Download ECLER NUO5 SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. ECLER S.A. guarantees the NUO mixer against material defects and 5 years guarantee, which has been specially designed for scratching specialists. Documents, presets, manuals Ecler nuo5 – Audiofanzine. +. Ecler nuo5. nuo5, 4+ Channel Mixer from Ecler. 6 user reviews nuo 5 · nuo 5 · Manuel nuo 5.

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No further comments are being accepted. It must be a hard life playing with new kit: Big up Deft and Glad to hear you enjoyed it man. Any videos or audio samples of the effects? Nice, I was waiting for this. I really rate this mixer Yeah it struck me that I should have done some audio clips after I’d sent it back! There is quite a lot of info over at www.

I also fairly lightly skimmed over the actual effects and individual controls as Ecler have the manual and suchlike posted up there as well. It’s a bit of a cop out by me, but when I typed it out it struck me as a bit dull just describing all the parameters.

Jonny – Yeah but you can’t send them straight to the main mix then? Then the answer is no Personally, I dont see the need for a fully assignable x-fader, as I’m a mix DJ and just use my upfaders, with the x-fader in the middle.

We have put together a cool video of him scratching and using the effects on the NUO. I’ll post a link as soon as I get it! If the Nuo-5 had matrix inputs and proper shaping for the upfaders it would be a real monster! Nice job Deft, however I found your comments disparaging and outdated regarding the X crossfader, especially when you personally tried the updated software at Plasa which totally removed the crossfader decay. Additionally, you were quick to point out two other negative aspects about the X design, which prevailed in the Nuo, but yet never gave the return credit when the X prevailed, such as: Obviously, some of the features of the two mixers will be compared, as they are both in the same class, yes, but that is not his point.

I can sit here and argue and compare the features of the NUO-5 vs. I know you will just come back and continue. How about the V6?

Must be a hunk of crap, eh? Fact of the matter is, your marketing “tactics” are rather lame and immature, borderlining on “desperate”. I am not impressed.

The Innofader Manual

If anyone hasn’t noticed there is a little drop-down menu on the homepage which gives a list of Skratchworx reviews. So you can actually read the X review and draw your own conclusions. Jonny, My observations were directed to the 55 not you. However your attacks directed to me are extremely unprofessional and unfounded.

Learn the difference between, opinion, fact and bashing.

Mixer Models Compatibility List

Nothing that I said bashed your product, it was all points of facts. Direct your anger to your engineers as they designed the Nuo, not me. I’ll tell you something now I’ve agonised over putting up a forum for ages.

I’ve gone from a solid “no” to a tentative “yes” to the point of actually uploading, configuring and prettying it up ready for action.

In fact last Monday, I even got a few people to start testing it. But my biggest worry was flame wars between visitors to the site. So I find it totally ironic that a manufacturer and a distributor – the very people I’d hoped and prayed would come to skratchworx and take part – are doing the very thing I was afraid of. My finger now hovers over the “delete entire forum” button.


I apologize if my response seemed hostile, but you must understand that your past reputation online hasnt been well received. I also understand your posting of clarification of some of the issues with the DN-X which have been allegedly fixed with the as yet to be seen upgrades. But to start pointing out where the Denon “prevails” over the Denon is a bit over the top because it was a review of the NUO-5 and, well, because nobody has asked for your comparison.

Here are some points and facts of the NUO-5 in addition to Defts review: Fully adjustable for cut in time, shape and curve, plus reverse. Gizmo is right, flame wars are pretty deconstructive for BOTH sides here. Otherwise, I’m keeping out of this. Gizmo tere is no sign of the latest reviews in the review column Yes I had thanks.

Disappearing up my own arse with stuff to do. And I’ll add in the Nuo5 as well. Weaksause-you just made my day. Mabual be mature here As Thrice said, this was not a comparasion, you can draw your own. The ecler does many things the Denon doesnt, the Denon doesnt do alot of the things the ecler does.

