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Results 1 to 10 of I want to get into the menu settings etc IE, I want to run fan coils caikin fan only etc, to find what fan coil relates to the ID number on the screen during a fault code! Or what the Anyone have a manual I can down load that gives me all the parameters and menus? I’ve had a look on-line, but can only access install and data manuals! What I’d do to get my company to put me on a Daikin course!


BRC1D52 | Daikin

To obtain the 40 codes you need to firstly hold down the test button until 00 is displayed, then hold down the test button again until 40 is displayed. Scroll up to mode 43 using the temperature buttons.

You will see no. To run unit no.

That is where the service modes and field codes are listed. Daikin BRC1D52 Controller I need help, I’ve got a Daikin BRC1D52 controller in my office at brf1d52 and for some reason someone keeps setting it up to fan only so it basically recirculates teh air in an already too hot office.

Daikin BRC1D52 Wired Remote Control | eBay

I need to be able to set this to AC and be able to cool the office. The problem is who ever is setting up the controller is ‘locking’ it so the screen is totally blank and i have no idea how to get into the setting to re-adjust it. In fan only mode the temperature will disappear from the screen but the only thing you have to do is to push the mode button until you get a snowflake instead of the fan symbol and the temp will come back. If pressing the mode button doesn’t let you change the unit in to cooling then there is a higher level control on the system and you will have to speak to whomever controls that.


Originally Posted by The Viking. Unless there is a central controller it can’t be locked.

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