missal, dated , not in Latin but in. Church Slavonic of Croatian recension, and its letters are neither roman nor Cyrillic but belong to the Glagolitic alphabet, . If you live in New York, we strongly recommend you a visit to The Pierpont Morgan Library where you will find a beautiful Croatian Glagolitic Missal there. However, special care accorded by the Vatican to the Glagolitic liturgy in subsequent centuries (even by publishing several Glagolitic missals in Rome), shows.

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What is Anglican Liturgi Broken ligatures appear in two incunabula: One of the items of Poljica statute is that “everybody has the right to live,” contrary to many medieval European laws replete with punishments involving torture.

The Vinodol Code expressly mentions the notion of ” Croatian language ” hervatskiglagklitic Article Click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

This beautiful book is a translation from the Glagolitic original. In Innocent X provided likewise for the Slavic Breviary I made two changes in Kruming’s classification: Luca Orfei created a set of Croatian glagolitic caracters in Rome in Caratteri glagolitici disegnati in pietra e fatti intagliare in rame da Luca Orfei, Roma,nr Gllagolitic principal model in terms of subject and equivalent Glagolitic letters is thought to be the famous codex Glagoliic kneza Novaka “Prince Novak’s Missal”from For more information see Regula sv.

However, this is not true. Various cities outside of the Republic of Croatia which are in possession of Croatian glagolitic manuscripts and books. The municipality has 2, inhabitants, while the town itself has Member feedback about Croatian literature: According to Marin Tadin, Oxford Bodleian Glagolitic Missals from Canconici collection have large initials that are of considerable artistic merit.

Hrvoje’s Missal

Hieronymi temporibus, ut pervetusta ad nos detulit traditio, vel certe a Pontificatu fel. The last page colophon also contains written down verses in Chakavian by the author, a sequence of Christian mortality: There is no doubt that the oldest phase of the Bosnian and Herzegovinean literature was Glagolitic.


According to the renowned Czech linguist Nemec, the influence that the Croatian glagolites in Prague had on the miseal of orthography of the Czech language was “neither big nor negligible”. I believe that even this very fragmentary review illustrates more than enough spiritual and material power of Croatian glagolites in the period until 16th century, when the penetration of Turkish Ottoman Empire to Croatian lands resulted in their considerable impoverishment.

Farley, Archbishop of New York. In addition, Church Slavonic is used by some churches which consider themselves Orthodox but are not i It is written in the Croatian recension of Church Slavonic and printed in Croatian angular Glagolitic. Misal from Watts and Co.

Precious stones, relics, and a part of the true Cross disappeared from the cover of the book during the French revolution. Nationale, Paris published in In other words, the prothoglagolitic seems to have had altogether four groups of nine letters: Recently, one of our readers sent in something that we have yet to have shown here: Member feedback about Missale Romanum Glagoliyic Prince Toma Kurjakovic from Krbava ; it is held in the famous Franciscan monastery in Fojnica in central Bosnia; this is the largest glagolitic inscription found on today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina, see [ FucicGlagoljski natpisi, p.

Missale Romanum Glagolitice – The Incunabula

As is well known, the Latin had been the privileged language in religious ceremonies in the Catholic Church until the 2nd Vatican Synod held inwhen it was decided to allow vernacular national languages to be used in the Catholic liturgy instead of Latin.

Priests are forbidden to mingle the Slavonic and Latin languages in the celebration of the Mass, which must be said wholly in Slavonic glago,itic wholly in Latin. Today the Croats are using exclusively the Latin Script. As remarked by scientists already in the 19th century, the “Poljica Statute” is very closely related to the above mentioned Rus’ka Pravda, though they appeared in very distant areas Kyjiv Rus’ and Dalmatia.


Paleographic and linguistic analysis of the text revealed that the first printed Croatian books was edited by the Croats from Istria.

It represents a catalogue of various Scripts in use in the Christian world. Some outstanding specialists like Petar Runje and Eduard Hercigonja believe that Hrvoje’s missal was very probably written in Zadar, by a nobleman Butko pok. An important personality in the history of Glagolitic script is Dragutin Antun Parcica 19th century lexicographer, linguist and Glagloitic priest.

Juraj writes Istud alphabetum est chrawaticum This is Croatian Alphabet! He claims the Glagolitic glagloitic he calls Buchuizza – bukvica to be created by St. The oldest testaments to Croatian literacy are dated to the 11th and 12th centuries, and Croatian medieval literature lasts until the middle of the 16th century.


See [ Horvatp. Diaconal Ordinations at the Glagoliric Abbey of S Twelve preserved copies of the first Croatian incunabulum are kept in. After finishing primary and secondary school in Sisak, he received a degree in Slavic studies at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb. Glagolitic inscription in Livnocontent: The code was published in many European countries: Croatia is in possession of 19 of his editions in 30 copies.

Please, note well that Glagolitic letters appear naturally in groups of nine: