The EOSINT M is a industrial 3D printer by EOS. Read our EOS EOSINT M review for full specs, price and rating. The EOSINT M is a metal 3D printer made by German company EOS. EOS are one of the oldest 3D printing companies, having been in the 3D printing. The EOSINT M is an updated and further improved version of the EOSINT M , the leading system on the market for the additive manufacturing of metal.

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EOS m280 DMLS Metal 3D Printer

Useful Links Eeos Website. This is particularly interesting for hybrid part building, a concept which EOS introduced in the s for prototype tooling.

It directly produces top-quality metal parts on the basis of three-dimensional CAD data — fully automatically, in only a few hours, and with no need for tools.

Additive manufacturing AM technologies can reduce costs and lead-times while enhancing product performance. PrimePart ST has an excellent refresh rate, making it an environmentally favorable alternative to other flexible materials for laser-sintering. Volkswagen Toolmaking opens a highly advanced 3D center. Many other users are actively qualifying the technology for their production. Laser-sintering is the key technology for e-Manufacturing, the fast, flexible and cost-effective production of products, patterns and tools.

By ensuring a sos quality assurance along the entire process chain, EOS enables machine users to reliably produce parts based on defined material and part properties. The parts are built up additively layer by layer. To date EOS has sold about metal systems. Subscribe to this RSS feed. This results in further improved reproducibility of the part properties.

Additive manufacturing AM technologies can reduce costs m820 lead-times while enhancing product performance. This allows the machine to manufacture in light metals, tooling eso, and super alloys that include titanium, aluminum, cobalt chrome, and Inconel. With the opening of the center, the unit is bringing the most highly advanced generation of 3-D printers to the Volkswagen Group.


This higher power laser can melt more metal powder per second, thus achieving shorter sos times and higher system productivity.

A number of biocompatible, sterilizable materials, including stainless steel, cobalt chrome, titanium, polyamides, and polyaryletherketone PEEK are available for laser-sintering. A high-velocity eox flow of protective gas across the entire build area, combined with the high-capacity recirculating filter system, ensures even more uniform process conditions.

This type of laser provides an exceptionally high beam quality combined with performance stability. Use of this equipment is reserved for Makerspace staff members only. For the Watt eeos new, faster parameter sets with corresponding Part Property Profiles will be introduced.

The technology manufactures parts for every phase of the product life eeos, directly from electronic data. For more information, visit: It shows a good corrosion resistance and a high ductility. For more information visit www.

Since then EOS has continuously updated and further developed this product line.

The material is also well suited for additive manufacturing applications such as spectacle frames or functional elements eis yachts. For more information visit: Improper use will be punished with a verbal warning, a note in the members file, mandatory retraining, and potiential loss of access to the space.

The EOSINT M is in the meantime by far the best-selling metal additive manufacturing system and has gained a strong reputation for producing best quality parts. Share on Twitter Tweet. The technology fuses metal eks into a solid part by melting it locally using a focused laser beam. M820 recirculating filter system with automated self-cleaning allows for fewer filter changes and longer lifetime. We know his 30 years of experience will serve our customers well as they look to us for their manufacturing needs.

Because laser-sintering is an additive manufacturing process, it can easily build complex geometries such as those for dental prostheses, orthopedic implants, and personalized cutting and drilling guides that reduce surgical and patient recovery times.


Validation of EOS M280 and EOS 290 machines

EOS offers a modular solution portfolio including systems, software, materials and material development as well as services maintenance, training, specific application consulting and support. Share on Pinterest Share. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Share on Twitter Tweet. Members must attend a training session and pass written and hands-on exams. With the fast offline job preparation feature, users can quickly handle complex parts and large job files.

Share on LinkedIn Share. We use cookies to make this website work better for you and to track site visits anonymously OK. Different laser-exposure strategies can be used to create either hard or soft components. Increased build height expands applications range Another improvement of the EOSINT M compared to its predecessor is the increase of the maximum building height up to mm.

A 1 kW laser boosts productivity due to higher build rates and increased layer thickness.

The technology can also make lightweight porous solids or rough surfaces that promote bone growth. Even highly complex geometries can be created directly from 3D CAD data, fully automatically, in just a few hours and without any tooling.

EOS – M – Second Life

With this plastic, previously eoos laser-sintered applications, such as flexible fasteners, seals or buffers, are possible. Parts manufactured from that material can be mechanically post-processed or polished.

EOS is highlighting two companies that apply emerging technologies to enhance laser-sintering applications: Based on PA 12 polyamide, it has an 11 percent elongation at break—significantly higher than its predecessor, PA FR. The Makerspace must be open and a dedicated staff member must supervise use of this equipment eoe the entirety of its operation.

Hazard Class 4 Hazards: