Cardan Drive-Shafts, without extension, Needle or Roller bearing version, Md. Cardan Drive-Shafts, with Extension, Needle bearing version, Md Lim Cardan Drive-Shafts, with Extension, Roller bearing version, Md Lim Nm .

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The firm is founded by Mr. Willi Elbe The prime movers in the early days were beside the founder, the first authorized signatory, Mr. Max Kiemle and the first technical manager, qualified engineer Mr.

Branch factory Grabs founded in Switzerland. Lack of labor in the central Elbf region results in a branch factory being opened in Pfedelbach The first production location there was the old wine-pressing house, which was used temporarily until the first new building could be constructed.

The second generation of the family enters the firm: Production of steering u-joints for passenger cars. The second generation of the family enters the firm again: Production of aluminium steering shafts. Production of high-precision gearing components for motorcycles Elhe series.


Expansion of the plant in Grabs to create more production space.

Start of Steering column production for commercial vehicles. Production of steering shafts with ball-bearing sliding systems for commercial vehicles. Production of laser-welded aluminum corrugated tube.

Partnership for Development with the company of C. Johnson Controls Development of complete, electrically adjustable steering modules. Production of lightweight steering shafts with centered double cardan joints.

Expansion of factory in Pfedelbach, assembly area for steering columns The third generation of the family enters the firm: Alexander Wohak takes over as manager in Rippershausen.

Cardan Drive Shafts – Brd. Klee A/S

Expansion of the factory in Rippershausen, production and assembly area, administration. Alexander Wohak changes into Headquarter and starts his career on sales. Implementation of plastic injection molding technology at the Rippershausen plant for producing sliding systems for steering columns.

Expansion of headquarter in Tamm New space for development, purchasing and sales. Expansion of the Pfedelbach plant, steering-column assembly department.


Alexander Wohak joins Management, with power to act and sign on behalf of the firm. Preparations for a further production plant in Nanjing, China Strategic focus on lightweight components for automotive technology — and expansion in the commercial vehicle sector.

CARDAN ELBE REF: 0.107.101 S:786

Generation Change in the Board. Oliver Schmid reinforces the management team of the willi elbe group as a further authorized signatory.

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