en el color de la piel reciben globalmente el nombre de discromías, pero los términos hiperpigmentación (hipercromía, oscurecimiento del. van acompañados de coloraciones anormales, conocidas como discromías. la pigmentación de la piel: La hiperpigmentación corresponde a pigmentación. Las coloraciones anormales, que se conocen como discromías, aparecen de la piel: • La hiperpigmentación corresponde a una pigmentación más oscura.

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Psycho-sensory subjective assessment of cosmetic acceptability in regard to the product and its conditions of use have been made thanks to some questions raised in a questionnaire administered to each volunteer the D60 questionnaire. To truly experience Dublin is to immerse yourself in its rich, vibrant and absorbing culture!


The skin of the tested people is protected from sunlight by applying full protection SPF The present invention relates to the use of a cosmetic composition having depigmenting action or lightening skin, comprising, as active principle, at least one oxazoline. The calculation used has been simplified MASI, ie: Existe por lo tanto una necesidad para unas composiciones que presentan una actividad despigmentante o que aclaran la piel y que sean bien toleradas por la piel.

Melasma occurs most often in women using oral contraception or during pregnancy mask of pregnancy, chloasma. Evaluation of various functional skin parameters using a topical cream hiperpigmrntadas Calendula officinalis extract.

Used DERMOTHERAPH Multivac Microdermabraders For Sale – DOTmed Listing #

Mask of pregnancy or chloasma, appears in women who have doscromias important percentage of female hormones and whose skin is exposed to the sun. Cytotoxicity by an MTT assay tetrazolium salt and a morphological observation of the cells. Human-derived and new synthetic injectable materials for soft-tissue augmentation: Dermatosis posterior al Kala-Azar 6. The franc skin lightening is sought in Black Africa with a traditional or chemical solutions that have a significant adverse side effects on the appearance and structure of the skin.


Ejemplo 3 example 3.

There is no increase in melanin under UV, and the skin has the same color as non-irradiated control. Feedback from clients and colleagues on Willingness to Work Again No feedback collected. Oxazolines can also be associated with some anti-oxidants, causing diecromias complementary or synergistic effect.

It affects mainly so pregnant women or women taking a contraceptive pill. Discronias Influence over Host Tissue Response. El OX puede tener por lo tanto un efecto que aclara la piel normal.

Las secuelas aparecen, sobre todo, en el dorso y en las comisuras de las manos. Initially, the mean MASI calculations for all the volunteers analyzed is Oxazolines can also be synthesized by the reaction of epoxides nitriles, by reaction of thionyl chloride on hydroxyamides or also by the action of an acid on a aziridinilfosfina. Profile last updated Dec Use according to any of the preceding claims, wherein the composition comprises between 0.

Finally, it is possible to remove the surface layers of corneocytes containing melanin, and thus perform a physical depigmentation of surface treatment on the other hand favors the penetration of depigmenting agents.

Cosmetic use of at least one oxazoline, a depigmenting active principle, in a depigmenting composition. It may also be in solid form, for example in the form of a bar.


Cosmetic use according to claim 1 or 2, wherein the composition is intended to improve the uniformity and color clarity face.

Biocompatibility and chemical characterization. Cosmetic treatment process for skin lightening, characterized in that applied topically a composition comprising at least one oxazoline.

Protocolo diagnóstico de hipopigmentación e hiperpigmentación cutánea

Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Con suerte, afecta normalmente a la palma de la mano y, por lo tanto, es menos visible. Se ha verificado la homogeneidad de hiperpigmsntadas varianzas y la discromlas de las distribuciones en todos los casos.

Ejemplo 2 example 2. Ejemplo 5 example 5. Esclerodermia y liquen escleroso 6. Los resultados medios observados para las zonas hiperpigmentadas tratadas son los siguientes: Plast Reconstr Surg The analysis was performed on a panel of 21 adult female volunteers whose characteristics are presented in Table 1 below.


Skin aging is also characterized by the appearance of pigment spots. For each treated side it has been measured level index symmetrical or similar areas exhibiting hyperpigmentation, to study the depigmenting effect of each product. Las lesiones en la piel pueden desaparecer, pero las de las hiperpigmentadsa persisten.