First Encounter. Necron Pylons were first encountered on WDY, where they emerged from the sands of this uncharted world and opened fire without prior. So I’m working on building a Necron Pylon from scratch, and have seen some size comparison charts and other various pictures. But no one. Yep it’s not a bait. On this site ( platform) you can get the fcking Necron Pylon for under 10 bucks.

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Necron Pylons are Sentry Pylon ‘s older brother. Like its smaller brother, the Necron Pylon look a lot like a crescent shaped Necron “defense turret” constructed from the same living metal as the Necron Monolith. And like the Sentry Pylon, the Necron Pylon is not a traditional turret in a sense as the Pylon’s gausss is not fixed and Necron attacks are often supported by Pylons that are teleported to the surface of the besieged world.


When used in a defensive manner, Pylons emerge from the ground to attack trespassers and subsequently vanish to escape retaliation. Pylons have a bloody large range of fire thanks to their ability to rapidly traverse the firing element of their primary weapon system, making them a threat to both land-based pulon and aircraft alike.

In terms of armament, the Necron Pylon has a power matrix similar pylom that of a Monolith, from which the Pylon draws energy prior to tauss it in one of two forms: A Particle Accelerator is essentially a larger version of the Monolith’s Particle Whip, and is the result of the Pylon focusing the energy from the power matrix into a single bolt rather than distributing the energy on the Monolith’s four cannons.

In the fluff, these things are gausa Necrons’ designated ship-killers, meant for taking chunks out of Strike Cruisers and the like. Another variant of the Necron Pylon is the Gauss Pylon. They only differ in weaponry however, as the Gauss Pylon has a Gauss Annihilator, which is capable of firing a Focussed Beam similar to the Particle Accelerator attack, however stronger or projecting a Gauss Flux Arc.


The Gauss Annihilator is also capable of rapid traverse, and when working in conjunction with the Gauss Pylon’s impressive target lock and guidance systems; is able to shoot down almost anything, Super-Heavies included. Which is another Necron Holo-field. A Phase Shift Generator allows nearby Necrons to occasionally shrug off fire that would usually render their armour useless as protection.

Gauss Pylon | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad here, right now: Retrieved from ” https: Warhammer 40, Necrons Vehicles.

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