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My translation goes like this. The Ten Versus on God, [Daiva desakam] 1. Protect us Without leaving us here.

You are the daivadasakak for this Ocean of existence And your Word the huge spiritual catamaran. Counting one by one When the countable essence perishes And seeing stay stand still, Let ‘with in’ be immovable in You. The one who protect us providing food and clothing And make us contented Is Indeed God to us.

The sea, the tide, the breeze and depths Are like we, the Maya, your greatness and You Let it be internalized 5. You are Truth, Knowledge, Bliss You are the present.

Hopes blossom for Daiva Dasakam

The past and future And the uttering word too. Your marvelous word Permeates the inside and out side We are saying glory to that Glory to Bagwan!


Malayslam to the Great Deva protector of the downtrodden Glory to the bliss consciousness The ocean of compassion, Glory to thee. Being makayalam the deep ocean of your brilliance Let us sink and dwell eternally Dwell, dwell, in well being! Topics on Discussion Loading Zakir Hussain said about Guru davadasakam Giri said about Guru Daivadawakam Gandhi said about Guru Andrews On Guru Sree Narayana Guru on Caste system Vaikom Muhammad Bhasheer on Guru Radhakrishnan on Guru Rajagopalachari on GURU Jawaharlal Nehru about Guru Sree Narayana gurudevan – A sage with a differe Swami Earnest Clark Sadguru Sivalingadasa Swamikal Divyasree Bodhananda swamikal Gurupaada Dashakam- by Mahakavi Kumaran Asan Kumaran Asan and Sree Narayana Guru Darsanamala- comments by Nataraja guru Jiva Karunya panchakam- Poem by Sree Naryana gu Kundalinippattu- poem by Sree Narayana guru Ishovashyopanishad- Translation from Sanskrit Shiva satakam- by Sree Narayana Guru Navamanjari – Poem by Sree Narayana Guru Gurudeva krithikal – Audio – sung by Dr.

Jaathi Nirnnayam-poem by Sree Narayana guru Vinayakashtakam by sree narayana guru Vishualisation of” sivaprasada panchakam” by sr Visualisation of chidambarashtakam by Sreenaray Chidambarashtakam – by Sree Narayana Guru Kaali Nadakam — Poem written by sree narayana Atmopadesa satakam Atmopadesha satakam Daiva dasakam in Malayalam About Me “Gurucharanam Sharanam” View my complete profile.


Saturday, May 9, Daiva dasakam in Malayalam. Kaathukolkangu Kaividathingu njangale Naavikan Nee bhavabdhikko raavi vanthoni ninpadam.

DaivaDasakam Sree NarayanaGuru for Android – APK Download

Onnonnaayenniyennitho- ttennum porulodungiyal Ninnidum dhrukkupolullam Ninnilspandamaakanam Anna vastrathi muttaathe Thannu rakshichu njhangale Dhanyarakunna nee yonnu – Thane njhangalkku thampuran. Aazhiyum thirayum kaattum Aazhavum pole njhangalum Maayayum nin mahimayum Neeyaumennullilaakanam.

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