Learn catia V5 Tutorials for beginners GENERATIVE SHAPE DESIGN, WRAP CURVE, SURFACE. Feed · Sijo Varghese. 17 Mar, 3) Once you enter the Generative Shape Design you can see how the Structure Three has changed to Part.1; it also contains the basic structure: a) Reference. “The Generative Shape Design workbench allows you to quickly model both simple and Visit catiatutorial – YouTube for more details/tutorials.

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The various menus and menu commands that are specific to Generative Shape Design are described below.

Note that most of the edit commands available here are common facilities offered with the Infrastructure. The specific Generative Shape Design edit commands depend on the type of object being edited: Geometrical Set, Ordered Geometrical Shzpe or other entity.

Creating Extruded Surfaces Revolve Creating Revolution Surfaces Sphere Creating Spherical Surfaces Cylinder Creating Cylindrical Surfaces Offset Creating Offset Surfaces Variable Offset Creating Rough Offset Surfaces Sweep Creating Swept Surfaces Sbape Sweep Creating Adaptive Swept Surfaces Fill Creating Fill Surfaces Multi-sections Surface Tutorail Multi-Sections Surfaces Blend Creating Extruded Volumes Volume Revolve Creating Revolution Volumes Multi-sections Volume Creating a Swept Volume Thick Surface Creating a Thick Surface Close Surface Creating a Close Surface Draft Creating a Draft from Reflect Lines Shell Creating a Shell Sew Surface Creating a Sew Surface Thickness Joining Curves and Surfaces Healing Healing Geometry Curve Smooth Restoring a Surface Disassemble Creating Boundary Tutoriao Extract Extracting Geometry Multiple Extract Extracting Multiple Elements Shape Fillet Creating Shape Fillets Edge Fillet Creating Edge Fillets Variable Fillet Creating Chordal Fillets Styling Fillet Styling a Fillet Face-Face Fillet Creating Tritangent Fillets Translate Performing Symmetry on Geometry Scaling Transforming Geometry by Scaling Affinity Transforming Elements from an Axis to Another Extrapolate Extrapolating Geometry Invert orientation Inverting the Orientation of Geometry Near Constraint Defined in a Dialog Box Repeating Objects Points and Planes Repetition Creating Plane Systems Rectangular Pattern Creating Rectangular Patterns Circular Pattern Creating Circular Patterns User Pattern Allows the creation of user features.


Allows the creation of part templates. Cagia a Surface Transfer Creating a Diabolo Hole Creating a Hole Hole Curve Creating a Hole Curve Mating Flange Creating a Mating Flange Bead Creating a Bead Tools Please note that most of the Tools commands available here are common facilities offered with the Infrastructure.


Catia V5 Mouse (Surfaces) Modeling / Generative Shape Design

The Window menu lets you arrange document windows in relation one to the other. Refer to the Infrastructure User’s Guide. Find Owning Selection Sets Manages links to other documents. See Editing Document Links.

See Selecting Using the Other Selections Allows Managing Geometrical Sets. Allows to edit the object inputs and parameters. See Managing Geometrical Sets.

CATIA Generative Shape Design – beginner tutorial

See Managing Ordered Geometrical Sets. Allows the creation of local axis-system.

henerative Creating Multiple Points and Planes. Creating Polar Extremum Elements. Transforming Geometry by Scaling. Transforming Elements from an Axis to Another.

Displaying Geometric Information on Elements.


See Analyzing Using Parameterization. See Deleting Useless or Unreferenced Elements.

Allows to make documents publicly available. All Except Selected Elements.