a newer car like an SRT4 where there aren’t many options, but if you own a DSM and have the option of going with something so trick that is proven to work with these cars and has one of the most helpful forums and great customer support to boot than whats the debate?


Aug 2, I dont think anyone is trying to talk crap man, more like bring up an alternative that is tailor made for our cars where there is more information and support. E-manage is cool, but universal, my point was why go universal when there is something built specifically for your car.

I have seen and played with an e-manage in a friends SRT4, its cool, but the owner will be scrapping the e-manage in favor of AEM as soon as it is out for that car, and wishes that SRTs had something like DSMlink for their cars.

E-manage is great, but factor in the costs of all the extra harnesses and sensors you need to buy to take full advantage of it and the cost equals if not exceeds that of DSMlink. So you have the Ultimate or the Old Blue model?

I guess the question is So why do people go AFC instead of emanage price is about the same I guess my next question is is how much more can you do with the Ultimate to justify spending twice the amount?

I am inclined towards the Blue e-manage and an e as my boost controller Aug 3, Aug 17, Does the emanage work on 1g’s? How well does the target afr work?

I know my buddies mega squirt targeting afr works well. How about seeing knock? You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.

Yes, my password is: Search Forums Recent Posts.