L’échelle UPDRS est une échelle composite qui permet de caractériser un syndrome parkinsonien, d’en apprécier l’évolution dans les temps, d’évaluer un. Neuroepidemiology. ;46(3) doi: / Epub Mar Age, Gender, Comorbidity, and the MDS-UPDRS: Results from a. updrs motor score. Echelle UPDSR de la maladie de Parkinson. Explanation: Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale = Echelle UPDSR de.

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The UPD rating scale is the most commonly used scale in the clinical study of Parkinson’s disease.

These are evaluated by interview and clinical observation. Some sections require multiple grades assigned to each extremity.

UPDRS motor score | English to French | Medical (general)

Clinicians and researchers alike use the UPDRS and the motor section in particular to follow the progression of a person’s Parkinson’s disease.


Scientific researchers use it to measure benefits from a given therapy in a more unified and accepted rating system.

Neurologists also use it in clinical practice to follow the progression of their patients’ symptoms in a more objective manner. For instance Michael J. Fox ‘s symptoms started with a slight tremor, so his ecjelle score would have been less than For most patients, the “mentation, behavior and mood” scores increase later in the disease, but a subset exists for whom those symptoms develop early on.

Unified Parkinson’s disease rating scale

Other rating scales for Parkinson’s disease are the Hoehn and Yahr scale and Schwab and England activities of daily living scale, although both of these measures are currently included within the UPDRS in modified format. The scales are now titled; 1 nonmotor experiences of daily living 13 items2 motor experiences of daily living 13 items3 motor examination 18 itemsand 4 motor complications six items.

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Process, format, and clinimetric testing plan”. Retrieved 8 May Retrieved from ” https: Parkinson’s disease Medical scales.

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