Gorkamorka – Da Uvver Book (Paperback) / Author: Andy Chambers / Author: Gavin Thorpe / Editor: Lindsey Paton / Illustrator: Wayne England / Illustrator: Etc . Oa. ooh. – -_. – – — By AIiiI,dy Ch’lmM,J$ 8: IGa,”,i’n 1ihorpe [Ri~ [Ptie _lley &, Andy K- ttlJeweu. ; :;l Gallagher. Af1lIKjffl: JI!!! Da Uvver Book (Gorkamorka) by Andy Chambers, R Priestley and Gavin Thorpe – book cover, description, publication history.

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All artwork in all Games Workshop products and the images contained therein have been produced either in-house or as work for hire. The exclusive copyright in the artwork and the images it depicts is the property of Games Workshop Ltd. A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. In these pages you will find more information aboutGorkamorka: It is an inhospitable realm whereeven the tough Orks must struggle to survive.

The information in Da Uvver Book is just the start of a constantly growingYour battles of Gorkamorka take place in the Skid and expansion to the Gorkamorka game. They trade introduce new types of mobs, and add even more to thethis scrap to the Mekboyz in Mektown in return for Gorkamorka background. New models daa beingbigger, better guns and faster, more heavily-armed released all the time, and tactics, scenarios, modellingvehicles. In a campaign, you chart thesuccesses and defeats of your trusty warriors,watching them grow in power.


You can spendyour booty in buying new warriors and thesad matter of replacing dead comrades andupgrading your guns and vehicles withvisits to the Mekboyz and Docs ofMektown. The Eternal DarknessO n the edge of the north-eastern fringe of the Imperium lies a small binary star known to humans as XCV, around which orbits a small and totally dead planet.

Hundreds of years ago, the Imperium named this world Angelis and sent ships toexplore it and investigate the alien ruins that lay under its barren surface. Nothing was ever heard from that expedition again. Soon the search was ended.

Furtherattempts to reach the planet were abandoned in the face of warp storms impenetrable to the ships of the Emperor. There is no monument to the men who travelled so far across the galaxy and whose fate remains a mystery to this day. Without warning, a fiery harbinger of doomplummeted onto this parched, dead world from the As speculated by early scientists, the universedepths of space.

Its immense impact took just an instant is in fact a mixture of different dimensionsto all but wipe the presence of man from the face of the interacting with each other.

Da Uvver Book (Gorkamorka) by Andy Chambers, R Priestley and Gavin Thorpe

The climate and topography of Angelis were as we know it is one of these dimensions, andirrevocably shattered and remade in a new and even warp space or the warp is another. Like real space, the warp isor wayward asteroid. The object which impacted on inhabited. God-like, eldritch entities reside inAngelis was a space hulk, a gigantic vessel manned by warp space, hungering after, and thriving on thethe most savage and barbaric race in the galaxy: All distance is merely a concept rather than acommunications between the human Imperium and its reality.

A journey that may take centuries in realforward exploration team on the world were severed space can be completed in a matter of weeks ininstantly.

At the same time, vast gravometric forces tore warp space. Gokamorka warp is a realm of eddies, currents and tides. Ships in warp space do not navigate asThe space hulk plunged through the thin air at such, but merely move from one stream ofhypersonic speed. Ancient reactors broke apart, fuel energy to another, cruising the flow of thecells ruptured, spilling their corroded contents and immaterium to their jump point into real space.

Stormsmost of the hulk survived intact to strike the surface. Its progress drove the energies. Occasionally the link between warpunderlying rocks into high ridges like a monstrous space and the material realm is weakened andfurrow.

Parts collide, spawning worlds with skies of fire andof the craft broke away from the main body leaving a stars which bleed into the void. There aretrail of torn and twisted metal. Shipsenough to shatter nearby rocks into powder. A pall of fortunate enough to survive a warp tempest mayradiation and dust was cast over be flung into the real universe, thousands d world gorkamoka would not light years from their original course, destined tosettle for ten uvvdr risk another jump into warp space or to wanderyears.


A space hulk is not a the gulfs between stars. The Ork Meks construct single spaceship, but a conglomeration of immense traktor beam generators, each the size vessels compacted together by massive of a uvger town. Some space which the Orks gokramorka inhabit. Others have accumulated outwards, constructing more energy shields and over centuries, even millennia, xa growing in creating physical barriers against the outside size as derelict ships and crewed vessels crash vacuum.

Once a firm grip has been established, into the expanding gorkamkrka of wreckage. OF ORKS Finding themselves stranded upon a hostile and barren world, the Orks appear to have turned to their scientistsThe space hulk was not uninhabited and, like many for salvation, and thus the Mekboyz, as Ork scientistssuch casual accretions of space debris, it had already are called, became the leaders and prime movers of theevolved an ecosystem of its own.

Its most notable new Ork society. The Mekboyz decreed that they wouldinhabitants were an Ork tribe on their way to take build from the wreckage of the old space booi a newpart in a galactic war of conquest — or Waaagh, as craft that would take them away from this world andOrks call these violent migrations.

That Orks should return them to the stars. The new vessel would carrybe onboard is hardly a surprise, for the Ork race is them back to the Waaagh so that they could rejoin theirwell known for using space hulks as a means of brothers in glorious galactic conquest.

