Purchase Gas Well Deliquification – 2nd Edition. Print Book & E-Book. ISBN , He has authored or co-authored: the book “Deliquification of Gas Wells” ( Elesevier), the chapter of the new SPE productions Handbook on Artificial Lift Selection. Deliquification of a low-pressure gas well requires a different approach, tools, and staffing than artificially lifting an oil well.

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Abstract Many gas wells cease producing economically long before their reservoirs have depleted and artificial lift applications for removing liquids from gas wells around the world are becoming more and more important.

Proper application of artificial lift technology to a loaded up gas well can deliquigication one of the most profitable ventures that a company undertakes in its overall investment opportunity portfolio. The dollars invested relative to the deliquificayion returned, the rapid payout, and the generally low risk to reward nature of their spend is expected to continue to propel rapid expansion of Gas Well Deliquification Technologies into the fore seeable future.

This presentation will illuminate the importance of gas well deliquification technologies for the future.

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It will cover the basic fundamentals of the gas well liquid loading phenomena and provide a brief introduction to the Turner and Coleman equations used for critical velocity calculations. With these basic concepts covered, the presentation will then present a brief overview of the four most commonly applied artificial lift techniques used for deliquifying a gas well; reciprocating rod lift, foamer injection, plunger lift and gas lift.


In conclusion, a logical artificial lift application selection process for gas well deliquification called the “Unloading Selector?? Introduction Liquid loading of as gas well has been described as the inability of the produced gas to gxs the Produce Liquids from the wellbore.

Gas Well Deliquification – GWD

The velocity at which liquids would have the tendency to fall instead of rise is described as the “Critical Velocity?? There have been numerous studies completed including those done by Turner, R.

G and Dukler A. Generally there is an agreement that a critical velocity is tied to the pressure, along with deliquiication gas quality, and surface tensions of the fluids to be lifted and although there is some disagreement as to the mechanism that defines the way that the fluid is lifted near the critical rate, the resulting critical velocities predictions appear to be relatively accurate.

The typical result of production below the “critical velocity??

The production decrease requires solutions in order to fully realize the value of the well. The rates that these occur at can generally be estimated by the above mentioned research and then displayed by graph Figure 2.

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There is a very large list of potential solutions to improve and unload liquid loaded gas wells. Of these solutions the most commonly supplied are Compression reduction in surface pressureReduced ID of tubing, and addition of foamers through continuous injection of liquid foam or we,l surfactant sticks, plunger lift, gas lift, hydraulic jet pump, and rod pump. Compression is generally determined on a field wide decision with economics considered for optimizing multiple wells by reducing flowing bottom hole pressure and realizing the increase in production.


There have been numerous papers on implementation and the impact of Compression so it is not the focus of this paper.

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Proceedings of an international conference Gad and Deepwater Techology: Proceedings of an international conference Oceanology: Proceedings of an International Conference Submersible Technology: Proceedings of an international conference Subsea Controls and Data Acquisition ‘ Gas Well Deliquification Application Overview.

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