Get this from a library! Gersonova terapija: pozdravite si raka in druge kronične bolezni z naravno metodo dr. Gersona. [Charlotte Gerson; Beata Bishop; Boris. Na rubu znanosti Gersonova terapija download video to MP3 or MP4 format in a few minutes, fast and easy to use!. Mnogi su me upitali – zašto baš Gersonova terapija od svih drugih više ili manje poznatih alternativnih načina liječenja tumora. Zato, rekao sam.

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Fighting cancer with the help of the immune system is one of the central components of every alternative method of treating tumours.

Some of the most important types of therapy are, for example, hyperthermia, active fever therapy or treatment with mistletoe or thymus extracts, just to name a few. A method that has been more and more in the limelight in the past years due to national and international studies is the inoculation with so-called dendritic cells.

What are dendritic cells?

Together with macrophages, monocytes and B-lymphocytes they belong to the group of so-called antigen presenting cells in the immune system. The tasks of the dendritic cells include absorbing materials foreign to the body antigenswhich they then use to make other immune cells, the T cells, aware of antigens in the body.

This in turn causes an immune reaction in the T cells. The cells that have been activated like this make their way to the diseased tissue and destroy the foreign substances that have pervaded the body. This is exactly the mechanism that the therapeutic inoculation against cancer makes use of. These are then treated with various growth factors so that dendritic cells develop within about 7 days. During this process the dendritic cells absorb the cancer cells and become loaded with antigens.


Videó megnézése

The patient receives an inoculation at least four times every four weeks. Then an exchange of cell information takes place, gesonova which the lymphocytes are activated. These cells recognise the tumour cells as a foreign substance in the body and attack them.

The aim of this therapy is to make the tumour grow more slowly until it stops growing altogether, if possible — ideally it can even make the tumour regress.

The best time for an inoculation is immediately after the tumour has been surgically removed, i. In this situation the immune system can generate an effective response to recurring tersonova cells. Furthermore, active memory cells are created in this process, which increase the chance of slowing down the growth of the tumour or decreasing its size.

Treatment with dendritic cells has the advantage gersonva there are only very minor side effects or none at all. The successes with this therapy are quite encouraging.

A Mother’s Journey: Healing Cancer With The Gerson Therapy | Gerson Institute : Gerson Institute

Studies in the United States show, for example, that approx. Only about 10 percent of the patients in terxpija control group, who did not receive this treatment, were still alive after the same time span.

Dendritic cell therapy has been successfully used in the treatment of the rerapija types of cancer: The treatment with oncolytic cancer dispersing viruses Even if it may seem so to some people, not all viruses are dangerous for humans. These are the so-called oncolytic viruses, which are able to attack and destroy tumour cells.

For this purpose the tearpija cells are infected with an oncolytic virus, which multiplies in the tumour tissue. After destroying the first tumour cells, the virus is freed and attacks further tumour cells.


Gersonova terapija : pozdravite si raka in druge kronične bolezni z naravno metodo dr. Gersona

It is dangerous to fowl, but has absolutely no negative effects on human health. In human tumours, however, it multiplies very efficiently and gerosnova lead to an almost total cell lyses destruction of cells gersonoav the tumour within a short period of time. In this process, the dendritic cells make the immune system aware of the virus, upon which certain cytotoxic cells are activated. This means that whenever a tumour cell has been infected with the Newcastle Disease Virus it will be recognised as a foreign substance in the body and completely destroyed.

Gersonova Terapija Film Online And Download HD

Again, only very minor side effects or none at all have been observed in connection with this treatment. If you are interested in undergoing the dendritic cells cancer treatment or another treatment outlined on this page, contact us now.

Get started with reading though your frequently asked questions. Simply fill out the form and we answer with a gersonov including your schedule information.

Still more questions, book a consultation with your team. Dendritic cells therapy for cancer. Terapijq melanoma Renal cell carcinoma Colorectal cancer Cancer of the fallopian tubes Breast cancer Prostate gland cancer Sarcoma Lymphoma Defined leukaemia The treatment with oncolytic cancer dispersing viruses Even if it may seem so to some people, not all viruses are dangerous for humans.