View online or download Dfi NF4 SLI INFINITY Users Manual. Images10 newegg uploadfilesfornewegg itemintelligence motherboards dfi lanparty nf4 sli dr. User manual DFI LANPARTY NF4 SLI-DR – Read more about lanparty, manual, system, supports, chapter and introduction. DFI LANPARTY NF4 SLI DR MANUAL — TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction Brief Description Main Topic DFI LANPARTY NF4 SLI DR MANUAL.

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When it comes to real overclocking, there’s only one company which enthusiasts turn to, DFI. In a market not known for brand loyalty, DFI has somehow been able to forge a strong relationship with overclockers.

Df fact, DFI has been so successful that it is hard to imagine that the company only entered the enthusiast market two years ago. Most motherboards require some sort of voltage modification for really extreme levels of overclocking, to enable either more CPU, memory or chipset voltage.


Newbies mark my words though, this motherboard offers you voltages high enough to seriously damage your system components!

The usual four IDE devices are supported. A single PCIe x1 and x4 slot are present the implementation of these is a little unusual, as we lanpartt see later. Rounding things off are a pair of standard PCI slots.

DFI UT nF4 SLI-DR – LANPARTY – motherboard – ATX – Socket – nForce4 SLI Overview – CNET

DFI knows that enthusiasts not only want fast computers, they want them to look good too. An nothing says classy lanlarty than UV reactive yellow computer ports and slots. When a UV cold cathode is placed inside the case, these slots will glow brightly, while the black PCB below will fade into the background.

Traditionally brand-name capacitors that come from Japan are considered the best, and we’re pleased to report that the ones found on this motherboard are all Japanese made.

Other motherboards have just as many USB ports overall but what good are they if they require a bracket which takes up a valuable expansion slot?


DFI LANParty NF4 SLI-DR Motherboard Review –

SLI motherboards tend to draw a little more power than usual, and so there is an effective warning to sli-ddr end on the main pin ATX power connector. The sticker lists a few different system configurations and states approximately how much power each system will draw in total, and how many amps the 12V rail on your powersupply must be able to deliver.

One of the most important features for overclocking enthusiasts on this manua are the memory voltage selector jumpers DFI has placed just above the 24 pin ATX connector.

Yes you read that right F-O-U-R volts! There’s plenty of CPU and chipset voltage to go around too.

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