At Lomography, we absolutely love creative photography. Join our community, share your photos and read the latest photography tips and features. Der Fomapan ist auch als Mittelformatfilm erhältlich. you might want to try the Lomography Redscale XR , a 35mm art film for you. Fomapan Creative from Foma is a panchromatic black and white negative film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO /24°. Its wide exposure latitude permits.

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The results were disappointing: So I repeated the fmapan, again at box speed and with Fomadon R09, but dilution was 1: I am eager for knowing your opinion and experience. Thank you very much, Thomas.

I usually shot it at and get normal negatives with HC dilution B. Sounds to me that your Fomadon R09 is dying have you done a clip-test with another film brand? Uncle Bill is offline. Find More Posts by Uncle Bill. Foma Classic is working for me when I rate it at Perhaps even adding a little more exposure. This is a very old emulsion formula, I am liking the results. I’m using three-year old replenished “seasoned” Microdol-X straight and I go for a very long development time.

Unfortunately, no one seems to care” -George Carlin. Originally Posted by znapper. You can keep it for around years before it can fail. Find More Posts by Fotohuis. Originally Posted by Fotohuis. The minimum volume of concentrate should be 10ml for each or roll film, at least officially. But under 5,5ml you are loosing reproducibility due to the fact the success is depending on the amount Black or White area in your negative.

See also above examples. The Fomapan Creative changed in emulsion around due to the fomapaj an ingredient was not available anymore. It is a very special film: Hexagonal and Cubical Silver parts are in this film. For Foma an attempt for making a kind of Tgrain type film. This FP is also more soft fonapan emulsion so you have to take care to prevent scratches when handling FP I have shot quite a bit of Foma now see other thread.

I expose at and develop with Fomadol LQN.

With this combination it is full speed in my opinion. Find More Posts by Johnmcd. Scan from negative film.

Shooting Foma Fomapan | Down the Road

Find More Posts by Cocal. The regular speed in R09 for this film is iso And you are going to develop the film a little bit longer. N-1 or N-2 e. High bright sunny weather. It is coming from the Zone System of Ansel Adams. In 35mm you have to make the choice for the whole film, or when 2000 a RF camera put a small sticker on the film surface lens off, cable release lock and shutter on “B” when changing of type exposure.


a brief FOMAPAN 200 Creative review

When developing you feel the sticker when loading on a reel. Cut the film and the second part in another reel and developing tank. In this way you can even optimize your film development according the zone system in 35mm photography. Expose on iso I shoot both and 35mm rated at for Rodinal or HC both using 4ml per roll and semi stand development or with diafine, and am generally quite pleased. Similar constraints are valid for Xtol. Originally Posted by tho Yes, you might be right.

I opened the bottle in March. However, I do romapan know the clip-test. You can see it yourself on the published data sheet from Foma for this FP film. You can reach fomaapan only with fomaapan two bath speed enhancing type developer like Diafine. Originally Posted by Johnmcd. I use LQN and it seems fine at iso. Not trying to ‘split-hairs’ here, but I will try iso perhaps. Last edited by Fotohuis: Originally Posted by sevo. It is not that easy to test a film for Comapan if you don’t own a transmission densitometer, and it is even likely that you prefer the results at to those at even though a proper test would give it a Many films perform quite well when under- or overexposed, some even better than at box speed.

For example no ultra-fast film ever got past a proper ISObut they are or were labelled and marketed for their one or two stop underexposed speed. I rate it at and run in HC B and get full shadows and open highlights. Im using this in shert film for platinum printing which requires a bit extra contrast and density. It may be that it’s not suited for stand development.

Fkmapan More Posts by x-ray. Running these tests with e. Fomapan and their new Retropan soft I came to the conclusion that e. FP is better to push to iso then the FP film. About their Retropan I did some tests on iso with still a lower Gamma but that has to do this film is especially made for low contrast, hence the “Soft” name of this Fomapan film. Here’s a sample using 4ml HC in ml or 5ml in if I did two rolls together, I can’t remember which vomapan was.


It looks ok to me, am I missing something? Makiflex Standard, test of mm f6. Infinity test of Schneider mm F5. Originally Posted by Jerevan. Depending of developer, dilution you can get different results. But when using then a dark Yellow filter you are gomapan to iso 32 which depending of what type camera fomapn subject, it can be a problem then.

And yes I know: A tick more grain. I did not gomapan the results of this film in Rodinal.

CCR:FRB – Review 14 – Fomapan – Alex Luyckx | Blog

I am loving this stuff. I make fokapan replenisher for it; Kodak has the info on the internet. Very very long times in straight developer, Last weekend 24 minutes at 18C. I’ll add my two bits. I love Fomapan I regularly shoot it at box speed and develop in HC dil.

I like the rich dark greys. Lots of examples over at my flickr. Fotohuis is the master so use his input. At first I thought you were just going fo,apan tells about another worthless attempt a ‘stand development. At first, I thought you were just going to tells about another worthless attempt at ‘stand development. Originally Posted by Bingley. Normally you fomapann to calculate that.

In the Foma chart you can read it out by following the line.

Originally Posted fomapam pschauss. I tried shooting the version at developing as above and the negatives were way too fomalan for wet printing. I have obtained decent results exposing this film at developing in HCRodinal, and Diafine.

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