Sometimes people come on IRC and ask “How do I make a window? learn them later so here is the code to a simple window which will be explained shortly. The book to get on Win32 API. If you want to write programs using just the API . Why you should learn the API before MFC. The Controversy. Too many people.

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Forger’s Win32 API Tutorial

You can use the old io. Adding Standard Buttons Now that we have a toolbar created, we need to add some buttons to it. Drawing Text Now that we have a handy-dandy font, how do we get some frogers on the screen? If you look up in your header files which is good and common practice when investigating the workings of API’s you can find things like: Retreiving the text from the control is forfers as well, although slightly more work than setting it After GetModuleFileName is called, the buffer szFileName will be filled with a null terminated string containing the name of our.

Just remember a few things and they will be easy to interpret. GDI objects are limited in number. It’s a few years old but still entirely accurate and much more convenient than MSDN online unless you need access to the most recent additions to the API which if you’re on this page, you don’t. Remember, a dialog is a window, and most if not all dialog APIs will work on any window.

I always liked to do things first and learn them later This is a bit more work programming wise, but adds flexibility and is sometimes necessary. This is a system object and you can get ofrgers as many times as you want without leaking memory, and you can call DeleteObject on it which won’t do anything, which is good because now you don’t need to keep track of whether your font is one from CreateFont or GetStockObject before trying to free it.

Lo and behold, the Platform SDK is free as well. You also want to include “resource. These are required when declaring variables inside a switch statement. Once we have the structure type declared, we also declare a global instance of the struct. The standard arguments are: You may get some warnings about you not using the parameters supplied to WinMain.

Untill you learn how to quickly identify those mistakes, at least give yourself the chance of figuring out where things go wrong, and Always check return values! You give it a window handle and a child ID and it will get the child handle, and then send it the message.


P Okay for starters take the example code for the last window we worked on and make sure it compiles and runs as expected. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. GetMessage will return -1 if it encounters an error. If it’s not 0 then it assumes the value is a pointer, and looks up the resource by name. You currently have javascript disabled. I will not however present any code relating to these languages and you’re on your own in that regard, but several people have previously used this document in said languages with quite a bit of success.

Should you be interrupted in your drawing to handle the keys or should the keys just be discarded?

Messages As you may remember from forgres earlier discussion of the message loop, windows communicate using messages, you send them to get a control to do something, and when an event occurs on the control it will firgers you a notification message back.

My Answer My opinion, although by no means the only one, is that you should use the right framework for the right job. If you want to be sure that a certain icon is displayed with your program file, simply add it as a resource file: Usually you use a pre-made menu resource.

Forger’s Win32 API Tutorial – Programming – – Forums

So if you’ve added in that code, compile it now. Usually this will be things like a pointer to a struct containing more information, or maybe an ID that you will use to identify the item, it’s up to you.

The result is that the areas we wanted transparent don’t change on the destination HDC while the rest of the image is drawn as usual. Control Fonts Something else you might want to do at some point is change the font on the controls on your dialog or window. At this point, the wParam member of Msg contains the value that you passed to PostQuitMessage and you can either ignore it, or return it file: Apparently there was a bug in a screensaver written at MS, and it turns out it was because the default bitmap wasn’t getting replaced or destroyed, and it eventually ran out of GDI resources.

C++ Win32 Framework for Beginners, Links

Since the bitmap I used in this example already meets that condition it doesn’t really need anything special done, but if you’re going to use this code for another image that has a different colour that you want transparent hot pink is a common choice then we need to take a second step, and that is use the mask we just created to alter the original image, so that everywhere we want transparent is black.


If all else fails, specify the file: This is just as simple as setting the data was originally, we just send another message. This means that if we were to allocate a string without adding 1the text would fit, but the null terminator would overflow the memory block, possibly corrupting other data, causing an access violation, or any number of other bad things. Once in a while the same message will be used for more than one kind of control, but in general they will only work on the control they are intended for.

If you know the functions you need to call then it is a matter of seconds to look up the exact parameters in your help files. So just look around a little. Printers can easily display to pixels per inch, while a screen is lucky to get This works perfectly to our advantage, since all we need to do is set the background colour to the colour we want transparent, and BitBlt from the colour image to the mask image.

However since I’m not using any of the advanced features, InitCommonControls is adequate and simpler.

Windows API tutorial

The one bit of trickery in this code is the value used for the size of the font, the lfHeight parameter to CreateFont. After that we specify our window name or title which is the text that will be displayed in the Captionor Title Bar on our window. If you found it forgres be of use to you and want forvers give something back, I would be grateful for donations of any amount to help pay for this website.

The messages you send are widely varied between each control, and each control has it’s own set of messages. This will fill in our RECT structure with the value, the left and top values will always be 0, so you can usually just ignore them. If it only supports one or the other, you will need to make the vorgers replacements to get it to work.