The Gurus, the Young Man, and Elder PaisiosElder Paisios by Dionysios Farasiotis. Price: $ Elder Paisios of Mount Athos (†) is perhaps the greatest and most revered Elder of the Orthodox Church of our time. Even though he lived the monastic life. Epistles [Elder Paisios of Mount Athos] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Religion: Monastery of the Evangelist John the Theologian: Elder.

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Most of us find rest in much reading but little or no implementation. If you pay attention to them, you create an airport inside your head and permit them to land! In addition to his other illnesses he suffered from hemorrhaging which left him very weak.

Other Incidents at Stomio. It is not freedom when we say to people that everything is permitted. On the contrary, the man who assents to deceit and thinks deceptively, transforms good into evil, not unlike the factory that produces war supplies and that makes gold into bullets and cartridges for cannons, since for this purpose its machinery was constructed.

All those who devote themselves to God, in imitation of the Panagia Panagia: If our minds are not present at the hour of spiritual study, we receive no benefit, but simply dally about and tire ourselves in vain, since we cannot remember anything. Sensing Prayers and Entreaties. He greatly encouraged the faithful there, helping many people.

For the main explanation as to why he is so loved by the people, we must look at the love which he had for the people. The Novitiate and Obediences. While there, he was in obedience to Elder Symeon.

For when someone is constantly occupied with his thoughts and trusts in them, the devil will manage things in such a way that he will make the man evil, even if by nature he was good. Secondly, Elder Paisios tells us that, if we are to grow in love toward our fellow man, we are to cut off those paisois and feelings which are an offense against love: A soul that is still moved by the charm of the material world reveals that the vain world still lives within.


With this eldwr enlightenment one easily finds the keys to divine meanings, so as to interpret the Spirit of God in a very simple and natural way, without causing an intellectual headache. If, however, one does not become spiritually related to the Holy Fathers and paiisios to take up translating or writing, he will wrong both the Holy Fathers and himself, as well as the people, with his spiritual cloudiness. An orphan, especially if it has lost its mother, and even if it is a little porcupine, must be embraced with pain and fervent love, so as to first feel warmth, take courage, and open up its heart.

If they say anything to us, immediately we give them the right. I see in all people my parents, my brothers, my relations. It requires attention and caution. Outer stillness, with discerning asceticism, paisiis quickly brings also interior stillness nount peace of the soulwhich an essential preparation for delicate spiritual activity. Soon after, Father Averkios went to the then idiorrhythmic brotherhood of Philotheou monasterywhere his uncle was a monk. Otherwise wthos is a disaster.

SAINT PAISIOS of Mount Athos

Nearly a decade has passed since the repose of Elder Paisios. A crooked stick perverted person who is distant from God has many rights: When you know yourself you acquire humility, which become a permanent condition. Preface to the Greek Edition. We Athonites have suffered a great evil with the Calendar. Those, however, who struggle with philotimo and do not give themselves rest, removing their egos from every one of their actions, help very positively.

Eldwr set the people to do things contrary to whatever they can do.

It was during this time of hospitalization that his long friendship with the then young sisterhood of St. Going out into the World. Shouldn’t we trust ourselves to God? As his spiritual daughters at the convent in Paksios have aptly written, “Elder Paisios gave himself completely to God, and God gave him to the whole world” Elder Moun of Mount Athos, Epistlesp.


Very shortly after his baptism the young Arsenios and his family were forced to leave Asia Minor in accordance the peace Treaty of Lausanne. Archbishop Damianos of Sinai, abbot of St. Athos for a short stay in the wilderness there. Saint Paisios of Mount Athos. Utter Estrangement from the World. It laisios destroyed the whole world. In order for our minds not to wander, we must accustom them to suckling on the sweet name of Jesus inside our hearts, so as to make spiritual progress.

Thus, they triumph with immortality, and, taking the key to eternity out from beneath zthos gravestone, they proceed freely to eternal blessedness. Unfortunately, in our day, words and books have multiplied and experiences have diminished, because the fo spirit, which pursues all conveniences and avoids all bodily effort, influences people.

Spiritual nobility helps much, granting wings to the soul, and inner peace preserves the body with less food. The Staff and Support of his Family.

SAINT PAISIOS of Mount Athos

This shows that not only do we not seek enlightenment from the Grace of God, but we do not even judge with the reason God gave us. He was a conscientious monkfinding ways to both complete his obediences which required contact with others and to preserve his silence, so as to progress in the art of prayer. He served in the army during the dangerous days of the end of World War II.