ToImage(sChartImg, ); but when I go to compile the program I get errors stating ” Exporting the WebChartControl on server side. ,; Web i want o export the web chart to image on server side using the button control. Show all Alex (DevExpress Support) 5 years ago. Hi Imran. I am using both ChartContorl and WebChartControl, in the ChartContorl there is the ability to export the chart into pdf format or html format and.

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To do this, handle the RenderBrick event and populate its argument ImageValue property with the image in binary format. Hi, I’m using v vol 1. Hello, To process your recent post more efficiently, I created a separate ticket on your behalf: This ticket is currently in our processing queue. Our team will address it as soon as we have any updates.

This sample project illustrates the following article: It demonstrates how to implement a custom NavBar view whose groups are always expanded and cannot be collapsed.

If you need to hide these buttons in your NavBar control, there is no need to create a custom view. When a user executes a navigation item that displays a large ListView, the application should display a popup window that allows you to define a filter for this ListView before loading records in it. This filter dialog should remember the user’s choice and provide the capability to select devexpress of the stored filters.

To do this, subscribe to the ShowNavigationItemController. Execute event and replace the ListView from the e. Then show the webcharttcontrol ListView via the XafApplication. Filter lookup’s New action. Use Criteria Property Editors How to: I have updated the example. Now its code is platform-independent and will work correctly in the ASP.

The implementation works fine, but ,unfortunately, is way too slow in web-modus: It seems, that the generation of large lookup-lists millions during filter-creation takes a lot of time. Do you have any hint, how to prevent this behaviour? This is working great, but everytime I click a navigation item it creates a new “Default” filter.

I’m using Web Application, would this matter?

I’ve got irt working now. NET won’t store last criteria used. But I have another request though. Currently it shows only “New” and “Clear”. Our NavBarControl doesn’t support drag and drop out of the box. When PreviewMouseMove is raised, we check e. OriginalSource and the mouse left button state. When Drop is raised, we calculate a position to which we must insert a selected NavBarItem. MS Word provides the capability to display a Document Map, which allows you to navigate through document parts.


Create Nodes in Unbound Mode in Code. This sample illustrates how to customize the wizard in the End-User Designer. Is there any further documentation on how to customize the new report wizard. This sample code would really benefit from some comments I can see why it has attracted down votes – it isn’t really sufficient.

To do this, it is necessary to do the following: ClientInstanceName property to some value e. Handle their client-side Click event as “chart1.

SaveToWindow ‘pdf’ ;” or “chart1. XtraPrinting assembly into your project’s References list. If I change the series dynamically during the run time, it is not printing the updated chart. It is still printing the old chart. Here is how I add series to the chart during the run time: Or is there a better method to export webchartcontrols to PDF?

Word power made easy ebook free download full

Please post link to new updated code if there is any. I follow the code and it just print out a blank webchartcontrol layout. Same problem with other example of printing webchartcontrol in landscape mode. Warning in excel when export chart and pivot at same time. Do you want to recover When enabled editing we get this error ‘Excel completed file level validation and repair.

Some parts of this workbook may have been repaired or discarded. Is it due to the explanation at http: But the chartCOntrol is cut and it renders on two pages, how can you resize to auto fit on one page?

The E example doesn’t generate PDF files correctly. It was prepared for older DXperience builds v7. At present, we recommend using the solutions illustrated in the following eevexpress A full postback is currently required to use the FileUpload component.

You can still use the FileUpload by webchwrtcontrol the UpdatePanel to do a postback for this control. Put a FileUpload component inside of the UpdatePanel.

Now handle the file on the server-side as you need. Please create a new ticket in our Support Center and describe the issue you have encountered in greater detail.

A sample project that illustrates the issue would be helpful. This is a great example but it would be a lot more useful if it showed how to actually save the file to the database. Any chances of adding that, even if it is commented out? E19 example – How to actually save the file to the database. This example demonstrates how to create a custom service a ServiceBase descendant.


This example demonstrates how to process authenticated requests on the Webchartcontol service. The main idea is to override the DataService.

OnStartProcessingRequest method and implement authenticated logic in it. I used your code with the modification that it would check the AD for authentication. However, it always popup the login window exprt entering the username and password. E is not compiled in Visual Studio ItemClick event is handled to obtain underlying data and invoke the dxPopup widget with the child dxDataGrid.

The dxDataGrid is used to display these records. The following example demonstrates how to obtain underlying data corresponding to a particular visual element using the DashboardViewer’s API.

This example demonstrates how to allow an end-user to choose the resource which will be shown in the scheduler. This example demonstrates how to add the search capability to the detail grid. Our detail grid with DataControlDetailDescriptor doesn’t support searching or filtering in the detail grid.

To provide this capability in this sample, we create a UserControl with TextEdit and a button. When the button is clicked, we remember a text value of TextEdit as a searching string. This demo is based on the How to display detail data within a popup window example.

– Can i get an image output for a Developer Express WebChartControl? – Stack Overflow

How to display detail data within a popup window. This functionality is encapsulated in the CardDragDropManager class.

So, all you need to do is to attach this behavior to the GridControl. You can find this class in the C: Note that this file will be installed regardless your subscription type. It’s available for trial users as well. DevExpress Support Center Examples http: Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Embed this webchaartcontrol in your HTML.

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Articles on this Page showing articles to of This feed contains last modified examples from DevExpress Support Center. How to use the DXSerializer.

Word power made easy ebook free download full

LayoutUpgrade event to upgrade a layout from one version to another. Contact us about this article.

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