My comment regarding the X crossfader decay time issue is fair considering no official update has been released to correct the problem at the time of writing – 9 months on from release.

The non-glitching nature of the pitch-shifting on the Nuo-5 was also highlighted as I was personally surprised it was so smooth, knowing the nature of the processing it is undertaking – with no perceivable latency added. I am more than happy to take criticism or corrections to any review I write, but considering I have written a full review on the X I didn’t really feel the need to add some of it’s high points to a review of a totally different piece of equipment. Deft, If you reviewed a totally different product, then why did you feel compelled to no mention the X not once, but three times with negative points of comparison?

For the same reason they felt compelled to compare the x to the DJM in their review of the x Bugger off and go peddle your wares elsewhere.

The reference to the fader decay issue is merely a point that fits the history of the reviews I have written and hopefully that the people reading the site have followed. It was just my natural thought process in my initial approach to the review. I’ve explained the reasoning behind mentioning the pitch-shifting. It is a direct comparison between two identical features on mixers aiming at fairly similar markets – and something that stood out from my memory of the X The omission of any extra ‘positive’ comparisons in regards to the X is that I should think the readers are sophisticated enough to realise that the Nuo-5 doesn’t have a matrix input system, parametric eq, sampler etc.

This is something anybody could pick up from a spec sheet – whereas the quality of the real-time pitch shifting is not. I don’t really see any of these comments as being biased or untrue, and I think it is a shame that the focus of the discussion of the review has been steered in this direction. Thank you for this review Deft This is really intersting. I really liked the description of the effects part, although I think I still need to have a look to the manual in order to understand it all: Thanks for your reply Deft.


You had to know that dear ol’ “Denon” would show up if the Ecler got a more favorable review than the Denon and heaven forbid you majual some flaws present in the Denon. Notice he didn’t question the accuracy of the remarks, he wanted you to put some good things in there about the Denon and then not surprisingly he posts sales info about the dnx The fact is that the updates aren’t available to the public, so manal crossfader delay flaws and the linefader delay flaws are there.

It doesn’t matter that the updated models are displayed at trade shows. I’m sure there have been people who tested them at trade shows, purchased them and were shocked to learn that their x mankal perform as well as the one they tested.

Ecler NUO – Thomann UK

The updates were promised months ago and they still aren’t here. Its not like Deft went out of his way to bash the Denon. He didn’t talk about the built in heater on the x it does get very hot or even mention the delayed updates. I remember when the Denon forums used to be a decent site. Now it appears if you don’t “fit the script” your comments are edited or the thread locked.

Don’t even think about asking about the “updates” because that is a forbidden topic. Maybe if he wasn’t as sensitive or his posts didn’t look mamual sales pitches, he would be respected by more people than manjal the “fanboys”. I used to think njo was great to have a rep posting.

Now I see him more as a salesman. Other nyo don’t have problems praising their competition or taking constructive criticism. I can’t remember the last time I saw him praise his competition. Nevertheless, Deft, good review.

Keep up the good work here. Here’s a praise or two said in the past that you missed. No disrespect here but Denon I think you should let Deft do his review how he wants, he is obviously not biased towards certain products like you obviously are, he’s trying to help people decide where they should spend their hard earned money cause we don’t all get ish for free like you do. Your posts and attitude are funny to me. D I noticed all of the products you’ve mentioned, Denons aren’t viewed as competition.

Stop worrying about Deft’s accurate points and fix the problems and release the updates or you may have even more disgruntled users on your hands. I’m sorry – I thought this was a thread about Deft’s excellent Ecler Nuo5 review but it seems to have turned into a Denon bashing session.

Big up to Deft for his knowledge, judgment and opinions. I try to help out as much asI can online at skratchworx, djforums. I will also do my best to help you find a distributor in your area.

Not sure about overseas prices, but you can find that online. A brokem hak crossfader was replaced very promptly and without fuss.

Whats not so great is that it only lasted a year in the first place and the new one leaks audio.