The FreeReport non-visual components in the Delphi Component Palette . FreeReport, is a banded report generator, bands control where dynamic data of the. ACE Reporter is a native VCL component for Delphi that allows you to easily create .. Export reports to PDF from FreeReport/FastReport. FreeReport is reporting tool component. It consists of report engine, designer and preview. Its capabilities comparable with in Crystal Reports.

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Do you like Torry’s Delphi Pages? You can support it by donation dephi your choice by button below. ACE Reporter includes a wealth of features that let you build intricate reports that are next to impossible in external report programs. Since ACE is actually part of your program, you can link your own event code into the report to execute custom logic when needed.

Here are some of the features that ACE Reporter offers you: Unlimited levels of SubData bands make Master-Detail reports a breeze. Our unique SmartTotals feature makes multiple levels of subtotals easy to use, and helps prevent errors. Instant Previewing lets you view the report while it is still generating. Previewed reports can be saved to disk for later viewing or delph.

Previews can be modal or non-modal, allowing you control as a developer to give the user the amount of flexibility or restriction that is needed. You can create your own custom preview forms to add or remove features in the built-in previewer. For example, when printing checks or invoices, you may want to have greater control over the available features on the preview screen. The built-in previewer has a split screen capability to allow you to view two areas of the same report, or two different reports side-by-side.

TwoPass capability lets you display Page X of Y, or do complex calculations. Checkbox Label is great for displaying boolean values.

delphi – FreeReport: how to format If-Then – Stack Overflow

Full justification of memo text is supported, and memos can span freerelort pages. ReserveSpace property lets you control widows and orphans in your reports.

Overlay bands allow you to simulate forms, or print watermarks on your report. OnDataStart and OnDataSkip events let you override the standard skipping logic to control the database traversal, or even print reports from sources other than databases.

Expression variables let you use all the power of Delphi to calculate values that will display on the report. Trial work while IDE is running Source: By Eugene HrulevOleg Melnikov. AND Report basic features: Creating band-oriented reports templates directly in Delphi. No external Excel template required. Borland Delphi 7, and MS Office 97 SR-1, are supported Delphi with full unicode support for international developments Band-oriented report generator Any data source can be used Creation of reports with grouping Full integration with Delphi IDE High productivity even on slow computers Detailed help system and a demo application for a quicker mastering of the product Powerful component and property editors, which allow you to set all the report parameters at the design-time easily Completely native files biff 8 format: DFreerfportDDD7.


It can automatically substitute in the templates: When you combine the ExpressPrinting System with the ExpressQuantumGrid or ExpressMasterView, you get the threefold benefit of eliminating the tedium associated with creating traditional banded reports, greatly reducing development time, and putting flexibility back into the hands of your users.

No longer will you have to pull your hair out when a user requests a new report that was not in the original spec. Using FastReport CLX edition, you can create highly efficient cross-platform reports for Windows and Linux with a minimum of manual coding.

You can develop cross-platform reports with cross-platform bit applications that run on both the Linux and Windows operating systems.

You can open any. You are getting powerful tool for your business applications which allows create documents and send them to print under popular operating systems on PC. A wide range of band types allows the creation of any kind of report Code-based reports Multi-page and multi-template reports Cross-tabs allow creation of tabular reports with complex row and column headers from a single dataset, either a table or a query.

For full OLAP reports, we suggest you use FastReport OLAP instead Interactive reports Powerful modern editor which includes a large set of tools for visually designing and modifying report templates Can be incorporated into your application to give users their own report design Clean and simple classic interface – business users like to work with the designer straight away, without taking six months of orientation Report Wizard – even easier than using the visual designer – step by step report creation Separate tabs for “Design”, “Data” and “Code” – a full-featured report development environment Many more The component package was written initially for Delphi32 and partially rewritten, allowing the same report to be compiled without any changes in Windows and Linux, keeping all its features.

Components > Reports > Report Tools. Torry’s Delphi Pages

It generates reports and exports them in Adobe PDF format with high fidelity. Your reports can dephi sent to a dot-matrix printer very fast and with very good quality using the Draft filter. No special programming needed. The same designed report prints in laser and dot-matrix. Save your report to disk and restore frdereport after anywhere. Design editor very intuitive integrated with IDE. Explore the features of frames. Predefined user messages in 4 languages or in any language you provide with internationalization resources.


Print post-obtained information using macros ex: Combine many reports and see them as one. Print bar codes, and many more GmPrintSuite comes with full source code although we request that you make a small donation if you are going to use the components in a commercial application. You can use Kryvich’s Delphi Reporter for free in any type of projects – freeware, shareware and commercial applications.

Add 1 line of code to compile the report into your program. Print grids or tables with over 1, columns across using horizontal page breaks. Plenty of runtime report options like adding report titles, shrink to page, column delohi, hide columns in the report, snaking newspaper columns, print wordwrapped multi-lined memos etc. Complete instructions to get PrintDAT. By implementing SMReport within your application you and your end-users will instantly have available a powerful tool for the creation of reports, lists, labels, forms etc Just some of the features of the product are: It is built as an add-on to Virtual Print Engine which is independently licensed.

Print and Print Preview support. Label, Memo, Picture and Shape components. Memo fields can grow vertically and wrap horizontally by character and word. Pixel, Inch and Cm. Check the best online casinos in UK. What is control panel?

Try out new casino sites at SmartphoneCasinos. Advertising on Torry’s Delphi Pages. Tabbed Components Effects and Multimedia Misc. Commercial 08 Apr Advanced Excel Report v. Shareware 06 Oct Catchysoft Report Generator v.

Freeware 17 Oct Don Excel Report freerepor.

FreeReport 2.34:

SWS 25 Oct Freeware 13 Jun By Developer Express Inc. Commercial 14 Jun Homepage, Register Now, Hot Stuff!

By Fast Reports, Inc. Shareware 20 Jun Shareware 20 May Homepage, Register Now, Download exe-demo. FormGenWin Component Pack v. By Infinity Software Group. Commercial 05 Jan By Fortes Informatica Ltda. GPL 29 Aug By Ricardo Cardona Ramirez. Freeware 02 Mar Kryvich’s Delphi Reporter v. By Belarusian linguistic team.

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