From thatcrossing the galaxy, employing force fields to beginning long ago the Orks have grown and prospered. As the OrksThe crash killed almost all the Orks on board, but a explored the wreckage of the hulk they would havefew survived together with other Orkish creatures found many strange and alien devices, as well as plentysuch as Gretchin and the tiny animalistic Squigs. One can imagineOthers probably succumbed to the fires and the how the Mekboyz who directed them would havebillowing clouds of radiation leaking out from the carefully sorted these materials, putting asidespace hulk.

But Orks being Orks, and naturally potentially useful components, dismantling others forresistant to radiation, physical damage, and setbacks of all kinds, they promptly set about thebusiness of surviving. Nonetheless, in the light of later events wecan be fairly sure that this is roughly whathappened.

Of course, it is uvvre bear in mind that Orks and Humans are very differentcreatures. Orks and other greenskins are riddled withsymbiotic algal cells whose own separate geneticdevelopment is confusingly enmeshed with that of theOrks. It is this symbiote strand which carries geneticallyencoded cultural skills, endowing Orks with innateknowledge and abilities.

Thus primary technical skillsare passed on genetically, rather than learned or taughtin the fashion of Humans. Descended as they are from an unusually restricted genepool, the Orks who survived the crash developed aculture which is in many ways unique amongst theirown kind. Above the huts and workshops that the Orks called Mektown, the The construction work continued unabated for year bulging outer shell towered like a massive torso. Topping the structure obok the the passing generations one Mekboy succeeded another, command-centre like a massive scowling ufver.

Over the years Mekboyz evolved For miles in every direction the squat form could be seen new ideas which they incorporated into the structure, by the Orks as they dug and hacked amongst the sometimes dismantling older parts of the edifice to wreckage, searching for more materials to add to its construct new parts, only to have their bool work rebuilt bulk.

Quite when the Orks began to think of their or gorkaamorka by their successors. With so many Mekboyz creation as a god is impossible to say.

Perhaps that was working on the craft, some began to develop radically always the intention, but more likely its towering different ideas about how it should work, what its presence worked its way into their gotkamorka psyche.

What had probably started out as uvvef accidental Some Mekboyz thought that they were making a resemblance soon became a deliberate part of the spaceship that would blast off from the planet and carry design, as rockets were rearranged and sections the Orks back to space where they would rejoin the removed to enhance the appearance of the god. Soon all Waaagh of their ancestors.


As far as the atmospheric pressure in space. Others poured scorn Orks were concerned a wondrous thing had happened, upon this notion — believing instead that the purpose of for the gorkamotka themselves had come to save them and take the giant machine was uuvver teleport the Orks onto a them back to the Waaagh!

Gorkamorka – Da Uvver Book (Paperback)

Or at least one of them had. In truth there were as opinion about their creation, that had led to arguments, many theories as there were Mekboyz to voice them. However, the Orks were soon to suffer structure became increasingly confused and diverse. The causes Mekboyz from one faction laboured away at teleporters of this traumatic division seem bizarre to the human on one side whilst others were busy filling fuel tanks on mind — yet human history itself is full of sectarian the other.

Discord reigned and positions became so violence whose origins are every bit as perverse and entrenched that Mekboyz holding contrary views incomprehensible. The crisis stemmed from the view refused to even speak to each other. Their scientific knowledge was intuitive and sometimes These two factions became known as the Gorkers and led them in bizarre and opposite directions.

The the Morkers, and the dispute soon spread to every Ork existence of space itself was openly questioned, and in Mektown, not just the Mekboyz. Soon it was even gorkamprka true origin impossible for an Gorakmorka to go into an alehouse or squig of the hulk wreckage and their own past was forgotten. One day the machine would awake and carry into running battles, and battles into a war that raged them away from here and back to the Waaagh!

This was through Mektown and the Skid. Sand swirled and blew everywhere. Nothing could beAs the supporters of Gork and Mork fought in the ds seen. All the boyz started to lookMorkers, whilst the Morkers were equally determined around with their weapons ready.

Where the twomet they tore into each other with zealous savagery. It was probably during this fighting that some Ork put a The engines ivver as the buggy was catapultedshell through one of the fuel tanks, and before anyone forwards through the sand storm.

This was not the first time that fires and explosions hadhalted work on Gorkamorka. But this was different. AllGorkamorka all that remained was a few blacked ribs he could see was sand. The work of generations ofMekboyz had been undone in a single night of madness.

This disaster finally brought the Mekboyz to theirsenses, and they called an immediate halt to the Badrukk looked back to see the Gorker buggyhostilities which still raged all over Mektown. He had to think fast.

They swore that never Badrukk turned to the rest of the boyz. Meanwhile, in the swerved out of the way and slowed. Badrukk shielded hisfungus beer. Gorker and Morker Mekboyz became, if anything, evenmore entrenched.


Gorkamorka Da Uvver Book Games Workshop | eBay

The Skid is quite a place too. That is unless you count the Digga holes and among the rocks. The Skid is a carried me off some top tucker tek, as you can see bydead straight valley, steep sided, with Mektown at the the size of me janglies. Find the Skid, which is hundreds of miles long, mistake — Gork be praised.

Mektown has grown into a thriving community. Its TEEFbuildings are constructed from and amongst thewreckage of the old space hulk and over the generations Ork settlements and trade thrive on teef. As well ascomes it is surely important to be as near as you can get.

The bazaar is the medium of trade for scrap is as Ork currency.