Netgear FRP download manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the Netgear FRP router. Other Netgear FRP Guides. View and Download Netgear FRP installation manual online. Cable/DSL ProSafe Firewall with Print Server. FRP Firewall pdf manual download. View and Download Netgear FRP reference manual online. Cable/DSL ProSafe Firewall Family. FRP Network Router pdf manual download. Also for: .

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NETGEAR fr114; not assume any liability that may occur due to the use or application of the product s or circuit layout s described herein. A direct connection to the Internet and a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape are required.

A Local Public Web Server B-1 What is a Router? B-1 Routing Information Protocol B-2 IP Addresses and the Internet B-5 Private IP Addresses B Wireless Channel Selection B Uplink Switches and Crossover Cables Browser-based configuration main menu Setup Wizard menu for Dynamic IP address Setup Wizard menu for Fixed IP address A firewall is a special type of router that incorporates features for security.

This guide describes the features of the firewall and provides installation and configuration instructions. The NETGEAR Web site includes an extensive knowledge base, answers to frequently asked questions, and a means for submitting technical questions online. The FMP firewall includes an With an integrated wireless access point, the firewall provides continuous, high-speed 11 Mbps access between your wireless and Ethernet devices. The local LAN interface is autosensing and is capable of full-duplex or half-duplex operation.

An uplink switch is provided for cascading to an external Ethernet hub or switch. The following features simplify installation and management tasks: Keep the carton, including the original packing materials, in case you need to return the product for repair.

Setting Up the Hardware If the PC will connect to your network at Mbps, you must use a Category 5 CAT5 cable such as the cable provided with your firewall.

The FRP Firewall does not include a cable for this connection. Instead, use the Ethernet cable provided with your access device or any other standard Ethernet cable. The FRW will function normally without a wireless adapter card, but will not have wireless connectivity. Locate the wireless adapter card slot on the rear panel. Verifying Connections After applying power to the firewall, complete the following steps to verify the connections to it: After approximately 10 seconds, verify that: If an ISP technician configured your PC during the installation of a broadband modem, or if you configured it using instructions provided by your ISP, you may need to copy the current configuration information for use in the configuration of your firewall.

DHCP server during bootup. To use DHCP with the recommended default addresses, follow these steps: Connect all PCs to the firewall, then restart the firewall and allow it to boot. From the drop-down box, select your Ethernet adapter.

Netgear FRP, FRW and FMP Reference Manual

Following this procedure is only necessary when your ISP does not dynamically supply the account information. Proceed to the next chapter. A login window opens as shown in Figure Login window This screen may have a different appearance in other browsers. Type in the User Name box, admin If your firewall password was previously changed, enter the current cr114p.


If your firewall has not yet f1r14p configured, the Setup Wizard should launch automatically. Otherwise, the main menu of the Web Configuration Manager will appear as shown in below: Configuration using the Setup Wizard The Web Configuration Manager contains a Setup Wizard that can automatically determine your network connection type.

If the Setup Wizard does not launch automatically, click on the Setup Wizard heading in the upper left of the opening screen, shown in When the Wizard launches, allow the firewall to automatically determine your connection type by selecting Yes in the menu below and clicking Next: The Setup Wizard will now check for a connection on the Internet port.

This section determines the Fr1114p MAC address that will be used by the mabual on the Internet port.

Also enter the netmask and the Gateway IP address. When your firewall and PCs are configured correctly, your firewall automatically accesses the Internet when one of your LAN devices requires access. The firewall provides you with selective blocking of inbound and outbound services, Web content filtering by keyword, and with security incident logging. You can fr14p the firewall to e-mail its log to you at specified intervals.

If you enable content filtering in the Block Sites menu, the Log page will also show you when someone on your network tried to access a blocked site. Log entries are described in Table Description or The type of event and what action was taken if any. Following are examples of log messages.


In all cases, the log entry shows the timestamp as: Second Activation and Administration Tue, Up to entries are supported in the Keyword list. The Keyword Blocking menu is shown in Figure A firewall has two default rules, one for inbound traffic and one for outbound.

Block all access from outside except responses to requests from the LAN side. You may define additional rules that will specify exceptions to the default rules. By adding custom rules, you can block or allow access based on the service or application, source or destination IP addresses, and time of day. You can also choose to log traffic that matches or does not match the rule you have defined. However, by defining an inbound rule you can can make a local server for example, a web server or game server visible and available to the Internet.

Allowing Videoconference from Restricted Addresses If you want to allow incoming videoconferencing to be initiated from a restricted range of outside IP addresses, such as from a branch office, you can create an inbound rule. This is called service blocking or port filtering. You can define an outbound rule to block Internet access from a local PC based on: Rules table with examples When a computer is designated as the Default DMZ Server, it loses much of the protection of the firewall, and is exposed to many exploits from the Internet.


Use the Services menu to add additional services and applications to the list for ft114p in manuak firewall rules.

To define a new service, first you must determine which port number or range of numbers is used by the application. Mahual information can usually be determined by contacting the publisher of the application or from user groups of newsgroups.

When you have the port number information, go the the Services menu and click on the Add Custom Service button. Manusl If you enabled content filtering in the Block Sites menu, or if you defined an outbound rule to use a schedule, you can set up a schedule for when blocking occurs or when access is restricted.

The firewall allows you to specify when blocking will be enforced by configuring the Schedule tab shown below: To block keywords or Internet domains based on a schedule: Select Every Day or select one or more days. In order to localize the time for your log entries, fr141p must select your Time Zone from the list. E-Mail In order to receive logs and alerts by e-mail, you must provide your e-mail information in the E-Mail subheading: You can specify that logs are sent to you according to a schedule.

Depending on your selection, you may also need to specify: Enter a value of up to 32 alphanumeric characters.

FR114P – 4 Port Cable/DSL ProSAFE Firewall and Print Server

The same SSID must be assigned to all wireless devices in your network. Options Channel Number This field determines which operating frequency will be used. It should not be necessary to change the wireless channel unless you notice interference problems with another nearby access point. The default wireless channel is If that fails, select the appropriate value – “Open System” Default Key Select which of the four keys will be active. Be sure to click Apply to save any settings from this menu.

Unlike wired network data, your wireless data transmissions can extend beyond your walls and can be received by anyone with a compatible adapter.

Netgear FR114P Installation Manual

As a minimum security precaution, you should change the SSID setting of all devices on your network from the factory setting to a unique password. Follow the steps to install the Print Server driver. Installation is now complete. You can now print using this printer. To make changes later, use the Start menu to run this program. An example screen is shown below: Items shown on this screen are as follows: For Name of printer or print queue on that server, enter L1. Click Next and complete the Wizard.

Open your Printers folder, and dr114p the Add Printer Wizard.