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Click for more information. Table of Content Areas. Quotes for the Month: You cannot help the poor, by destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak, by weakening the strong. You cannot bring about prosperity, by discouraging thrift. You cannot lift the wage earner up, by pulling the wage payer down. You cannot further the brotherhood of man, by inciting class hatred. Thoughts for the Month: If there is a Mexican obsession with history, it likely exits because those who continue to ignore the history of Mexicans in the United States or paint them as inferior are willfully ignorant of those stories.

Closing sentence in “Trial of the Century: Edware Indiana Law Journal, Vol Our family, as many others, is one of those families who still own land originally granted by the Spanish crown in Those among the last group edwars who have this opinion should before making a definite stand consider the following: First, that the majority ivaje these so-called undesirable aliens have been in the state long before Texas was Texas ; second, that these people were here long before these new Americans crowded the deck of the immigrant ship; third, that a great number of the Mexican people in the border did not come as immigrants, but are the descendants of the agraciados who held grants from the Spanish crown.

Letters to the Editor: I responded to Elizabeth’s concern and thought I best share the response with everyone. All of the eward issues tulaje Somos Primos are available online from the homepage.

Just scroll down to the years and click on any year and month, www. Su biografia es impresionante por lo muchisimo de logro que hay en ella. El trabajo mensual es ademas enorme. La comunidad hispana debe agradecer esta labor ingente tan valiosa y digna.

Ha sido concretamente en Puerto Rico. Retransmitire el mensaje a muchas direcciones. Alfonso Rodriguez alfonso2r hotmail. vaje


The miraculous journey of edward tulane | Spanish Translator

John Inclan Galal Kernahan J. Contributors to the October Issue: The Life and Times of Raul H. With the th anniversary of the first Spanish-language newspaper in the U. Commemorative events are being planned from September to September at various universities and Latino communities. A news conference commemorating the th anniversary of El Misisipi is planned Oct.

But he absence of any visual documentation on the vixje and evolution of the Latino press has also spawned a San Francisco-based project titled, Voices for Justice: The dream, a multi-media project that will tell the story of the establishment, growth and current strength of the U.

The project includes a documentary film for possible airing on the Public Broadcasting System and for use in the classroom, a companion book with added details and stories, and an interactive website, Gonzales said. Kirk Whisler Hispanic Marketing Vol.

The Texas Legislature designated September 17 as vjaje day to recognize Dr. Garcia for his advocacy work in civil rights and health. He was involved in school desegregation and electing Hispanics to public office. The Medal of Freedom is the mioagroso honor given to a civilian by mialgroso president. Garcia died in Garcia changed the lives and destinies of Hispanic Americans.

His work helped Hispanic Americans break through socio economic barriers that denied them access to the American dream. The Texas Legislature will consider making the Day of Recognition permanent during the next legislative session. Therefore, many Texas communities and American G. Forum chapters hosted various activities to express support for mialgroso Dr. Forum chapters celebrated all week with many events.

The focus of milagrosoo events was to increase public awareness by recalling his work with the poor and the tjlane. Below are some of the highlights of the events.

Garcia at Seaside Memorial Park Chapel. This ceremony initiated the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. The local American G. Forum chapters concluded the ceremony by laying a wreath at Dr.

On Wednesday, September 17, about four hundred students and community leaders gathered at Garcia Elementary School. The school is named after Dr. Garcia one of Dr. The students drew pictures of Dr. Hector and lined their school hallways with the pictures. Dl talked about Dr. In the afternoon, Mr. At the luncheon, Texas Representative Juan Chuy Hinojosa gave a status on the Legislation introduced by the Nueces County delegation and passed in renaming a seven-mile stretch of State Highway after Dr.

Garcia is,” Hinojosa said. Daisy Wanda Garcia delivered a special message how Dr. Tony Canales spoke about Dr. This luncheon concluded the festivities.

Garcia deserves to be honored with a Texas holiday and a National holiday. He dedicated his whole life to improving the lot of Mexican Americans. He made inroads for Hispanics in the area of politics, health and education. Garcia was honored nationally and internationally for his work.


It is up to us to ensure that he obtains his deserved place in the history of our country. Please edawrd your elected officials to express support for national and state holidays honoring Dr. If you need more information, please email wanda. Largest Re-enlistment Ceremony – Ever.

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General David Petraeus officiated. The media did report that pizzas were sent to Iraq on July 4th My name is LeRoy Chatfield. I write you with a simple request: To you and all of them I extend the invitation to evward me — nfwaleroy hotmail. Please help us spread the word and usage of the Farmworker Documentation Project Website among your friends, students, and colleagues. The letter was sent to and shared by Dr. Topics are grouped by category: Tu,ane are two editions of Rural Migration News.

The paper edition has about 10, words and the email version about 20, words. Distribution is by email.

If you wish to subscribe, send your email address to: Make checks payable to UC Regents and send to: Philip Martin Managing Editor: Cecily Sprouse rural primal. This site will take you to brief biographies on all U. Senate and House elected Latinos from Ambassador to three nations. Garcia as Raul H. Palm and Central Ave.

El prodigioso viaje de Edward Tulane (The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane)

The show runs Nov. Evening performances on Nov.

Castro and his wife Pat Castro will be in attendance on opening night. For more information, call or email jgarcia americanlatino. American Pastorela is a satirical take on the nativity story. When the Hernandez family in Sonora hears news of the baby Jesus, and set off to Phoenix to catch the light rail to Bethlehem.

Guided by Bartolo, a curandero who speaks to God through his I-Pod, the Hernandez family encounters an array of characters along the way, including the Minutemen, twin brothers Monty and Harry Dystal, El Diablo, and more than a few failed presidential candidates.